Bepannah 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh and Anjana’s blame game continues

Bepannah 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Harsh slapping Aditya. Everyone looks on stunned. Nani smirks. Aditya glares at Harsh. You hit me? Harsh tries to explain but Aditya warns him against it. You dint hit me because of my mistake but because of him (pointing at Rajvir). He has become your own now. Zoya requests him to let Harsh explain once but Aditya tells her against it. This guy is like that only. It is his nature, his habit! He always does the same thing. He leaves his family for outsiders. Harsh requests him to listen to him. You are saying anything just because you are angry. You don’t know anything. Your mother’s words have turned you blind just like I had become once. Anjana is in shock. Really? I blackmailed you? My family supported you for your legal studies. I stayed by your side every second of your exam.

I was worried more about you even when I was pregnant with Aditya! My family shared everything with you without even giving it a thought! Which of this was manipulation? Pallavi’s love was real and I only manipulated you! Nani and Rajvir exchange a smirk. Anjana says she only made you a big shot lawyer. You were going back to her after 8 years when she finally returned. Look at yourself. It is you who manipulated me and not vice versa. I have gotten you here. You only used me. You were going back to your girlfriend when you got what you wanted! I would have let you go if I dint have kids. I couldn’t bear to see their father with his girlfriend in front of my eyes! It is you who is responsible for her death and not me! Harsh asks her if this is how she will justify her act. Wasn’t it wrong that you hid about my son? This is what you have done all your life. You have hidden your mistakes and only pointed fingers at everyone. Don’t you realise you have lied too? You are a very selfish woman! Aditya recalls their fights that he had witnessed in his childhood and is disturbed. He shouts at them to stop. Everyone looks at him. He storms out of the house followed by Zoya.

Zoya stops Aditya. There is a solution to every problem. Come with me. He tells her there is no solution of his father. He does this every time. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for what he did in the past. She tells him to think with a calm head. Papa started it and Ma too hid the truth. Rajvir went through a really bad phase but he took a wrong path with Nani’s help. Aditya asks her what his fault is. What’s our fault? I thought we will fix everything if we are together. It would have been better if I dint have a father! He drives away paying no heed to Zoya’s pleas.

Noor is watching some videos when she comes across the video of Aditya hitting Rajvir. She shows it to Roshnaq. Roshnaq tells Noor to make sure Wasim does not know about it. He is anyways upset with Hooda’s. He will lose his calm if he sees it. Noor is concerned about Zoya, Aditya and Arjun. Roshnaq suggests her to not discuss it today atleast. Wasim comes there.

Nani asks Harsh to make his own decision. Do you want your son or do you wish to run away from your responsibilities once again? Harsh looks at Rajvir emotionally. He extends his arms towards him but then stops himself. He turns to Anjana shakes her head at him sadly. Rajvir looks upset. Harsh asks Victor to prepare the guest room. They will stay here only.

Zoya comes back running inside. She tells Arjun that Aditya drove away in his car. I tried to stop him but in vain! Anjana asks her why she isn’t leaving them. You are with Rajvir and Nani. I know you are acting. I wont spare you! She raises her hand to slap Zoya but Arjun holds her hand. Harsh makes her face him. Do not to blame Zoya. You and I are responsible for whatever is happening today. Pallavi would have been alive if you hadn’t hidden the truth about my son from me! I will never forgive you! Saying so, he walks away. Arjun takes a teary eyed Anjana inside. Rajvir and Nani exchange smiles. Nani mentally tells Zoya to save her tears for later. You have to cry a little every day. This house will break apart slowly. Rajvir and Nani leave too. Zoya stands there feeling helpless.

Aditya is driving around aimlessly. He stops the car outside a bar and coaxes himself to go inside. His mind tells him against it. I have to forget everything. I don’t want to feel any of it! Everything can go to hell. He heads inside.

Rajvir is looking at Harsh, Aditya and Arjun’s photo angrily. Harsh joins him. I am sorry son. Please forgive me if possible. I really had no clue about you. If I had any idea then I wouldn’t have separated from you. Your mother would have been alive too then. I will fix everything. We will live together like a family!

Arjun asks Zoya if she has any news about Aditya. Zoya replies that he isn’t picking his phone. Arjun shares that he has checked every possible place. Don’t know where he could be. She asks him about Anjana. Arjun tells her that she kept crying. I had to give her medicine to put her to sleep. Zoya tells him that Noor messaged. Some people have made videos of what happened here and it is viral now. I fail to understand how some people can mock someone else’s pain. Arjun too is shaken but Zoya encourages him to be strong. You are the most responsible one now. You and I have to hold this broken house together. She comforts him as he cries.

Rajvir does not react at all. Harsh says I know you will take some time to forgive me. I too need some time to be honest. I want to make everyone understand that we are one big family now. You will get your right, name, respect and love certainly now. He pats at his shoulder telling him to take care before he leaves. Rajvir looks at the photo again. Dear father, you do not have time. Now you wont do anything. I will do whatever is needed to be done!

Zoya tells Arjun that those people have come here to break this family. They have no intention to be a part of this family. They only have hatred towards us. We wont let their hatred win. She comforts him again. He thanks her. This house would have fallen apart long ago if it wasn’t for you. She tells him that they have to unite what is broken now. She receives a call from Aditya’s number. The guy tells her there is a bad news.

Precap: Zoya tells Arjun that Aditya might be behind it. He must have returned home. Arjun and Zoya search the house but Aditya is nowhere to be seen. She rushes upstairs. There are drops of bloods on the floor. Harsh is lying unconscious and stabbed on the floor. They see Aditya lying unconscious on a sofa holding a bloodied knife in his hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    I really hope that this will definitely happen…
    If the sources to be believed Channel have decide to Pulled the 2 shows Bepannaah and Silsila off-air respectively but will be continues to digital platform that is online on Voot app…

  2. Feeling better, back to the episode. @Seychelle, we’ve been looking at Anjana as the worst person, she is, but Harsh has caused all this heartache. When you love someone, how do you leave them for someone who can help you advance your career. Of course, Anjana thought her dreams have come true, went ahead and built her family. When he was established, he decides to go back, leaving his wife and kids. Anyone would lose it, we would react, but react differently based on our circumstances. Nani & RV have an evil plan, to destroy Hoodas, especially Adi. They’ll stop at nothing to achieve that. I mean RV has decided to kill his father who admitted that he didn’t know about him, just to take revenge on Adi. What did Adi do in all this? Being born is the reason, he didn’t ask to be born, and there was nothing wrong with him being born. I really hate that he has to suffer like this for something he had no hand in creating. With this coming leap, I have to see how they’re going to handle this, I hope we still get pleasure in watching. I won’t quit until it’s over.

    1. I agree Amanda .

      It’s the first time I’ve actually followed a hindi serial n it’s really disturbing it ends like this.

      I think the only thing in hindi movies or serial I might view in the future is something with Jenshad ,that is if they get the chance to work together again.

      I’ll stick to my hiking expeditions instead 😃
      There’s no disappointment in adventures!

  3. Neha1

    Feeling the same pain after knowing that Bepannaah going off-air..

  4. Neha1

    Harshad himself said an interview on the launch of Bepannaah that they already had 12-15months strong story…the show atleast run to 12-15months… means a year or a year next 3 months….Watch this.

  5. Neha1

    I wanna see AdiYa romancing and their 4kids,
    But that would be possible only when the show gets an extension… either on TV or it will be on Voot app…
    But that off-air news was really disappointing that felt like

  6. Neha1

    Bepannaah, AdiYa and Jenshad has become an integral part of my life that I can’t even imagine they’ll leave us…no, not at all…
    Swipe n watch.

  7. I would prefer bepanah continuing on voot
    Colors will manipulate content if it got extension
    I already had done many things by getting addicted to bepannah, hearing bepanah song, opening instagram, observing colors page for spoiler, commenting here, reading comments for 7-8 times to get any news.
    But one thing will be best for me when it is offair , i do not need to follow bepanah/any other show like this
    I hope like adiya ; jenshad also found bepanah love in each other.They are too perfect together, their chemistry seems real to me than reel.
    Indian television only deserves ektas crap, and
    manipulating negative actress on a love story,or supernatural shows

  8. @Neha :
    I am heartbroken completely since yesterday…
    All shows I enjoy have always ended very soon…be it Pyar ki Yeh ek Kahani (2010), Ek hasina thi (2014) and now Bepannah (2018)…
    What is more heartbreaking is that such a beautiful story is going to get a messy ending…no Adiya consummation so no Adiya kids, 6 years of separation, a messed up ending for Poosh murder, an out of the blue Harsh murder which too will have a messy ending – Either Rajvir has committed all the murders or Anjana!!!.
    I tweeted on Twitter a lot but my Hopes are shattering..but I will continue retweeting…I thought this story will continue till March 2019 n never in my wildest dreams thought it would end on Nov 30 2018…I wanted it to be finite but not so short…😥😥😥😥…I m crying right now….!!!!
    The series is going to continue on Voot or it is going to come back with a season 2 all are rumours…THESE ARE CHANNEL TACTICS TO PACIFY FANS…never fall prey to such statements…they will never happen…
    Poor Jenshad promoted the show in Indore only on Oct 28 n said that a lot of twists n turns are lined up…but who would have thought that day that by next month it would end…😥😥😥😥.
    When the serial did not give promo since Nov 3rd..I started wondering what is wrong…I sensed something is not right…but alas off air rumours turned true!!! NOW ONLY A MIRACLE CAN SAVE OUR SHOW!!!

  9. So wait there won’t be any Golu,Rinki,Sonu and Sweety 😆

  10. @Arch, i still dont know if the show is really going off air. Such news/rumors are coming frequently now, and even Udaan and Tu Ashiqui page was filled with off air rumor, but nothing happened at that time. Even Bepannah had these scares before. Dont know who thinks it is a good idea to spread false rumors like this. .. If colors has to end shows for the new supernatural ones, then there are other shows which have nothing to offer and can take the sack. In Shakti, both the leads over there got memory losses so the entire story can repeat exactly as from day one. There is Ishq mein marjawan which doesn’t make sense anymore even from episode to the next. Some other shows are so boring i dont even follow their stories. The leads dont gel well, or the story has run its course… I am not saying Bepannah should air till eternity. But there is enough material for it to run smoothly for another few months. This 12 day rumor seems impossible to wrap up the show. 12 days and they are introducing Harsh murder and new courtroom drama now? Will Arnoor always remain ignored then? What about Waseem, what about Sakshi. No one knows about Sakshi, and there are not even clues to her disappearance. Will she be ignored too? And i still dont understand if Poosh death was accident or murder or how many people were involved. The drama now will be about Harsh death only. Then how everything will make sense… will there be a second season?
    to give a proper closure, these 12 episodes will then have to be the best ones in the Indian television history, or really dismal ones. But i am still hopeful the show wont end yet. The TRP will pick up once big boss ends and the show gets prime time slot again. I dont think any of the late time shows garner high TRPs. People in most village areas or small towns sleep by 10-11. Even here in Kolkata, i am not allowed to watch TV after 10 even if i want to and have to depend on written updates here. We have a strict schedule at home. So how can TRP determine how much a show is really liked? Lets see what happens

  11. Neha1

    For international fan’s plz do change your location to India and and tweet trends#dontendbepannaah.

  12. Arch
    I also think voot and season 2 only channel trick
    A 10:30 pm show which is starting on 10:40-10:45 how much trp they expect?
    And roop getting 1.3 trp for marriage drama
    I think colors inspired from nazar trp for star plus
    Hope this supernatural shows sink colors
    At least one month extension bepanah deserves for a complete ending

  13. I’m wondering why the cast members quiet on the show going off air🤔

    Just imagine this news is making headlines on social media and yet no word from them.

  14. Neha1

    Aaahh ..!!! I got a relief after getting this news…IMW quoted a ‘reliable sources’ saying “Silsila and Bepannaah” will bow out of the TV Screens but coz of it’s online space has prompted the makers to take it as a new experiment. It is certain that the show will continue to air on Voot App…! Hoping this turns out to be True.

  15. Neha1

    OMG .! Today’s episode gonna be full of emotions and crying… Today’s episode glimpse.

  16. Now harsh dies , adi won’t kill . What about poojas ma , n Pooja ? Who killed them . People just die n dissaper. What happened to mahi? Does Zoya still run zosh events ?

    Don’t end Bepanah rather madhubala goes but plz not belannA

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