Dil Hi Toh Hai 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak celebrates Rithvik’s birthday

Dil Hi Toh Hai 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rohit and Aman take Rithvik. Setu asks Palak if she told Rithvik about Rishabh. Palak says she don’t want to hurt Rithvik. They come to Rithvik and asks him to wake up. Aman says he gave two sleeping pills to him as he was insisting to go to Palak. Palak says she thought to cut cake with him. They cut the cake while Rithvik is still sleeping. They make him sleep and cut the cake, wishes him happy birthday. Palak hugs him and wishes him happy birthday, hopes his family accepts them soon and they keep happy. Rishabh’s wife tells him that mom is taking dad to Rithvik’s birthday. Rishabh says mom will not go and says Palak heard me. His wife says then she will tell Ricky. Rishabh says let’s see in night. Palak talks to Manjeet about Rithvik’s birthday. In the morning,

Rithvik wakes up, all his friends and Palak wish him happy birthday. Aman shows the pics. Rithvik says when did this happen, I don’t remember. He gets Mamta’s call and she wishes him happy birthday along with the family members. They cut the cake for him. Rithvik gets happy.

Gita cuts birthday cake and wishes him happy birthday. She says nobody knows the truth. Vikrant says Mamta aunty is not guilty. Gita says she will get what she wanted. Palak tells Aman that she has invited Rithvik’s parents. Mamta lies to VP and asks him to come for NGO function. She asks Servants to keep the gifts in car decky and says Vijay shall not see. Sanchi acts and tells that she has a fracture in her leg. She calls everyone. Mamta and Rishabh come there. Mamta asks Servant to call wheel chair.

Sanchi asks Rishabh to go for board meeting. Mamta asks him to go. Sanchi signs him. Mamta asks Rishabh to help him and asks him to take VP to Ricky’s house. Rishabh says I will drop Dad there. Mamta asks him to respect Palak as she is Rithvik’s wife and asks him to behave with her. VP comes there and asks what happened? Mamta says Sanchi slipped and tells that it doesn’t look like a fracture. She calls Palak and tells that she couldn’t come there, as Sanchi slipped, but VP will come. Palak asks her to come if she could and take care of Sanchi. Mamta tells VP that she will take Sanchi to hospital and asks Rishabh to take VP there.

Palak shows the dish which she made for his birthday. She says she has called some guests and her boss. Rishabh says he is handsome and our kitchen is running because of him. Palak says I got a job as I am capable. Rithvik gives her keys. Palak says it is our room keys. She keeps his hand around her neck. They have a sweet conversation. Rithvik says I will open the door and will make rotis too. He opens the door. Vikrant comes and wishes him happy birthday. Ananya asks him to come inside. Rishabh brings VP to Rithvik’s house and says Mom asked me to bring you here, he says it never happened that you were not with him on his birthday. VP gets thinking?

Rithvik tells Palak that his dad gave his mum’s Gita’s pic and said that he is her reflection. He cries and takes out his pain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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