Belan Wali Bahu 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa doesn’t remember her marriage

Belan Wali Bahu 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa says to Nirupa(who is Shalini in veil) that if veil is tradition here then she ahs to follow it. Roopa asks her to make pakoras for her, I miss them. Lata says I will make them, Roopa says no I want Nirupa to make them. She drags her to kitchen. Jitendra says Shalini doesnt even know the ingredients for pakoras, Roopa will know that she is not Nirupa but Shalini.

Shalini is trying to make pakoras. Roopa says what are you doing? atleast put basin in them, are you joking with me? Shalini says I thought they are made in oil. Lata comes there and says Nirupa is joking with you, Lata says I will make pakoras, Nirupa cant make them. Shalini says yes its a tradition too, new daughter in law cant work in veil. Roopa says okay. Shalini takes her from kitchen.

Prem asks Jitendra to tell Shalini to not remove her veil. Shalini comes there and removes her veil. Jitendra says Roopa can see your face, Shalini says she went to roof. Jitendra says we are not getting time so she took veil off for me. She says no I cant take selfie in veil. She takes her photos.

Lata makes pakoras for Roopa. Roopa’s mother comes there. Roopa runs to her. Mother says you forgot me? you dont miss me anymore? Roopa says I will live with you, I am just staying here for somedays. Mother asks Lata if Roopa did some mistake that she will live with me? Roopa says this is Nirupa’s house, I just came to meet her here. Mother says what are you saying? Nirupa has gone to God for years. Roopa is stunned and says what? Lata says she means to say that she prays to God so goes to him. Prem moves Roopa’s mother away from Roopa and asks her to sit down and take a deep breath. Train starts passingby house, they all grab things. Lata rushes to Roopa’s mother and tells her how Roopa lost some of her memory. Roopa says to Shalini that how do you live in this shaking house? I will leave this house soon. Her mother sadly looks on.

Roopa is sitting with family and asks where is Laddo? She sees Laddo’s ghost sitting on terrace and says he is sitting on terrace plank. Family sees no one there. Roopa asks Shalini why you dont sit with your husband? Jiju is weird, he is sitting on terrace plank, all look on. Roopa asks Nirupa to call jiju. Shalini says jiju come.. I mean Laddo brother come down. Roopa says brother? Shalini says I mean Jitendra’s brother. Jitendra says Roopa I will call him down, Laddo come down, he cant see him but acts like calling him down. Laddo’s ghost says he is calling me down but no one can see me, the one who can see me has made me her jiju. Roopa says I will call Jiju. She asks Nirupa to come with her. She drags Shalini and makes her sit on terrace. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost why you dont talk to your wife? he says I mean.. she has veil on so we dont talk much. Roopa says so the whole problem is veil? she asks Shalini to remove her veil. Shalini says why? I cant remove it. Roopa says you have to remove this veil, she tries to remove her veil but Shalini says this is a tradition, Roopa says its making husband and wife away from each other. Roopa’s mother says to Dada that see what has happened with Roopa. Suzzi says dont worry, she will be fine soon. Prem says Dada’s daughter Suzzi have said it so she will be fine. Roopa’s mother says yes Dada’s daughter Suzzi is his pride, Dada asks her to stop calling her his daughter. He turns to leave. Roopa asks if she can remove Nirupa’s veil? Dada angrily says yes. Roopa tries to take off Nirupa’s veil, Shalini runs away and hides from Roopa. Roopa says I will make you remove this veil, she keeps running behind Shalini, Shalini teases her and asks her to catch her. Roopa runs behind her but Shalini locks herself in a room and takes a deep breath, she says this Roopa has made me run so much, she takes selfies. Roopa knocks on door and says I want to talk to you, open the door. Shalini opens door without veil, Roopa says Shalini you? where is Nirupa? Shalini says I am talking to her, I will send her out soon, she asked me to explain to her to remove her veil. Roopa says I want to talk to Nirupa. Shalini says I will make her explain, you leave now, Roopa says okay thank you, Shalini closes the door.

Lata comes to Roopa and says dont try to remove Nirupa’s veil, soon tradition will be completed then you can remove it, Roopa says okay. Roopa says make Laddo explain, he says he cant talk to his wife with veil on. Lata looks in air and says Laddo dont irritate your wife. Roopa says he is standing on other side. Lata says he can hear me and understood. Laddo’s ghost says I understood. Roopa says you didnt listen to me earlier. Lata weirdly looks at her. Laddo’s ghost thinks when will Roopa’s memory comeback.

Scene 2
All family members are doing aarti, Lata says we should wait for Roopa. Shalini says I dont think unmarried Roopa does aarti. Roopa comes there and says I do aarti. Laddo’s ghost is going from there. Roopa asks him to take aarti and pray to God, he says I am already with God, why pray now, she says what? he says nothing, they start aarti but Roopa stops and asks Laddo to take off his shoes, Prem murmurs whom she is talking to? Laddo’s ghost says I cant take off my shoes, I have moles under feet so doctor asked me to not take them off otherwise I will get infection. Roopa says okay I am sorry. Roopa says to family that we should do couples aarti, all couples should do it. Dada asks Suzzi to stand beside him. Roopa says its husband and wife couple not father-daughter couple. Laddo’s ghost goes to stand with Roopa. Roopa says why you are standing with me? you should stand with Nirupa. Laddo’s ghost stands with Shalini while Jitendra stands on otherside of her. Roopa asks Jitendra why he is standing with Nirupa? where is Shalini? all look on tensed. Jitendra says she.. where is Shalini? they all pretend like Shalini is missing. Naren comes there wearing a dress and veil, he says see Shalini is here, I am Shalini, you people were doing aarti without me? family members guess that its Naren. Roopa asks Jitendra to stand with Shalini, he stands with Naren. Roopa says lets start aarti now, Lata starts but Roopa stops again and says why Shalini is wearing a veil? Suzzi says its Dada’s tradition. Roopa says but its for new daughter in laws right? Dada actually new daughter in law is in veil so old daughter in law is giving her company. Roopa says okay. Lata starts aarti but Roopa stops her. Lata asks her to do the aarti. Roopa does aarti. Jitendra thanks Naren for saving him. Roopa sees all standing weirdly and looks on.

Roopa drags Laddo’s ghost and Shalini to her room. She ask them to sit, she ask them to talk. Shalini cant see Laddo’s ghost. Roopa says I am doing it because you both dont talk, talk infront of me. Laddo’s ghost says if we talk then you will leave? she says yes. Laddo’s ghost says Nirupa I am so happy that you are in my life and I am so happy that you are sitting with me. Roopa says Nirupa he talked so highly of you so talk back, she says what did he say? Roopa says she is just shy, you both sit and talk. Roopa goes and locks door from outside. Laddo’s ghost says she cant even see me then how we will talk? this is Shalini not Nirupa, she is just helping us. Shalini looks at Laddo’s photo and says you are such a jerk, I wouldnt talk to you even if you were alive, kids used to be scared of your scowling face. Laddo’s ghost is stunned to hear all that.

Naren and Jitendra are playing cards. Naren is still in a dress, Naren asks Jitendra to sleep on floor, I will sleep on bed. Jitendra says no we will both sleep on bed, I am afraid to sleep alone. Naren says I will sleep on floor. He tries to go but Jitendra grabs him and they both starts fighting. Jitendra grabs Naren and lifts him. Roopa comes there, Naren covers his face. Roopa looks away thinking they are romancing and runs away.

Laddo’s ghost is sitting on tree and says when will Roopa become fine? Roopa comes out of house and tries to talk on call with her father. She sees Laddo’s ghost sitting on tree and asks Jiju what are you doing here? he says I just like to sit here, Roopa says I locked you in room, how did you come out? Laddo’s ghost says Lata opened the door, Roopa says did you talk to Nirupa? he says we talked a lot, everything is fine. Two goons are passingby and sees Roopa talking to no one. One goon says hi beautiful, Laddo’s ghost says leave. Roopa says jiju they are eve-teasing me. Laddo’s ghost asks her to leave. Shalini comes there in veil and asks what she is doing here? Goons says we are two too, woman in veil call us inside too. They jump in their garden and says you both are sisters? we are brothers? he asks Shalini to remove her veil, she says I cant, its a tradition, they say we want to see your face, They try to remove her veil. Laddo’s ghost ask them to go. Roopa asks him to come down and beat them, they are teasing your wife. Laddo’s ghost says I cant do anything. Roopa takes a stick and asks Laddo’s ghost to beat them, he says I cant. Roopa says oh God they are teasing your wife, you are a coward, she starts beating goons, they runaway. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost what kind of man are you? you didnt even try to save your wife, very bad jiju.

Scene 3
Roopa comes to family. She says to Laddo’s ghost that a person who cant respect his wife, I cant let him stay with my sister, we are leaving this house, she asks Shalini to pack their bags, she tries to take Shalini to pack her bags. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that you are thinking wrong, Nirupa died way back, whom you think as Nirupa is actually Shalini. Roopa sees its Shalini behind veil. Laddo’s ghost says and person acting like Shalini is Naren in saree, Roopa sees his face. Roopa faints hearing it, all rush to her… this all turns out to be Laddo’s dream, he says I cant tell truth to Roopa. Shalini asks Roopa to think about it. Roopa says you saw what Jiju did, he is a coward, he cant even protect his wife. Lata says you are thinking wrong, Laddo is not like you think of him, he is anti-violence, he doesnt raise hand. Dada says um.. Laddo wanted women to protect themselves. Roopa says wanted? Dada says I mean Laddo wants women to be powerful. Prem says and it worked, you beat goons. Jitendra says yes Laddo made you see how you can protect yourself. Roopa says I understood everything, Laddo did this to empower women, Prem says what a work Laddo. Roopa says Nirupa is lucky to get a husband like Laddo, he did the best thing. Shalini asks Roopa to go and take rest, she says okay I will go, she leaves from there. Shalini and Naren takes off veil. Lata asks Prem to talk to that doctor.

Prem calls doctor and says okay? he ends call and says to family that doctor said to give Roopa daily routine, do everything to make her remember everything. Jitendra says it will not work for her, Dada slaps him and asks what he is saying? Jitendra says to family that we cant give daily routine to Roopa, we have to give her vibes of her marriage so she remembers wedding, Lata says but her wedding was simple. Jitendra says seeing a wedding, she will atleast remember her married life, Shalini says she has forgotten everything so she will start remembering. Jitendra says we should restart her wedding process.

PRECAP- Jitendra says to family that when we talk about wedding, Roopa will remember her marriage, show her proposals of some guys and she will tear them as she will remember her marriage.
Roopa sees photos of boys for marriage and tears them. Shalini thinks she is remembering her marriage. Roopa sees a photo of a guy and says I like him for marriage, she leaves. Jitendra tells family that the guy she liked is a criminal, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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