Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bari Amma sent to mental asylum

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Vaidika comes to Bari Amma who had been tied to a chair, she does her odd makeup and takes her to hall where she is compelled to dance on the couch. The Agarwal family comes to the hall, they turn the lights on and stops Bari Amma. She was half conscious and insisted that she wants to dance. Nisha enjoys the scene and wonders what’s going on. Sahil throw a glass of water on her face. Bari Amma blames Vaidika. Sahil doesn’t trust her repeated accusation. She comes to Puneesh and asks if he was outside her room, did he see Vaidika. Puneesh replies he didn’t see anything. Deepak was doubtful of Bari Amma’s psyche. They must consult psychiatrist. Nani insists on Bari Amma that she has gone crazy and always blames Vaidika out of hatred. Bari Amma insists that she is fine. She at once spots

a piece of Vaidika’s saree on her dress. Sahil now calls Vaidika’s name aloud. Vaidika appears from behind the wall. Prachi checks for any torn corner in Vaidika’s saree, but there was no place where the dress was torn. Vaidika asks her to recheck again, she is always brought for insult in this house. Prachi announce that this cloth piece doesn’t belong to her. Vaidika remember she had changed into a duplicate saree she got for Aarya. Bari Amma clutches Vaidika’s neck, blaming her to be a liar. She questions if Sahil would blame her today, she was the one who taught him to walk. She now grabs Puneesh’s collar and asks why he is lying? Puneesh says he might have slept while guarding outside her room. Bari Amma slaps Puneesh. She claims Puneesh to be a friend to none. Prachi comes in her husband’s defense, claiming they are in the house for Bari Amma’s support. Nani says Bari Amma has really got crazy. Bari Amma clutches Nani’s collar. The staff from mental asylum was there. Sahil hugs Bari Amma requesting her to cooperate. The doctor suggests the family that they must admit Bari Amma to mental asylum, she is a victim of mental stress and depression and needs to stay under observation for a few days. Sahil allows the doctor to take Bari Amma, she is mentally ill and needs recovery. Vaidika thinks she never like treating her this way but Bari Amma had reached to the limits of crime. She had to be countered.
The next morning, Maya comes to Agarwal house. Sahil was advising Ved and Sadika to be friends and not to fight each other. He demands a kiss from them thrice. The kids then run away playing again. Maya comes to Sahil and asks why he can’t get the lesson for himself as well. Sahil says Vaidika has broken his heart enough, he can’t bear any other loss. Ved is his son, thought Vaidika gave birth to him but he brought him up. Maya was about to tell Sahil about Ved’s reality, Vaidika interrupts her and takes her inside.
In the room, Vaidika asks if Maya is crazy. Does she realize what could happen this way? Maya says she wants to tell Sahil that Ved is not Yash’s son, but his. Sahil would leave his marriage and turn to love Vaidika again. Vaidika says he is her sister’s husband, she can’t break Bhoomi’s family. She tells Maya it’s not the Sahil who loved her whole heartedly, he has lost somewhere. Maya says he is heartbroken. Vaidika says she only needs to tell Sahil one truth, and if proven Sahil would himself give Ved to her. She requests for Maya’s help who assures her assistance.

PRECAP: Bari Amma hears what Vaidika plans with the doctor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    After five years Vedika is showing her fighting spirit, it’s right. However, the case with the injection and pills, that’s too much.

  2. I really thought much about Bhoomi’s antagonism towards Vedika and truly she’s one insecure woman. She is very selfish and could never have a forgiving mind like her sister who after learning that the daughter she reared as her own was Gauri’s, is making a genuine effort to share Sadika with her and is quite happy to explain to the girl how she’s lucky to have two mothers in her life. Will Bhoomi ever do that, not likely!! She’s treating Ved as a possession and I too believe that Sahil is taking notice of the difference between the two sisters. Raji, you were wondering whether Sahil still loves Vedika..in yesterday’s episode he proved how much he wishes to hate her but his heart cannot. True, when you love someone deeply like he did, you don’t hate them if circumstances change, you try to live with the pain but the memories are there to always remind you, acceptance of your destiny should be something you’d wish to physically embrace but you can’t and one ought to move on in life, the thing is, Vedika is still there in his life, in person, so that’s why he’s having a difficult time distancing himself from her, she’s in his face, so to speak!! I felt his agony by the question he asked himself… As it is, I can see the gap connecting…even though he tried to remind himself of why he should hate her, the romantic moments insinuate themselves in his mind and his pain is even more… Ohhh, I feel for him!!

  3. I must say that BA’s antics had me rolling in laughter. The actress pulled off her scenes beautifully, cavorting, swaying through her dance sequence and putting on that rather comical routine with her tongue protruding, wild eyes heavy with garish makeup..and her expression managed to remain serious but enraged…even Suhasi surprised me yesterday with her wild laughter and childish behaviour while in the room… Yes, both actresses got 100% from me.. I even enjoyed today’s freaky continuation from BA…And Nisha’s black magic couldn’t pull that off…

  4. I hear you Leisa… A dog is a thousand times better than Puneesh the sleaze… No comparison but he really looked like one sitting outside to make sure Vedika didn’t enter the room. You know Leisa, it’s known that God helps those who helps themselves, so I think Vedika must have had her fill of crap from BA and has now decided to do something about it….everyone has a limit to endurance and thankfully the writers have given her some sense to fight fire with water, not fire with fire.. I’d like to see all BA plots go up in smoke, not flames…

  5. Wah!! So vedika says donor doesn’t have any wright on child so she is saying sahil doesn’t have any wright on the child…and sahil matters nothing to her…its just abt ved..I don’t understand..when vedika doesn’t understand sahil and cares abt him..why does people want sahil to do it?..no problem in vedika not thinking of sahils hapiness and understanding him but wants sahil to understand her and run behind her like a mad.. now is this a lovestory..I don’t feel anymore.. ofc I can see sahils hidden love deep inside whenever vedika is hurt or hes drunk..but I’ve never seen vedikas love for sahil.. then why the hell in bareli with sadika she was longing for sahil to meet his daughter.. she very well knows th difficulties for the child to live without a father.. she has seen how much it affected sadika that she dint have a father like all others but atleast from birth only she dint have a father..when it was difficult for her what ant bed ?veds case is really different he had a whole family with him and suddenly hes expected to move with his newly fond mother …now does vedika think of that… like always I feel love was only from sahil side.. from whuch angle does sahil looks happy to vedika I dont understand..And since he gave promise to bhumi ..And he very well knows what bhumi has done for him past 5 yrs..he is not gonna ditch her even if he comes to know ved is his and vedikas son..sahil isnt a guy whose like that..but unless bhumi commits some crime.. dont understand vedika..for sahils hapiness she gets him married to nidhi …for sahils hapiness she marries yash for sahils hapiness…she goes to honeymoon with yash for sahils hapiness she gets pregnant for sahils hapiness she ran away after yashs death for sahils happiness..I hate how this woman covers all her mistakes saying it was all for sahils so called hapiness.. atleast sahil genuinely feels hurt and sad when he hurts vedika..And thats visible..but whenever vedika hurt him she was happy thinking sahil will now move on..And was kinda proud of her decisions as shes helping sahil to move on..I’m in a way happy with this attitude if sahil towards vedika.. Cos she somewhere ddeserves this..after all this is what she wanted.. I loved how maya always understand sahil..even during nidhi pregnancy case…like it appeared to vedika..same appeared to maya too.all evidences were against sahil..but still maya trusted sahiis …here too she can see sahils pain..but vedika .. bhumi behaves badly with her and doesn’t even let her near ved..but madam never hurts her or challenge her..but to sahil..argh… I have a feeling that when things get out of hand bhumi will give ved to vedika and maybe she might say sahil truth of vedika not leaving ved..And bhu might let bed wit vedika asking her to never return to sahils life..And after vedikas does that..ved might fall ill and she might be helpless to reveal the truth..

    1. wowww divya hats off yr that was so cool….but you should one more thing the most important …yash had wish that he wanted his own child so that he should be remembered by his child and will go by his name …yash cant be a father neither he was able to become a donor, and he was not happy about the idea of vedika doing artificial insemination …but vedika said “tumhari biwi k baccha tumhara baccha ” toh arya kya h ?? padosi ki beti ?? she became pregnant for yash ..after knowing about the donor …and whatever mu was there ..she raised sadika telling her stories about sahil ..she never mentioned anything about yash why ??? so yash is nowhere in her memories and neither yash child knows who really is his dad …
      thats means vedika mahanta is up to the point of yash death …so after his death his wishes doesnt matters and she has nothing to do with yash anymore…
      and plz dont refer her actions as sacrifice …i dont know the proper meaning but one thing is that ..u make sacrifice for your loved ones so that they can stay happy and your sacrifice enlightens the path for a better future of your loved ones ….
      vedika once said that sahil is her friend: well then i have one thing to say
      “those who dont follow the rules/ norms of society are called scum but the one who betrays/ abandons their friends are worse than a scumbag” ….so what she is then ?

  6. Naz u make me so happy when u say that sahil still loves vedikA. During the last few episodes i was under the impression that he doesnt love her that much like earlier. I die to read yrs n Leisa’a comments. But do u think bhoomi also knows that ved os sahils child. Ps cfm to me this. I thimk only anjana BA n vedika knows that sahil is the real father of ved n nobody else knows about it. Sahils drunken scenes r out of the world.

    1. Nope, Sahil and Bhoomi aren’t privy to this knowledge, only Anjana and the wicked witch knows that Sahil and Vedika are Ved’s natural parents.. Yes, Sahil is a super duper actor in all his scenes especially when he’s drunk, when he has love pain and most especially when he’s in a romantic mood with Vedika, ohhhhhh….. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍…

  7. Sahil can never hate Vedhika.. his love is so pure and ethreal..
    Diya u r right..i too dint like it when she thought of sahil as just some donor and not as the love of her life..its such a blow…
    After coming back from death, i thought vedhika will have the heart and guts to accept the truth about Sahil.. but im disappointed.. What life he’s gonna have with bhoomi if vedhika does this so called sacrifice too? God should have sent her back with some senses and love too..

  8. HI friends,I heard that Sahil invites Vedika for his and bhoomi remarraige…
    What’s happening??

  9. Epi..was nice..Vedika is a strong woman ✊👌

  10. Dear Naz pls the latest spoilers on you tube. I collapsed when i saw vedikas interview. She is telling the jounalist that sahil has removed her fm his house becauae she could prove anthing. So when she is leaving the house even her mother n aarya leave with her. After that she is telling the journalist that then sahil comed to her house with an invitation. According to her interview it looks like that fickle minded sahil is getting married to the crazy n matlabi bhoomi in the proper sense n coming to gv vedika his wedding invitation. I was numb after hearing that interview. If this happens i promise i ll stop watching this senseless serial. U pls watch this interview n a few shots on you tube. Vedika is in a purple colour sari n looking very pretty. I think a few who dont like vedika will be very happy with this turn of events. I told u Naz sahil is so dejected that he doesnt love vedika n he is still not sure about bhoomi. But i think the writers ll screw yp this serial n in the end sahil ll end up marrying that heartless woman bhoomi n hv some more children with her. He can afford since he is a topmost jeweller of kanpur n finally bhoomi ll see that he lives her. I think vedika should now not entertain sahil n that matlabi aggarwal family.

  11. As some one mentioned earlier that even if sahil comes to know about he being veds father he ll not pardon vedika for hiding this big truth fm him. I think even he is fed up of vedikas attitude n the truth that she is hiding fm him always. Though i am not liking sahils attitude towards vedika of late even i didnt like when she told maya that as a donor sahil has no right over ved. I think veds sickness will leak out that sahil is the real father of ved. But by then he ll start hating vedika more n i am sure the serial ll end abruptly.

  12. Me too Dolly. I thought she would finally admit her love. Once again writers dash our hope. I am so annoyed with the story line at the moment and can’t bear to see Sahil in any more pain. Karan was right when he said that Vedika is in his blood. The Nidhi track was unnecessary. I hope Bhoomi come to her senses soon. Right now she is acting like a crazy woman.

  13. I’m also joining you all in condemning Vedika in her exclusive claim over Ved.. That isn’t right Sahil has equal rights over him, how’s he going to feel when he learns the truth? And Vedika knows this all this while. When she told him recently that she’d give him so much love, he’d never miss his father, that hit hard, did she think that the secret would remain hidden forever? She said those words and I felt sadness for Sahil, I know all that has happened isn’t his fault entirely, it all those negative people weren’t around him, he’d never doubt Vedika and I don’t like how Vedika gives so much credit to Yash… Come on writers… Clean up your messy scripts, this is causing me to take sides and go back and forth between this made for each other couple.. Stop Vedika from saying foolish lines, Sahil is Ved’s natural father and she should temper her pronouncements…

  14. Well….. I think Vedika is wrong, if Sahil knows that one truth, then he’d want his equal rights to Ved, which he has a right to. Been thinking, Sahil believes that he was Maya’s sperm donor, how come we don’t see anything of the sort, like Sahil in interaction with Maya’s son? That’s not normal, Maya’s husband is a good guy and I’m sure that he’d allow Sahil to secretly have some sort of interaction with his son without any claiming rights, as it is, this is left out of the story.. About remarriage to Bhoomi, I don’t know what that would get anyone, all I can see is Ved falling sick just before full rights are completed and rushed to the hospital where he would need blood transfusion and Sahil’s blood would match and there he’ll know that he is Ved’s father, I hope Vedika knows how to pretend that she didn’t know this before because she’ll have to face Sahil’s wrath for knowing this big thing and deliberately keeping it to herself…

  15. I’m tired of seeing Sahil in so much pain… What the hell is wrong with you writers? You all don’t have a heart? I really really feel sooooo sorry for him, he is displaying too much pain these days and I know it’s heartbreak talking… Lorddddddd…normal people don’t survive these kinda heartbreak, they will either get insane and end up in the mental hospital or kill themselves or the object of their desire..Sahil has great patience… I didn’t see the spoiler Raji, sometimes I prefer to not know, especially when it’s as bad as you’ve said… Writers here have gone from being the best on zee to the most heartless and callous by separating Vedika and Sahil, the love story is gone, don’t know when redemption will take place…

  16. Naz i think in 2days episode they r going to show sahil removing vedika fm his house. And if they show 2day itself he is coming to vedika with his n bhoomis wedding invitation my SAt N Sun ll spoil n i ll not be in my senses at all. Naz i hope the writers ll not separate sahil n vedika. It is too much of a heart break for me

  17. Muniya

    Good epi…

  18. How many times has Vedika told herself that enough is enough? She’s not going to win, she will continue to endure hardships because that’s the core of hindi serials. The good must always suffer a lot just to have a short win. Badi amma will have the last laugh. In all the serials the love birds alway spend more time apart then together. That makes me wonder whether it’s worth it for them being together. And then when they’re together another problem arises that will pull them apart once again. So stupid.

  19. I also think enough is enough. Itsvbetter sahil marries that idiotic bhoomi who is young like him n stay happy. Since the aggarwal family ll not allowv sadika to be together. I really cant understand what sahil wants in life. Sometimes he says he hates vedika n at times saves her from all cruel people. So man its high timevu decide whether u want to spend yr life with an elder woman or a willing young lady who is hell bent on making you hers. The reason she wants ved is so that she can keep sahil close to her n sahil has stopped thinking he acts according to BA or that cranky bhoomi .

  20. Leisa s morris

    Lmao here cause Im gonna b d devil’s advocate on dis day forum. Love in d house.Ok so technically a donor gives up all rights to a child, it is for d parents who he is donating for security,which is y in most cases a donor is ANONYMOUS. But here is where d tricky part comes in,sahil knew maya and donated to maya NOT to vedika thus theres a conflict here on both sides and would b a sticky situation if taken to court. Dat said I dont like vedika saying dat sahil has no rights and she just wants ved, but do u all really believe she really means dat or only saying dat to cover her true feelings. Its like d fox saying d grapes is sour wen he cant get it lol, or not getting to go to ur college of choice,u tell urself and ppl tings to let dem feel dat u r ok with d situation wen in reality ur not ur in immense pain. I remember dating a guy and it ended and as not to feel pity from friends i went about it like d decision was mutual and its in everyone’s best interest,even saying I wasnt really into him anyway,smh but i had really liked d guy and it hurt like hell,lol. I could lol now cause its yrs ago. Wen I was saying those tings my friends totally believed me cause I LOOKED and SOUNDED sincere, i coulda gotten a golden globe award for my PERFORMANCE.In vedika instance she made d decision to leave sahil with bhoomi cause she doesnt want to ruin her sister marriage dat said she has to make her best friend feel dat she’s okay with her decision and d only way to.do dat is by makin sahil as non important as possible. Confusing yes but its wat we all do wen we cant get someting we want we make it like it wasnt even important or worth it in d first place,be it a job,a marriage,a college, what ever it is. Oh one more thing we only see wat we perceive to be true,vedika thinks sahil is happy with bhoomi cause dats d front dey showcased d moment she got back and she truly believes d sahil dat loved her unconditionally is no more and she is absoluetly right,he will never b dat sahil again. He has sorta grown up. Love.u guys lol

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