Bepannah 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya and Zoya are officially married

Bepannah 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya looks sweetly at Zoya as she comes dressed in the bridal attire. All their clashes and meetings flash in the background. Aditya extends his hand towards Zoya who readily holds it. She sits next to Aditya. Pundit ji starts the rituals. Zoya steals a glance at Aditya when he is praying. He too looks in her direction when she isn’t looking. They both look at each other once they open their eyes. They start the puja. Someone is recording it. 2 waiters pick those boxes and hand out garlands to the bride and groom. Aditya straightens his head once to tease Zoya but then happily bends his head for her. She smiles. He too puts the garland around her neck and stops to look at her for a moment. From today, you and I belong to each other. We will also be together if there is something beyond life. The

snake is very near Zoya’s neck.

Noor is trying someone’s phone. Roshnaq is sitting there like a stone. She is looking blankly at Wasim while tears stream down her face. Noor shares that there is no news of Appi. I am very much worried for Abbu. Roshnaq requests her to do something. I cannot see him here. Get him out of here please. Noor says we might be able to take Abbu home if we are able to bring Aditya here. Roshnaq is worried that this place will only rub salt to his wounds if he stays here for anymore time. Get him out of here asap.

Arjun notices Noor and Roshnaq’s faces. He asks the Constable to handover water bottles to them. Constable nods. Noor thanks the constable for the water bottles.

Arjun thinks intentionally or unintentionally Siddiqui family is in danger because of them. I will have to find Bhai.

Zoya and Aditya sit down for the remaining rituals. Snake is not in full sight as of now. Ishita and Vatsal happily do their gathbandhan. Aditya and Zoya exchange vows as they take pheras around the holy fire. Zoya wants to exchange some vows in the wedding before Aditya can fill vermilion in her hairline. Pundit ji allows her. Zoya turns to Aditya and holds his hand. (1) If you get lost then I will bring you on the right path. I will become your support if you ever shake in your step. I will never hide anything from you. (2) Faith will be the base of this relation. We will trust each other more than ourselves. (3) You will always find me with you in bad times. I will stand in front of you in worse times. Aditya smiles. Zoya continues. (4) I will love you immensely till I am alive. I will only love you forever. (5) I wont say anything that will hurt you. (6) Any problem will have to fight with me first before reaching you. Death will also have to first fight with me. He gives her the last vow. I may or may not find you right but I will stick with you forever. I will fight with you or argue or get angry but I will never leave you. Everyone claps for them.

Arjun tells Harsh that he is sure Aditya and Zoya are fine. I have informed hospitals to inform us in case any such case comes. Harsh calls it unfair. I want news about them. Arjun knows he only wants to know about Bhai. You only want to blame someone. I too thought Wasim uncle has all the answers but he isn’t the culprit. We have put an innocent behind bars! Anjana overhears them and is shocked. We wont withdraw the case till I see Aditya! What’s the problem here? Is he being tortured? No right! Let him stay in jail for few days. He tries saying something but she tells him not to force her to go against her own family.

Aditya fills vermilion in Zoya’s hairline. Zoya gets emotional as he makes her wear the mangalsutra. Pundit ji announces them husband and wife. Zoya sees the snake in her garland and shouts out to Aditya in shock. He holds the garland and the snake bites him. He throws the garland away. Guests panic a little. Snake runs away. Zoya notices the bite marks on Aditya’s hands. He starts feeling dizzy. Zoya holds him as he loses conscious.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya are about to kiss when her phone beeps. She is shocked to read a message – how are you feeling after marrying the one who killed your husband!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally Aditya Zoya got married♥♥♥😍😍😍😍

    2. Anjana have gone mad, she is putting his son life in danger and want to put blames on wasim.. That day is not far, when she can put sakshi, yash, pooja and baby death name on wasim..😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

    3. I hope Arjun and Noor don’t go far but they need to stay more strong than anyone😐😐😐😐

    4. I am really really thankful to snake🐍 atleast he doesn’t hurted anyone until marriage happended… Though he bited aditya in last but not until zoya and aditya got married… So thank u snake😉😉

    5. I dobut that anjana and harsh took step without any proof but it may turn wasim more revengeful toward aditya…

  2. Neha1

    Today’s episode was good but👍👌😍 Finally AdiYa married and snake 🐍bites Aditya….
    But I now only worried about the Precap… What does it mean that how are you feeling after marrying the one who killed your husband…???
    Now I just hope that again it will not create misunderstanding between AdiYa….I don’t want Zoya to again doubt on Aditya….I just hope she trust him….and I think it’s all Anjana’s huge conspiracy….to separate AdiYa…
    Apart from that I loved the AdiYa’s closeness in Precap….🤗😍😘😘
    Precap be toh Tension mein daal Diya Yaar….Ye kya Naya Syaapa hai..???😞🤔🤔

    1. Don’t worry, Zoya’s vows today are a proof that she will trust adi and support him…She made it so freaking clear in all her vows

      1. I thought the same,let’s wait n see

    2. @Neha : I told yesterday only that I m not expecting much from the story…Zoya will now start misunderstanding Adi n this is Anjana’s conspiracy to separate Adiya…first night will not happen till month end…n Zoya may easily believe on the proofs planted by Anjana as Zoya is a very stupid with this misunderstanding I doubt if romance will also happen!!!…n this cliched track happens in every damn serial!!!!…so forget it…it has joined the bandwagon of all other daily soaps!!!😣😣😣

      1. I’m sure nothing of that sort will happen. They showed her vows specifically and separately today indicating that adiya will be fighting together..
        plus zo has seen all the attacks happening on them.she knows already someones behind adi..remember???

      2. Neha1

        You’re absolutely correct @Arch….coz I too now doubt on Zoya…Will she really trust Aditya or not…and this is so cliched twists that we saw every one and another serial… So My expectations to Zoya isn’t much….coz Her reactions itself showed her doubtful….And Anjana will never stop/give up untill she gets successfull to seperate AdiYa….I’m not sure what will happen next… but I too think that again AdiYa will face some differences and their closeness will now stop as Anjana is successful to stop AdiYa to get intimate by that message in Precap…so completely agree with you..!

      3. Neha1

        @Sejal, I really hope to this happen…. I want Zoya to trust Adi….

      4. @Sejal : lots of sweets n chocolates for you if Zoya’s trust on Adi remains unshakable!!!😀

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Syappa hai tabhi to show hai.. Or tabhi bepannah ishq hai😊😊😊😊😊😊 or tabhi hum sab viewers hain…

  3. Anju5u

    Thanks Pooja 😊

  4. precap *dead dead dead*
    Finally they got married.How conveniently the snake was very quiet for a long time🙈 The graphics sucked…btw why everyone were clapping hands for every rituals. Anywaz they are united and no1 can do anything. Ultimate precap but it will take an year for them to consummate coz of dis psycho anjana and annoying waseem.
    why they didnt switch off their mobiles for gods sake :p
    precap in repeat mode till 2mrw.
    Thanks for the update ya 🙂

  5. Neha1

    Friday Precap… Initially I was happy but at last gets Shocked 😱and worried

  6. Neha1

    If Anjana is behind that message which Zoya received….then I pitty on Aditya…that his own mother had stoop so low that she can’t see her son’s happiness…and a bigggggg enemy of her own son…

  7. Anju5u

    So…. finally Mr & Mrs Aditya Hooda 🤵👰💕💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍 the wedding vows sounded good.👍👍👍👍👍👍…hope they both stick on to it all times …( hindrances coming ahead in all forms to them 😐😐😐😐😐)
    I wished they informed Arjun n Noor about the wedding…( I know then they can’t take the story this way n put Waseem behind bars 🤔 but still…I missed them being a part of adi zoya wedding)
    That was a funny n unfaithful snake…🐍🧐 it wasnt being faithful to anjana 😛 but she gets to c whom the snake bit from the video call or whatever..wonder what she will do to the snake now 😲.
    But relieved seeing the precap 🙈🙈🙈 ( but still wondering who will bother looking at the msg to spoil such a romantic moment 🙈😝🤔)

  8. Today’s episode was good n initial part of precap is awesome but gotto say the writers have gone totally crazy. Kya bakwaas hei Adiya ko Ek doosre ke kareeb aane hii nahi de rahe hei. Serials mei khushi kabhi hogi hii nahi kya!!! Hope Zoya doesn’t repeat the mistake of not trusting Adi n break her marriage vow.

  9. Precap is shocking
    Someone will surely mislead zoya
    Still want to know who is she/he? Anjana harsh or 3rd one
    Hope zoya show believe in adi.
    but i am expecting something else as it is an indian drama
    So a misunderstanding will happen
    Unnecessary snake drama

  10. Pooja

    I read somewhere that Anjana will drop such hints to separate Zoya and Aditya and will even go to the extent of reopening Yash and Pooja’s murder case for the same purpose. Aditya will however not leave Zoya alone and they decide to find the truth together.

      1. Neha1

        Thanks for sharing but If Anjana will reopen the case then I just hope that it will not impact AdiYa relationship and Anjana’s evil face revealed in front of all by AdiYa’s efforts… But AdiYa should be together and Anjana will always defeat in trying to separate AdiYa…hope so it happens that way only …

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Seriously, if that happens than it might she get caught.. So chances are less even as she can’t take such big risk… But lets see what writers are planning to do…

  11. Neha1

    Today Zoya exchange some wedding vows before Adi filled Vermilion/Sindoor in her hairline….and 1.She told that She never hide anything from him…
    2.Faith will be the base of this relation and we will trust each other more than ourselves…and now I wanna see if Zoya really stick to her words or promises that she took… Coz in Precap…she will receive a message which means that Aditya is the one who killed her 1st hubby-Yash Arora….(which is not true at all) but I had a doubt that Is Zoya really gonna say this as she promised that she’ll never hide anything from him…and Secondly, she told that trust is more important and she will trust him more than anyone else’s ….so Will she believe that Aditya never ever gonna killed someone and specially her late husband Yash….
    And I think Zoya should think once before she doubt on Aditya as she very well knew that both Pooja-Yash died in car Accident (shown in initial episodes) but later, after Rajveer’s entry they learned that it was a murder….and That Murder charge was put on both Aditya and Zoya which later Mr.Hooda fight for both… and get released from that case…
    So, now I’m looking forward if Zoya really trust Adi, If she’s gonna tell Adi about that message…. and now I also think that makers had chosen this twists to reach out the exact truth behind Poosh’s murder and the real culprit behind their Murder….and we(fan’s) suspects both Anjana and Wasim…
    What I don’t want to see is Zoya’s doubt on Aditya of killing Yash…if that gonna be happen then the story will not be interesting as well as Trp too decrease…. which I don’t want to happen…
    What you all think….????

    1. I really hope Zoya doesn’t hide anything from Adi, that would be breaking her how the same day she got married. I don’t understand this hiding of things, no matter how insignificant you might think. I’m sure Adi won’t know how to go about solving or clearing his name but Zoya will find a way. They work very well as a team. It will surely affect the trp.

    2. 💯 percent right

  12. hmm.. I agree with you @shraddha this will turn Waseem more revengeful.. Uffo!
    And with youu too @neha! Sahi mein.. Siyappe he ni khatam Ho rahe yahan! Ek toh complete Karo bhai! The makers will get lost in their maze this way! Which at some level,I think they already have. anyway,
    FINALLY the wedding. Congrats Fam! ( already discussed my issues with the marriage happening this way so no comments there..)
    This was also quite sweet. At least they’re happy.
    And well,the vows today seem to be all about trust.. So Zoya really shouldn’t doubt Aditya.. And if she does,I am leaving this planet! Or better yet,I’m gonna end things with bepanaah for real. Cause this would be the dumbest thing to do..
    Although I swear I had an inkling something like this would happen but I assumed Anjana will blame Zoya for poosh.. Anyway,either way it is stupid if doubt track starts.. I wouldn’t have believed it will if it was about 2 months back.. But right now.. With the way things are happening,I can barely expect any sane plots!
    Loved AdiYa of course.. Saw the clips on insta of the precap.. Ufff..🔥 We deserve one kiss at least! I mean,a peck on the cheek would do. That’s all I’m asking for. 😛
    I hope things settle with Siddiqui fam too.. Hate to see Roshnaq and Noor this way..(couldn’t care less for Waseem).. But I guess they will since AdiYa are in Hooda house..and while we’re at it.. I also don’t like the fact that they’ll be back in Hooda house! Whatever happened to zoya’s Respect n all.. I can wait for the romance and any consummation scene because they really have like a zillion things to sort out first.. Just plain n simple AdiYa would’ve sufficed! But if only the makers understood that,understood us!
    Anyway let’s comment on tomorrow’s ep tomorrow only. Jenshad are fire no doubt there. 😇
    And to lighten up the mood I have this:-
    I laughed real hard! I guess my humour is degrading.. But yeah.. Hope you all at least smile.. xD

    1. Neha1

      1st of all you’re here…nice to see you…😃
      and I don’t have any expectations that AdiYa will consummate their marriage anytime soon….it will definitely take a long time…but What I’m hungrily waiting for, is Zoya should always be stand for Aditya through every thick and thin….that’s the most important aspect right now….and if it @Meera….then we can expect some cozy moments between AdiYa otherwise forget it…and really hope that the story will move like this way only or else Bepannaah couldn’t survive much in Trp’s world….and could shut down….which I dont want….I’m just waiting 4 2morrow episode and specially waiting for Zoya’s reactions as her reaction will decide or indicates us if she’s with Adi or against Adi….if she trust him or not..!

      1. Hello Neha! Thanks for replying,love! 😊
        And yeah brooo! Samme.. And thanks for agreeing with me too.. You’re right.. The main aim rn should be trusting Aditya for Zoya!
        Romance can wait,love must shine!
        And I kind of think it will cause of the vows but I don’t wanna get my hopes up.. They have proved lately that they can do anything! So.. I’ll keep mum.
        But what I do want is that the makers really break the monotonous tracks and bring some real stuff! And firstly,I need life in my favourite characters.. I need them to have more dialogues,more screen space and of course the fvckin story to shape! (Pardon my language please) everything’s just been so dead lately!
        Can’t stress enough on the need for a good story along with better executions.. (Execution by the makers as in the scenes with less loopholes,being consistent with the plot,less fillers and better content in 24 minutes etc.. No complaints form any of the actors obviously!)

      2. Neha1

        Thank you dear…😘 And yeah I completely agree with you @Meera..😃

  13. Is it true dat Aditya is the real murder of yash

    1. Neha1

      No it’s not true at all…it’s Anjana’s conspiracy to seperate AdiYa….Actually till now Anjana is the murderer of Poosh’s murder….as she itself confessed before Sakshi (pooja’s mother) and later Anjana pushed Sakhi from the cliff… so, Anjana killed Yash-Pooja as they both are cheating on their respective partners…!

  14. The entire fandom is so gaga over the precap…I guess most of the fans are unmarried n young…anyways Adiya were sizzling but I focused more on the msg that Zoya received!!! After taking so many vows is she going to doubt Adi???if she is gonna doubt even 1% then her vows are mere lectures with no depth or meaning!!! N if she doubts it is just like all other serials!!! N makers promised an unshakable bond between Adiya but if u present a constantly shaking bond in the name of eternal love then atleast slowly n steadily I will quit watching…n I have done this with many serials in the past !!!!

    1. Arch, you should also see on Twitter, how they swoon over every little thing, I just shake my head and move on. I also think they’re still young 😂😂😂😂.

      1. @AmandaS : Actually Adiya didn’t do any romance…they were about to kiss like that day n got interrupted…there was nothing in the precap to go so gaga over infact that stupid msg spoiled the mood!!!…but fans are so crazy that they dont realize that it wasn’t even close to post marriage romance!!!!😁😁😁

  15. This SMS is the first test for Zoya. Ppl have been saying she hasn’t proven she loves Adi which is not fair. Now, she’s going to fight to hell and back proving he had nothing to do with Yash’s murder. There’s no way she’ll believe it. I love the trust they have on each other. Ithink Anjana sent the SMS. That woman! 🤬🤬🤬

    1. I think you are right! Let’s have faith on Zoya. After all that is what she pledged for Aditya. So fingers crossed.

      1. Wow Rads, thank you, you’re the 1at person to have responded toy comments. Thank you. Now, I feel like I’m part of group 😂😂😂

    2. Neha1

      Everyone who comment on this forum is itself a part of this Fandom…. Don’t feel bad….
      And I wish whatever you said it comes true…..We know that Zoya loves Aditya immensely but Why we are doubting on Zoya, Sorry, Actually not Zoya but CV’s, Makers….coz I already had witnessed such craps in other shows….that’s why I had doubt that if Zoya stands with Aditya and trust him or Makers again shows such crap, cliched drama…!

    And @arch agreed with youu to bro.. Same reactions with the precap. the fandom on insta is totally swooning over it but I too am more concerned about the fact that no more nonsensical track is heading our way.. Again!
    I really want lively,stronger than ever before AdiYa right now,the mushy ones can wait!
    And for that,
    I’m just relying on your words Amanda! 😛 I hope this is why the track was introduced indeed .. And well, Zo is pretty good at standing firm on her beliefs so I guess it could be interesting if the makers really try..
    Fingers crossed. 💫

    1. Ohh Zoya, when she believes in something, no one can change her mind. I like her calm demeanor and the confidence she has when she’s determined. She fought her fiance for Adi, her friend and now she’s not gonna fight for her husband, now ways.

  17. Finally Aditya & Zoya are married.
    Now we will see director take this story to where.
    Pooja-Yash mystery will come open(Anjana ,Wasim ,Harsh) are suspects and three have different plans that they didn’t know about others.

    Romance of Aditya & Zoya.
    On that situation for god’s sake switch off mobiles:)

    Doubt: How did zoya get her phone when she leave her house with nothing.

    1. My thoughts exactly, where did she get a phone? But, then again, we haven’t watched the entire epi, they might just show us Zoya getting her phone. They do take care of little things like that, sometimes.

      1. Hi Amanda
        Have you seen 5th oct episode
        Zoya said that their phones are in car and got thrashed. How did she get the phone.

        OK By the way sometimes we want to ignore this mistakes for story forwarding.
        Zoya please don;t act mahan infront of Anjana. Be Strong and take tips from your younger sister noor how to face anjana.

        Arjun & noor please patch up and say sorry to both yourselfes.

        Suspense started . Let them complete their beautiful moments Yaar…….

  18. I am starting from the precap.
    That snake had venom or what 😉😉??
    Our Adi is looking so focused and not at all week. And neither Zoya looks to bad, she had a little poision itself or not ?
    This snake thing was useful to establish just one thing. Immediately after getting married they both risked their life to save the other. There were a hundred of others ways to show that, but they choose this cute little snake. Maybe the were trying to use it as a metaphor, the others will spew venom on Aditya and Zoya will keep it away from him🙄🙄. What done is done, useless crying over it.
    Next, they are at Adi’s room so the Hooda’s know they are alive, and without a doubt also Siddiques knows and Wassim must be out of jail. Maybe he has seen them in their wedding attire when they came to withdraw the case against him?? Wishing so, but for this to happen they should recover from the attack, so the precap won’t come tomorrow i think, It will be on Monday . And things will get very clear at the very first moment, will she tell Aditya about the message or hide it from him, and if she will hide it for what reason she will do it, not to make him worry or because doubts him. And I think she will trust him, at least if she will have in mind her mothers advices and her own vows.
    @ Arch, I am married from quite some time but the precap made me blush seriously. I was feeling guilty watching them, a complete violation of their privacy🙈.
    So in general I felt ok with todays episode, and with precap .
    But still i can’t forgive the channel for what they have done to the story in the last three episodes. If I look back I see a black hole there. They wanted some gala show, ok just do it, but why do you mess with the concept of this drama. Yes we are happy they got married, but we knew it from the beginning that they will fall in love with each other and obviously get married. But the journey to achive this was the important thing, and this was not done properly. So basically I am mad because of the things not done, and not because of all the celebrities mess done. The Arshad track was not closed properly at all. The should have shown Zoya talking to Aditya what she felt all the time, her reasons for taking her decisions, and above all she should have apologized to Aditya for not trusting his friendship, because it was she betrayed their frienship, should have told him that she found his letter and what felt reading it, and the last and most important, ask a huge forgiveness on her knees for putting that ring in Arshad’s finger in front of my Adi. I suffered maybe more than him for that cruelty from her. She should have told him that she completely trust him before accepting his proposal.
    There are a lot of things they could have done before rushing to this gala wedding, but they didn’t. I hope the real makers of the show will find a way to adjust these things ongoing.

    1. Neha1

      Wow @Eri, you exactly echoed my thoughts in your comment…. I too think that they rushed to marriage but before that atleast Zoya should confess how she learned that Adi loves her immensely, how she realised her love for Adi and ask him to forgiveness that she unintentionally hurt him most….these little things should be showed to us….but makers are in hurry to show AdiYa’s marriage that they left these lovely things behind…Anyways, I’m glad that AdiYa are a married couple…. but waiting to watch how will Zoya reacts to that message and I too think that will show on Monday’s episode…. before that Adi should get conscious and Wasim should be released from the jail…So, I too think that will telecast on Monday’s episode…! Waiting for 2days episode…!

    2. @Eri : I agree to all your points.
      Yes even I am married n I did find a momentary enjoyment in Adiya’s sizzling romance only to be dampened in a few seconds by that stupid msg…well who is more concerned about msgs or calls on their first night????😂😂😂…well Zoya madam is….even the new promo showed the same!!!
      But fandom is focusing only on that closeness of few seconds…fans it was closeness not romance😊…but Jenshad nailed it!!!
      I also know that consummation never happens in most of the serials on the first night itself bcos leads are generally into a forced marriage!!!…but Adiya are intensely in love with each other (atleast that’s what they claim) so consummation should happen but Indian serials are far from reality as always!!!
      N I dont want consummation to happen bcos in 99% of Indian serials within a week of consummation heroine is pregnant…come on rarely a woman becomes pregnant that easily!!!!…n then villains stoop so low that they kill unborn children!!! B4 marriage itself such tracks used to pain me n now after being a mother myself such tracks pain me beyond repair!!!losing a child is much much more painful than losing spouse or parents!!!…n here Anjana is extremely capable of falling so low!!!😡😡😡😡…so let Anjana go to jail first n then they consummate or they consummate but Zoya should not become pregnant!!!
      N in ‘beyhadh’the last outing of CVS they showed a psychotic woman Maya killing her unborn child twice just to keep her husband beside her. .so I m concerned in this serial too they will make psychotic mother Anjana going to the extent if harming Adi’s kids to keep Adi by her side!!!…that’s y I m a bit concerned to even continue to watch this serial!!!
      Anyways I dont want to think much n will continue watching till things are pleasant n the moment things turn too dark I will withdraw!!!!

      1. Neha1

        You’re right @Arch…and after watching Precap yesterday…I first thought that what’s the need to check the phone while having such a close moment after marriage…It has to be their 1st Wedding night… I’m not expected the consummation scene but expected that closeness of AdiYa… It’s quite obvious that every married couple shares that moment after marriage… So, it’s looking nice and sober not cheap n vulgar then why Zoya go to check the phone… I can’t get it…
        I’m not married, but I think no one’s go to check the phone while having such closed to your hubby and that too your 1st wedding night…but as you said @Arch it’s a show, it’s a reel life not real life …😜🤣😂🙂

      2. Already two unborn childs have suffered in the show, i hope that is enough.

    3. Really true eri!
      That’s what I wished for too.. In fact to come to think of it.. Almost all the important things in the show have been rushed… Like adi realising his mistakes when Sakshi told him about the diary n Pooja’s problems n stuff.. That was also just done in two days where I wished it was shown in bits n pieces and adi realised it on his own with the little realisations everyday.. Again when Aditya realised his love for Zoya.. In one ep he was confused as hell in other he had bepanaah love for Zoya! Same with zoya’s realisation,one day she’s confused as hell the other she loves him.. That’s the problem and we can’t reiterate enough on the fact that what we wanted/expected is completely opposite of whats shown! We expected a beautiful,gradual journey and we ended up getting abrupt epiphanies and then dead ends..But I don’t have a problem with her not apologising to him cause it was quite understood and that’s what AdiYa are all about! They don’t need any words.. They can read each other’s eyes! At that one no explanation,no apology was required.. It’s just that we as fans hated to see our baby boi like that! ^_^
      The only way Zoya can do justice now is if she greyly stands woh adi an doesn’t doubt.. and I really don’t think she will doubt.. My main problem is that she said in her vows that she ain’t even say things that might hurt adi and this might lead her not telling about this to him and that might lead to other problems and misunderstandings between them is te last thing that should happen.
      Also,@arch relax dude! Pregnancies are a long shot right now.. I don’t think they’ll go there just yet.. At least,I hope so.

      1. @Meera : In ‘beyhadh’ Maya was repeatedly pregnant n this serial ran for only an year…but Maya was pregnant thrice…bepanah is from same production house n since beyhadh they seem to be obsessed with psychotic characters…I had never expected them to pen down Anjana’s character as a psycho mother…n I saw yesterday’s episode again on voot..after listening to Zoya’s vows I too felt that she wont trust the msg but try to find the real culprit!!!!
        But she will abide by her 5th vow : Not to say any such thing that will hurt Adi. So she will be mum. But this contradicts the 1st vow which was not to hide anything from each other..but as far as I know Zoya will prioritize 5th vow as of now n become James Bond…this will give Anjana or the real culprit a window to create further misunderstandings amid Adiya!!!…but if she doubts Adi then I m certainly done with the serial…I will do selective watching that is watch only pleasant episodes online…in short will stop being TRP contributor!!!!

  19. Finally married.

    Don’t think Zoya should doubt Aditya’s honesty. He’s been through so much already. Hope the writers don’t have anything negative on his character .

    Where did that phone appear all of a sudden?

    Thought after the truck accident it crashed too 😁

    Nowadays people with phone on their marriage night

    That why long ago marriage lasted longer 😀😀😀

    Less talk more love back then 😆😆😆

  20. Neha1

    New Promo of Bepannaah….after watching this I really doubt if Zoya really, genuinely trust Adi….
    Will she discuss to Adi about the message she received….Will she truly trust him or hide it from Adi and starts doubting and discovering the evidence…

  21. Neha1

    In promo… Zoya’s reaction shows that she has a doubt on Adi…. Though I know sometimes Promo are misleading us…but If this happens then get ready for another sad, disappointing cliched drama…I just hope Zoya didn’t doubt on Adi… Fingers crossed…

    1. She won’t doubt him. In promo too they show her vow. Bepannah is about thrill and suspense. She will support him.just sit back n njoy

  22. Ye precap monday ko dikhayega…Ad mein bhi monday likha hai…Can’t wait😍😍😍😍

  23. @Neha , Eri : Arshad’s track was not closed properly bcos Arshad is gonna return later..Tahir himself said that his stint in the serial is not yet over…I think when Zoya will investigate Sakshi’s truth she will reach the hospital in which sakshi was admitted…remember Arshad works in same hospital…Arshad will help Zoya n Anjana may try to poison Adi’s mind by saying Zoya is having affair with Arshad!!!

    1. Neha1

      Oh…! Is that so…. I don’t we what to say…but it again seems so common and repeated boring that Anjana will try to prove Zoya-Arshad’s affair to instigate Adi against Zoya…. Anyway, I’m just waiting Poosh’s murder mystery to get revealed…as it’s the much awaited suspense in the show which has to be reveal but surely it will take time… Makers didn’t reveal that mystery so easily… Thank you for sharing this news @Arch..

    2. Lol most times I think your opinion is way better than the writers

    3. Oh damn!!!!!! THIS WILL BE SO BADDD!!!
      I will abandon bepanaah then.. No misunderstandings can happen between AdiYa! I mean,that’s the one thing they’ll never have to go through!!!!!they both know the meaning of trust so this really shouldn’t be the case,right? and not again that boring Arshad dude.. And you’re right that crappy anjana might do this!
      This makes me cringe real bad.
      Hating the tracks yar! Wot da hell!

      1. Lol Meera,I understand the frustration because Bepannah started off with good story now it’s like they are just killing it.

  24. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Woe, Beautiful Episode! Finally Aditya and zoya get married! But, I really don’t like the precap!

  25. i think zoya turst adi,i hope she would show this msg to him..they both know someone is after rajveer track too she trusted him she was angry when harsh blamed yash even after that she genuinely asked him to reopen the case but adi was against dhoka incident fake phone call to arshad..she was only angry about call but never doubted about glass incident over arshad done by fake call on her engagement day obviously everyone get angry there but because of that she never ignored her love for adi that’s wy she accepted her love for him on weddin day…in adi case his first marriage with family approval but for zoya she ran away so for 2nd time going against her family wouldn’t be an easy task..initially adi had same trama as zoya when he realised his love..when both accepted their love they become very expressive…zoya wedding vows r superb…thus zoya always cared for adi she angry at sometimes but never stopped loving him…so we hope for best they overcome everything with their love…

    1. Neha1

      Yes, you’re right @Um… I really hope what you said will be true and both had trust on each other and do support each other…

  26. Hey guys…good news…’bepanah’ in top 20 again with 1.8 TRP….it is on rank 20 but good comeback after 3 weeks!!!

    1. Soooo happy!

  27. Don’t blame Zoya please 😅😅😅
    If you would stay alone with that kind of male specimen and feel his hot breath on your cheeks, wont you try to run away 😂😂😂😂
    That message was her way out, it was evident in her smile that she was not interested in the message, her mind was elsewhere😍😍

    1. @Eri : Zoya looked totally in the mood to me even though she was feeling shy…n Harshad’s intensity is so much that I felt it was Not Adiya but Jenshad romancing…their chemistry is so good that sometimes I feel Jenshad are dating in real life too…Jenny never had this intense chemistry with any of her costars before even her ex husband Karen Singh Grover…or may be both are very fine actors…n now in a new fun video on Instagram Zoya’s mangalsutra gets stuck in Adi’s hoodie…well how did that happen!!!???😍😍😍…anyways coming back to msg now its Zoya’s turn to prove her bepannaah love for Adi!!!🤗

      1. Bepannaah is about second chances after all, isn’t it 😍

  28. bepanah back in 20 with trp of 1.8 sweet yedu kondadu..hehehe…

    1. Everytime trp is supposed to come out I’m stressed, I don’t wanna lose Bepannaah because of it. When I saw 1.8, I wished I could summersault!!! I’m sooo happy. I’ll worry about next week’s on Monday.

  29. Neha1

    Throwback, old scene AdiYa Nok-Jhok’s…😜😂🤗😍🙂

  30. Hahaha haha…… Zoya will believe dat msg… Hu will bet with me with dat?……. Anyone?

    1. No Favour, no ways, she won’t believe at all!!! 😂😂😂

  31. She will doubt him

  32. If Zoya doubt adi means she is not loyal to him…. She knows everything about him… How his 💓 broken when Pooja died …. If this will

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