Mere Sai 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shanta’s Evil Plan

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Mere Sai 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abdul sells fruit with Pavan fruit vendor and suggests him to sell fruit on Shirdi street, people will buy his fruits for sure. Pavan says people go to market as they can bargain from 3-4 shops and why will they buy fruits from him. Shanta searches labor and sees a labor fighting with his boss for getting less pay. Boss says he tore a bag and spoilt 2 kg grains, who will pay for it. Labor angrily walks away. Shanta stops him and says if he does her work, she will pay him with huge wages. He hears her work and says he will not do it. She says she will give him earrings also and starts emotional blackmail. Labor agrees. She asks him to write a letter for him first.

Abdul insists Pavan to sell fruits on Shirdi streets. Pavan says only a few people will buy fruits here, so better they take cart to market. Abduul insists and Pavan rejects and pulls his cart. Abdul tries to stop him and pushes him in the process and he falls down. Pavan confronts and asks how can he insult and push elder. Abdul apologizes and says it was a mistake. Pavan pushes him, and their fight starts. Sai reaches there and stops their fight. They both allege each other. Sai asks them to follow him.

Shanta waits for labor’s letter. Labor comes asking for Shanta and says he came from her distant relative Prahlad sent a letter for her. She asks him to read it. He reads that Prahlad is ready for marriage now as he wants someone to be present to take care of his ailing father and only trusts Shanta to find a perfect match for him. Jhipri gets water for labor and asks him to have food as he came from a long distance. Labor leaves saying he has to reach back soon.

Sai takes Abdul and Pavan along and tells them 4 friend’s story who lose their path and each one decide to take different path. He in detail describes how 3 friends decide each path and 4th friend chooses shortest and easiest path. He asks Abdul and Pavan to tell him how he chose and walks away. Abdul and Pavan reconcile their differences and discuss possibilities.

Shanta boasts that rich family trusts her so much that it is her duty to find a perfect girl for that family and after a lot of buttery talks finally says she can think of only Jhipri. Jhipri angrily walks away saying she does not want to marry. Shanta brainwashes Supriya that Jhipri will live a lavish life in a rich family and only she can do justice to that family. Supriya starts thinking. Shanta thinks she planned all this before coming here and will not let Jhipri and Supriya fail her plan.

Precap: Shanta mixes sleeping medicine in Supriya’s food. Supriya consumes food and collapses. Sai notices it via telepathy.

Update Credit to: MA

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