Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puneesh’s reality unveiled

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Puneesh tells the family about the protesting women. Anjana agrees to Puneesh that the name of Bari Amma is being ruined. Prachi curses Vaidika but Gauri says Vaidika is Yash’s fiancé and he owns half of this house. They must wait until Bari Amma gets well and share the truth with them.
In the room, Sahil curses himself for being helpless while Vaidika faced all this. He says Vaidika’s mistake is that she is living here as Yash’s fiancé, she herself said this is a drama then why do this. Vaidika clarifies she didn’t call her engagement as fake. Sahil tells her to marry Yash to prove it. Vaidika wasn’t ready to prove anything, she will marry when she would wish to. Sahil says this means she would never marry. Yash comes from behind saying they will marry soon, in the same house in front of them. Sahil tells Yash to ask Vaidika, her consent is already important. She doesn’t want to say a no, and she would never say a yes. Vaidika says yes, she and Yash will marry in the same house. She leaves the room.
In the corridor, Vaidika comes across Shruti. She appeared nervous, Puneesh also comes out of the same room. He asks Vaidika is she again faced a defeat in proving him wrong. Vaidika follows Shruti to the room and tries to convince her not to ruin her life for someone like Puneesh. He is only using Shruti and would never leave his wife for her. Shruti says Puneesh hates only Vaidika but loves her, she argues with Vaidika that she is a stranger and must stay as one. She pushes Vaidika out of her room and locks the door behind her.
Nidhi and Bari Amma were in the hall when Nani comes there. She laughs evily and mocks Bari Amma for being stuck on the wheel chair. She sends Nidhi to call Vaidika, turns Bari Amma’s chair towards herself and says Bari Amma is repenting for hurting her daughter and causing her all the trouble. She teases Bari Amma asking if she is hungry. Then drinks from the glass herself. She asks Bari Amma for the room she will be staying in, after all this is her daughter’s house.
It was night. Vaidika had come out of the bath and finds wedding dresses and jewelry on the bed. Sahil comes there and asks if she liked the selection? Vaidika tells Sahil she doesn’t like blue color. Sahil says he forgot her choice got boring, she has begun to like people such as Yash. Would she now wear grey? He asks what she actually wants, because it’s impossible she is marrying Yash only to hurt him. Sahil says he would soon know what she wants.
The next day, Puneesh was intimately busy with a girl when Shruti called him. He cut the call but Shruti repeatedly called him restlessly. Puneesh finally takes the call and promises to be there in the evening. At night, Shruti was waiting in the hall when Puneesh comes home. She says no one is home, and tells him she attempted the test twice. She is pregnant. She insists on him to marry her. Puneesh convinces her that he knows a few doctors, they can abort the child. Shruti wasn’t ready to abort the child. Puneesh shouts at Shruti for being insane, he is already married and can never marry Shruti. He wasn’t the one who forced her, she herself always came to him with her own will. Shruti curses herself not trusting Vaidika and protecting Puneesh. Puneesh deters Shruti of molesting her and ruining her reputation. Everyone from the family gathers in the hall. Puneesh was shocked to see them. Vaidika says this is the true face of this man. Sahil grabs Puneesh by collar and beats him for molesting his sister. Vaidika says police would punish this man. Sahil throws Puneesh into Bari Amma’s feet for what he had done with Prachi and Shruti. Bari Amma slaps Puneesh on face. Prachi now takes on Puneesh and says he was her pride, she always negated Vaidika but he proved Vaidika right, her head has been bent in shame today. Puneesh apologizes Prachi but she slaps him on his face instead. Prachi cries questioning what was missing in her love. She then curses Shruti as well for ruining her sister’s house. The police arrives to arrest Puneesh.

PRECAP: Anjana says it doesn’t matter she is pregnant or not, her character has already been stained.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Guys, to be honest, I felt like slapping vedhika today when she said that she wud marry Yash rgt in front of Sahil.. ??
    It was a pretty good and quick move today in exposing that lizard.. didn’t expect it to happen so soon..
    But what will happen now that Shruti is pregnant?
    Vedhika’s mom teasing BA was entertaining today..
    Everytime Sahil speaks in his deep voice and looks serious, I juz die..????
    I expected a little more in that scene btwn Sadhika in her room when he gets her d gifts..??

    1. Dolly, do you really think that Shruti is pregnant.? I wonder if it was a plan by Vedika and Shruti to expose Puneesh after that pep talk by Vedika, I don’t think writers may want to go so far with this relationship, it’s already stink at the moment. I also was so madddd at Vedika when she says she’ll marry Yash…my reaction was…whatttt!!! That was fast, Vedika didn’t take long to accept the proposal from a man who incidentally is her boss…so I hope between now and the wedding, she discovers how bad minded Yash really is…. I also expected more in that bedroom scene and I forgot to tell you Dolly, that that little tryst on the balcony yesterday, made me blush…what a sensuous man!!! As for Nani, she made my day after reading the update, I missed her and her craziness, she’s one of the best loved characters of this serial…

  2. One down…. Nidhi next.!! I was not expecting that tonight. Story moving quite fast.

    Shahil is putting a brave face but deep inside he is hurting so much. Vedika is too cruel to him. I feel like shaking her at time. Yes Dolly Sahil deep voice just melt me away. ??

    Oh Nani.. I just love her. Now there’s a baby boom in Agarwal house i???.

    Precap.. is a bit worrying. Sahil with a gun ??

  3. Puneesh evil deeds exposure was icing on the cake….thank goodness that lizard finally got a hole to crawl into…?????

  4. Muniya

    Finally that crap Puneesh is revealed…and the scene was awesome.
    Sadika scene was best as always???????
    But when Vedika said yes to Yash for marriage…felt like slapping her??…she is hurting Sahil too much.
    But precap…is quite horrifying.

  5. Ya Naz, I too thought that mebbe vedhika and Shruti juz cooked up that story to catch that lizard red-handed .. mebbe vedhika herself will reveal it after Sahil beats up Shruti.. moreover Shruti too needed to be sure of that lizards feelings for her..
    And ya I too blush a lot ???

  6. Hi Ladies
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