Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika arrested for Sahil’s murder

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Nani finds their new neighbor getting the passage of her house painted. They have a fight all over again. Aarya comes to Nani bringing the good news of Sahil and Vaidika’s hit radio show. She got a photo framed for them. The neighbor watch the photo and asks if her father is younger than Vaidika? Aarya says the story of their love is strange, Sahil is much younger than her mother and she loves him as much as she loves her real father. After they had gone, the lady thinks she came to this neighborhood only to know the reality of Sahil and Vaidika’s love story.
It was night. The police inspector tells Vaidika it’s impossible they will ever find the dead body of Sahil. They have been looking since afternoon and its night now. The cliff was very high, the body must have broken down.

Vaidika wasn’t ready to accept Sahil was dead. Bhoomi fell on the floor behind and cries in agony. The inspector asks Vaidika to give them contact number of someone else at home. Vaidika asks the inspector to inquire this Bhoomi why she did this. She must be punished. She herself decides to call Maya’s husband, he will call the search operation.
Aarya and Nani had arranged drummers for celebrations. Aarya found Vaidika return home and thinks Sahil must be there behind her. Vaidika walks home alone, crying for Sahil. Aarya and Nani ask where Sahil is. Vaidika says he had an accident, she looks towards Aarya blankly. Aarya begins to cry. Vaidika says her heart verdicts that Sahil will return as he promised her. Nani looks towards Vaidika who was still traumatic.
The police comes to arrest Vaidika. The family and neighbors defend Vaidika and says Sahil hasn’t died, he is alive and she is innocent. She is being blamed pointlessly. Now, this can’t happen. What’s the proof and what’s the court’s warrant of arrest?
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma questions Puneesh how dare he even spoke about such an event. Puneesh was crying and says this is the truth, Sahil has died in a car accident. He then asks Bhoomi to tell them. Bhoomi had reached home devastatingly, and cries that this is truth. Bari Amma was in a disbelief, she cries in front of the temple. Prachi curses Vaidika for always eating up her husbands. Puneesh smirks victoriously. Prachi goes to console Bari Amma.
Puneesh warns Bhoomi that Sahil has died. If he hadn’t blamed Vaidika, Bhoomi must have been in jail. As soon as he removes Vaidika from the way, Bhoomi will get her son back. Bhoomi says there is no proof against Vaidika. Puneesh says police will only do as he guides them.
Puneesh had taken Bhoomi and the goon to police station. Bhoomi blamed that Vaidika wanted to kill her as she didn’t agree to divorce him. Vaidika wished to be the only wife of Sahil Agarwal and got the brakes of her car failed. Vaidika was shocked to hear this story from the lady police inspector. Nani says Bhoomi is a liar. But the police arrests Vaidika for Sahil’s murder in spite of all resistance.
In the jail, someone taps at Vaidika’s back. He tells Vaidika that there is someone gaining by removing Sahil, Deepak and now Vaidika from her way. He was sent into the lockup again. Vaidika wonders whom Deepak was pointing towards.

PRECAP: Vaidika was determined to fight for her rights this time by all means. Bari Amma decides Ved will be brought up in his father’s house. Ved runs out of Vaidika’s house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Marie Raphael

    I’m dreaming someone wake me up?
    Does that Bhoomi even have a heart?
    Blaming Vaidka for Sahil murder>.. My gosh, these writers never fail to torture us and surprise us..
    GOD DAMIT there is a limit to everything, how much more does Vadika has to endure???
    Why she has to surffer? WHY couldn’t bhoomi suffer for a change???
    SO they mean to say, Bhoomi will live comfortable with Ved, they are depriving a mother of her son.
    GEEEezzzzz I’m so puzzled to how a woman can be so cold blooded and heartless.

  2. Bhoomi is maaaaddddd!!! She is a very heartless cold animal i just dnt know wot to say thief liar wrecker murderer are understatement 4 her. Am honestly surprised with her behaviour nd i knew vedika wud be blamed becos d third person she married died too stupid prachi. Pls i beg the writers to bring in sahil as soon as possible. animal-in-human-form bhoomi!

  3. Nina

    The hassle started for an audience.The set of tools isn’t new. Already there are an unreasonable arrest, a prison and a helpless pregnant woman against a wolf pack. Hey, screenwriters, it’s high time make the more creative story.

    1. Madeline chasha

      Hi Naz i think they have already started to loose their viewers as they are advertising aapke a jane se avery few minutes. Its too
      Hard to watch this series now. Was not thought out as usual. Am having a break too
      Written updates will do. I will still comment😂

      1. Oh dear…however, I do understand how you are feeling…sometimes with other serials, I do the same. I was a huge fan of ISA till I couldn’t handle the crazy stuff happening there so I ended up with just reading updates and commenting. These days I’m not even watching or reading updates there, off and on I go to the forum to see if there’s any improvement.. I’ll still be watching here of course and we’ll continue to share ideas with each other and our other friends, OK!!! Have a wonderful night Madeline…depending on where your location is…

  4. Deepali… I hope that your prediction doesn’t happen. …

  5. Friends….i enjoyed yesterday’s discussion.. Today we saw Bhoomi trying to justify why she shouldn’t feel guilty about her role in Sahil’s disappearance by agreeing to Puneesh’s cockscrewed story, If she thinks that this absolves her from her crime, then she’ll have to face a new and energized Vedika because Vedika isn’t taking this easily. That pep talk from Sahil should be enough to give her courage to fight for justice for Sahil and her children.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Naz bhoomi is so stupid…she knows puneesh did dis which means he tried to kill her yet shes goin along with him smh. She should see sahils face every time she closes her eyes. Her nightmare should b immense and d guilt shoukd eat her alive. Vedika is goin to punish each and everyone of dem its time for vedik to show everyone wat her love means. Puneesh needs to b dealt with most painfully d lil worm

  6. Bhoomi is really a shameless woman. Clearly her psychology degree is of no use…she knows that Sahil doesn’t want her and even moved out the Agarwal’s house just to be away from her, she didn’t give birth to Ved although she was a good mother to him but we all know that she had a motive for keeping Ved by her side, but here she is, lying through her teeth about all the things she said in the police station.. Is Bhoomi’s comprehension skills that bad? I couldn’t hate her anymore as I did today hearing her lies…i hope her karma comes back to bite her head off!!!

  7. Thank you so much friends for agreeing to a few of my points yesterday, it’s only today I saw the episode with the subtitles on Desitvflix, yesterday I just assumed and tried to analyze.. Today’s episode brought me a new ray of sunshine and hope… As long as Sahil’s body wasn’t found….thank you writers…..it means that he’s alive!!…also, it was a valley he dropped into, not from a cliff per se….at least a shoe was found, that’s good too. On to Prachi…she never fails to make me see why Puneesh doesn’t sleep with her, I thought that he’s a dumb jackass but she’s an ogre in disguise, she’s shedding fake crocodile tears for Sahil when she’s so happy to be the only one left to inherit everything….oh but wait a minute, isn’t Vedika and Bhoomi could owners of Sahil’s estate and Bhoomi has to relinquish her authority to Sahil’s children when each of them attain the age of 18?? So what property is she gunning for?? Friends…. A YouTube video says that Vedika will go mad…it should be mad with determination not mad as a lunatic… Sahil’s words will always ring in her ears for her to fight for herself, her husband and their children…how sweet is that!! Of course if I loved a man like Sahil and he loved me with the same passion and care as Sahil, I’d bump everyone off who got in between…so his words of inspiration ,encouragement and motivation is enough to make her fight the evil BA, who BTW believes Bhoomi is innocent in all this…the lustful and psycho Bhoomi, the pathetic Prachi and the slimy, ugly snake face alligator Puneesh!! Friends… I’m wondering who this person is in the police station that’ll be able to help Vedika.. Any guesses??? I’ll try to come up with a name… Anyways… Deepak going to jail is a blessing in disguise. I don’t hate Deepak, he’s not as bad as he would like to be, I didn’t agree with him in his treatment of his wife and we all stood by her in her defense because no woman should be treated the way he did Gauri…and he paid the ultimate price!! It’s just that he has a weakness for position in the family, he also didn’t suck up to Puneesh at all, in fact he and Puneesh didn’t interact too much…we must also remember that he ran the business for many years and fancied himself a big time businessman…but it was always in good faith and for great rewards!! Whenever the light hearted music is aired due to his presence, it’s because Deepak is associated with the fun and lightness of his character..he isn’t dark shaded…

  8. How can Vedika be arrested for Sahil’s murder when his body wasn’t found?? These police officers are really morons.. You know friends, when a person wants to commit a crime, a common mistake is joining with others to carry out the deed..best do it alone or not at all because someone would sell you out..co conspirators are a criminal worst enemies!! Somebody somewhere and the right time would reveal Puneesh’s atrocities and it seems that Bhoomi didn’t learn a lesson…she hid Ved’s paternity and the pendrive and paid the ultimate price for her betrayal and still is hiding truths and lying… Raji…. Bhoomi’s hair really looked like horse hair today….

  9. Today Bhoomi has sunk to another level. How can she look at herself in the mirror? Lying through her teeth. Hope Sahil give her nightmares and she never find peace.

    I don’t know what the writers had in mind but I saw a clip on you tube that Vedika was released from jail and she went to Argarwal house with a gun. There she find out that Arya is married to Punesh, and it is also mentioned that Bhoomi has gone to America with Ved. She is completely broken… why would Arya marry Puneesh and Prachi support this marriage? I don’t like the sound of that.

  10. I am wondering Naz since the last 2 days her mouth is still open wide n she has started to look so UGLY. I am still wondering what was shoved in her mouth that still it is wide open 😀😀😀. In yesterdays episode i was laughig all alone seeing her acting. She cant acts for nuts. I am sure due to somebody in the productoom house she was offered this role. U all know what i mean. I mean how can they take an actress in this nice serial who cant act for nuts n same expressions in every frame. Friend in yesterdays episode she was looking a KATHAKALI WITCH. I was having a hearty laugh when suddenly she started crying sitting down near the car. MY GOD A REAL JOKER ACTRESS. LONG FACE LIKE A FEMALE HORSE.

  11. Friends today morning i saw in u tube that our Arya is married to the male horse face n crazy for young girls puneesh. I coudnt believe this. And also i heard in u tube that the lustful, physically crazy for sahil, witch n female horse face bhoomi toomi has gone to US with Ved. Pls see u tube clips

  12. My dear friends… Forgive me for coming back up to comment …i feel like Donald Trump twitter bug has bitten me with so many comments that I’ve made but I can’t help it …i was unable to sleep because I also saw the YouTube video Deepali and Pooja is talking about concerning Aarya and Puneesh marrying… It’s really sickeningly true…. Now I can say… WTF is happening here? This isn’t reason why I should be unable to sleep… Aarya is f**king 16yrs old and puneesh is an old hard back leather faced alligator snake eyed man… WTF is she doing with a man like that at this time of her life? Wait ah minute, did I just ask that question? I shouldn’t even be asking that kiss my ass question but I have to… Isn’t she supposed to be going to school ? When Sahil spent his paisa to send her to America to study, he didn’t send her there to study how to snag a man as old as her grandfather for a husband… Is she scratching down there? It surely seems so… I don’t f**king care what the reasons are for this horrendous track but it’s not acceptable… I have a limit to tolerance and this is it… Under no circumstances am I going to watch this track unless puneesh blow his brains out for being a pedophile… I told you all so…and Aarya commit a lesser count of suicide because of her age..clearly puneesh would have to get some honey, Aarya proposes to remain a virgin? This is goddamn disgusting… Which sick writer thinks this is funny? Because it f**king ain’t… It smells like horse’s manure… Ladies… Pardon my French above, cannot be helped or avoided… I’m super pissed off right now …this is Prachi’s fault alone, for refusing to let puneesh sleep on her so that he’s proved me right by showing his pedophile face… I feel like vomiting now and because of these f**king writers my sleep is interrupted, who could sleep after seeing doomsday? Vedika is pregnant again Sahil is missing and Aarya can’t wait to get older before she takes a man and of all the people in the f**king world she took puneesh……i ran out of adjectives… Raji… Madeline… I’m going to join you both on the bleachers till my head cools down… 😈😈😈😈😈👹👹👹👹👹👹…i hope I didn’t leave anything out… I’m going to wait till this track appears which is far from now…

  13. hello everyone,what’s happening in AAJS…
    I heard that puneesh will marry Aarya..for a child….ghatiya…. worst track….very dirty things…
    What makers and writers want????
    Where is arya boyfriend Tushar??he had gone only for 4 days..
    Really friends what’s nonsense..
    We want only sadika’s related story..don’t want nonsense mess up…I didn’t like current track of AAJS 👎👎👎👎👎

  14. These dirty minded writers. I think this track must be really happening in their family life. That is why they r showing this in the serial. Horse faced bhoomi is such a hot person same way male horse face puneesh. Writers should hv allowed these 2 to sleep together. Male horse would hv taught female horse how to go about it. That wicked witch it seems has taken awAY ved with her to US. Friend sorry to say this but of late i am not liking ved also. I preferred the luttle girl sadika. Now toh i think vedika should leave these blo*dy aggarwals to suffer n go far away with her mother n her love child. Since the time this fickle minded saHil has come in her life her life has gone into a mess. Poor lady . How much should he bear all this at this age when she is pregnant. Let Arya also stay with the aggarwals n puneesh. I am fed up now. All these stupid tracks ie sahil dying, vedika being blamed for his death, hottie potty lustful female horse face running to US with ved n not being punished 4 her bad deeds. Etc. I think it is better we gv up this serial now

  15. Agree with all that the Arya and Punesh tract is sick. Btw Naz Arya is 21 years. Still this is very wrong and disgusting. No mother should’ witness that. The only thing I can think of punesh is probably blamailing her to get Vedika release or trying to get proof of all his wrong doings. How can Prachi agree to this? Bhoomi is still under Punesh spell. This woman cannot even think for herself. No doubt punesh got something to do with her going away. Has she forgotten that Ved is sick? Writerd pkeade get on tract. Last week were spoil with Sadika and now this bulkshit!

    1. Thank you Pooja…wrong calculation on my side..still, it is very distasteful to see this.. Your thoughts could be correct, maybe that’s why she’s doing this, still I don’t like it..

  16. Raji I also liked sadika too much..
    And sorry to say that I am not liking Arya..from beginning ..and now at this track I hate Arya…
    She is 15-16 years old only and how she can do act this type of nonsense???
    Puneesh tiwari’s wife??

  17. Friends i think this is aryas way of releasing her mother fm jail because no one knows whether sahil is alive or dead. Hope this is only true. Very conveniently everyone has forgotten veds serious sickness.
    Even the pimp BA. Today i saw in u tube that vedika is going to the morgue to identify sahils body. But i dont think it is sahils body. Before that she goes to her usual durga to pray for sahil. After her prayers she gets a call i think re sahil or so n ahe rushes fm the durga. Friends our this weekend is going to be tension filled. Only next week we ll be introduced to the fake sahil i think. Last 2 days we r not seeing sahil n we all r going BESERK.

    1. In response to your comment from yesterday Raji… I’m from the Caribbean and I’m of East Indian descent, my great great great grandmother from my father’s side came from the district of Ashrafpur in UP during the extreme lower end of the 1800’s, her 3 children were born in India so that makes me a descendant born in my country. .. I’m totally Indian but very much a Caribbean woman with liberal thoughts. On my mother’s side….both my Nana and Nani came from ancestors who lived in New Delhi and UP…..does that answer your question?? Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know..

  18. Muniya

    This bhoomi is disgusting..
    Don’t know what these writers r sgain upto woth the story line.

  19. Thks naz. But pls let me know which language d u speak n where do u stay. If u dont know hindi how do u watch hindi serials n movies. I would like to know that. Naz yr english is very very good. Some of the words that u use goes abv my head. Then i check the meaning of the words in google. But i always look fwd to n love to read yr comments. Now it is almost 1015 pm in the night in india n i am waiting to watch AKAJS Serial which ll start here by 1030 pm. But missing sahil last 2 days. What u think naz that the fake sahil ll be with the whore bhoomi by the time the serial ends, in which case. I ll lose interest in the serial.

  20. Leisa s morris

    Dis serial was supposed to show d luv between a younger man and an older woman and how dey deal with society concernin their relationship yet once again d writers has gone completely off script with their usual crap. We muddled through with d different plot dey dropped on us in d hope dat d light wil b at d end of d tunnel but ended up with a blo*dy maze with just a glimmer of light in sight and then poof light is gone. So now vefika is 47 right so any yrs going by would completely change d dinamics of d show unless dey bring back sahil soon. Ved is ill and we already been told dat his only chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant but guess d writers r willing yo change this and ket him be able to get better another way which wouldnt b possible in reality since he has already reach d stage of needing a sibling donor,but do go on writers since u all never deal with reality any how. Prachi should just dissappear somewhere and die cause im sure she agreed (if its true) for puneesh to marry arya as its d only way dey might get control of d property. But seeing as her husband already doesnt slp with her inviting another younger woman in her marriage is recipe for disaster but hey writers do go ahead with dis disgusting plot.. puneesh is one of d most disgusting character in dis serial and I have no idea how prachi can b so blind to his reality.Has BA gotten senile dat she cant smell a con wen she sees it dat shes believing bhoomi’s side bout wat happen to sahil. Really even she knows vedika would never do anyting to harm anyone which is y she plotted to build hatred in bhoomi for vedika. Bhoomi really needs to take a look in d mirror a real look cause her heart is as black as it gets no wonder sahil could never see her as anyting else than a mother for ved. Of course we know she will try to turn ved against vedika but y should she get of so easily she should be tormented everyday of her life with d knowledge of wat she has done but then again dis is zee serial and only d good ppl gets punished in these serials while all criminals roam free enjoying d spoils of their ill gotten loots. Im tired,these serials just drains the patience outta me and ruin my lil entertainment dat I look forward to. I really really miss d serials of yester year dey really haf some dynamic writers who leaned more on d real than reel side of realty. All common sense is out dlol foor with these writers and their creativity is sadly lackin…I feel sorry for dem

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