Udaan 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli gets fooled

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Udaan 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor and Vivaan getting the money bag by digging the ground. He says even if we take this money, we won’t be able to prove Imli is alive. She says yes, we have to do something that Imli comes here to take the money. He asks what’s your plan. She says we have to call villagers here so that they see Imli. She says Dance Deewane flier and says I know villagers will come here to watch such a dance competition. Girja says I m going for few hours. Tejaswini asks where are you going. Girja says villagers called dancer Shaurya, she dances so good, you can also come with me. Tejaswini says you go, I have to take care of Saanvi. Imli looks on and says why is the program kept at the ground.

Chakor thanks Shaurya for coming in their village to perform. Shaurya says its my duty to help you, I wish you succeed. Vivaan says everyone has come, we should start the show, I hope Imli comes. Chakor sends Shaurya for dance. Shaurya dances on stage on the song Baawri….. Chakor sees someone near the tree and runs to catch Imli. She scolds and sees some man instead Imli. The man asks what happened, I got the hood as its hot here. Vivaan asks the man to go. Everyone claps for Shaurya. Shaurya asks Chakor about her dance.

Chakor says it was too good. Shaurya asks did you get what you wanted. Chakor says no, but I m sure I will get it. Shaurya promotes Dance Deewane. Chakor and Vivaan see someone with the bag and catch the girl. They see some vegetables inside the red bad. Vivaan points gun at the girl and asks who gave this bag, Imli asked you to do this right. She says I got this bag there, you can take this if you want. He says say the truth. Chakor asks her to go. She sees the rose plant and says this looks like someone has just settled this soil. They check and find the bag gone. Chakor says Imli has done her work, she did this to distract us. Imli gets the bag. She says you thought you will catch me, I m Imli, you think you are clever, I failed you in your game. Vivaan says if she cheated me, I also cheated her, your smartness will work again, she will come back. Imli checks the bag and sees papers. She says how did this papers come here, where is my money. She shouts Chakor. Vivaan says your idea to change money with papers was good, we gave a big shock to Imli. Chakor smiles.

Its night, Chakor waits for Suraj. Vivaan asks her to go and sleep, he will wait for Suraj. She says no, Suraj should at least think for Saanvi. Suraj comes home, drinking wine. He stumbles. Chakor holds him. He sees Vivaan and says you both are still awake, you would be still talking. Mahiya….plays…. Chakor says Saanvi can’t live without you, you gave me five days to prove Imli is alive, so I had to leave Saanvi alone, why did you leave her alone. He says Saanvi wasn’t alone, Tejaswini and Kasturi were with her, I worry for her more, don’t try to cover up your mistakes. She asks him not to point finger at Vivaan, he has helped a lot and did a friend’s duty. Suraj claps and says wow, friendship should be like yours and Vivaan’s, I will give you a wine bottle award. Chakor throws the wine bottle and asks Suraj to stop it. She gets angry and cries. Suraj goes upstairs.

Suraj asks Chakor will everything get fine between us. She says yes. They get close. Imli locks Chakor and Vivaan inside the dark room. Vivaan gets scared. Chakor holds him. Suraj comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s good Chakor replaced the money.
    I don’t like that Suraj is back to drinking, it won’t solve anything and if he thinks Chakor is paranoid then he needs to be in his senses to help her.
    I thought Chakor was too harsh on him when she said she can’t forgive him.
    It’s good that Vivaan didn’t comfort Chakor but he should’ve left Sukor alone when they started fighting.
    I don’t like Sukor MU but so far CVs have handled it sensibly and I hope it stays this way, please don’t show Suraj doubting Chakor’s character.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Seeing that Suraj has started drinking again. It would be sort of ironic if he sees Imli whilst intoxicated. Then he might think he is losing his mind just as he accused Chakor.

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