Krishna Chali London 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer gets punished

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Krishna Chali London 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying a poor man lost his hand because of you, he got handicapped, who will earn his living now. She scolds him and says I don’t want to study medicine now. Veer claps and says what a lecture, what do you want. She says I want you to apologize and compensate to that man. He says that man was living here in illegal way. She says that’s not your work, police will check that, you are a doctor and ask him to do his duty. He says I won’t apologize, you can take money from my home. She says I asked for compensation, not charity. He says its London, not your India, go back and protest. She says I will do what I want to. Dr. Mittal asks her to write a mail to medical committee. Veer says I have done this as per laws, this girl is mad. Dr. Mittal says we will look into the matter. Radhe says better understand, else I know how to explain you. Radhe takes Krishna with her. They leave.

Radhe says now Veer will learn a lesson, he deserves a punishment for his deeds. Veer talks to doctor and says I was just following the protocols. Sunaina comes and asks him to switch on the tv. Veer sees the news of an enquiry starting against him because of Krishna’s complaint. He says there will be an enquiry, this is not a good news, you told me not to take anger out on Krishna because of Shukla, look how Krishna is ruining my reputation. He goes. She cries and wishes that everything gets fine, Veer stays safe. Krishna talks to the committee. Veer also keeps his stand. The man Kapil cries and expresses his helplessness. Krishna and Radhe leave. Krishna reads the news and says Veer is insulted in this article, it seems like someone has sponsored this post, we didn’t wish to get him insulted, is someone using us for a conspiracy.

Radhe says you are thinking much, lets go to the college, we are getting late. She says Veer is taking the first class, don’t know how to go there. He asks her not to worry. They see Veer. She asks Radhe to go. Radhe says I will wait for you in the college. Veer goes. Radhe says don’t worry for him, maybe he got some punishment. The students scold Krishna. Krishna says a man lost his arm because of him, I have done right. Veer says I was just following the protocols, I have informed the authorities, I didn’t know this will happen with that man. The senior scolds him and says this hospital has been defamed because of you, we will have to take action against you, we can’t give a chance to anyone to call us racist or inhumane. He makes fun of Veer.

He says I recommend to panel to cancel Veer’s medical license and send him to India. He asks Veer to go back to India. Veer asks what nonsense, I have given my life and career to this hospital, I will compensate that man, don’t do this. The man says being emotional doesn’t suit you, this hospital is compensating that man. Veer says this is injustice. The man says go thank your student, Krishna Shukla, she is responsible for your return, go back to India. He gives termination letter. Veer gets shocked. Students say we may lose our brilliant professor because of you. They oppose Krishna. Veer cries and leaves recalling the senior’s words. Krishna runs in and sees Veer. Sunaina and Radhe come there. Veer sits crying. He says everything is over, they have snatched everything from me. Sunaina cries. Veer says my visa, my license, I can never practice here. Sunaina hugs him. He says such a big punishment, they are sending me back to India, its all over. Krishna looks on.

Radhe says my wife did everything with good intentions. Veer asks what were your dad’s intentions. Radhe asks do you know my name’s name. Veer says Gajodhar Shukla. Sunaina curses Krishna and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Priyankashaurya

      Yeah as per new spoiler… Radhey will die in accident nd story will start btw Krishna and Dr veer


    1. Priyankashaurya

      Ofcouse I started seeing this show after his entry only…. M big fan of karan vohra…. Dr veer…. Dilkadoctor…. First shaurya khanna now Dr veer


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