Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 42

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

Author’s Note : Very much disappointed with the response since last two episodes …if you guys are not finding this worth your time let me know, i will not mind anything and stop posting this !!!!


‘’Maa…are you…are you saying the truth?’’ Gauri asked with her words almost trembling

‘’yes Gauri…And you know who she is?’’ Om looked at her

Gauri turned towards him

‘’She is the Anika with whom you were living along all these days since you came to Mumbai…yes she is your real sister Anika..did you see how small the world is…you both sisters were under the same roof and yet you never realised’’ Madhu spoke

Gauri stood up and was taking steps , she was so weak yet she wanted to see her sister at that moment…she wanted to shout to her that she is her sibling….but then she stopped and turned

‘’how do you know she is my sibling? Om tell me how do you know?’’ she wanted to believe that Anika was her sibling but before she meets her sister she wanted to confirm so that she is not broken again

‘’Gauri…when you took the bullet, we admitted you in the hospital..the doctor said your bone marrow had stopped functioning and you needed a bone marrow transplant immediately…we had no idea how to get that…then doctor said bone marrow should be exact match and only a sibling can make it possible..we called up and brought aunty ji, your mom here…when asked she said that you had a sibling but she was not with you, she hadn’t any picture and only know her name is Anika…we almost lost hope when Anika gave an idea to search your bag, which you always carry and never allowed anyone to touch….shivaay saw that bag being in Oberoi Mansion while taking you to hospital…’’ Om spoke and continued the rest of the happenings while Shivaay’s thoughts travelled to the day when he came to look for the bag of Gauri in OM

————-Day of Riddhima’s arrest, OM

‘’Dadi…Dadi…’’ Shivaay screamed running into OM

‘’Billu…puttar Gauri …how is Gauri?’’ Dadi asked concerned

‘’Dadi…Gauri is fighting for life and she needs an bone marrow transplant immediately…and for that we need to find her sibling first’’

‘’Sibling? But?’’

‘’Dadi…I will tell details later…do you know where is Gauri’s bag…I saw it in OM when I was leaving’’

‘’I didn’t notice any bag Billu’’

‘’i..i will find dadi..you stay here…I want you to look into the bag once I find it…you know I am not comfortable to look into Ladies bags’’

‘’ok..but find the bag first…even I will look for it’’

Shivaay and Dadi looked for it and finally Shivaay found it under the Sofa…he quickly picked up and took it to Dadi, Dadi started taking out the things from it …make up items, licenses, safety pins and then took a small case sort of thing..

‘’Billu…what’s in this case?’’

‘’Open it Dadi’’

‘’The case had wrappers…chocolate wrappers, cards , a peacock feather and a picture of her childhood with her family’’ Dadi saw it and her hands trembled

‘’What…what happened Dadi?’’

‘’She is Harsh’s daughter…Harsh’s second daughter Gauri….’’ Dadi smiled amid tears

‘’That means…Anika…’’

Dadi nodded and asked him to stay for a while…she went to her room and brought a similar picture but the difference was that the whole Oberoi family along with Harsh’s family were present in the picture….

Shivaay took it and he rubbed Anika’s face , tears took their place in Shivaay’s eyes…he composed when Dadi put her hand across his shoulders…..

‘’Dadi..i..i am fine..i must leave for hospital and ensure Anika donates her bone marrow to survive Gauri…I am sure now, nothing will happen to Gauri now’’

Shivaay took the bag after carefully placing everything the same way in the bag and left for Hospital…when he reached Om also got an idea of Anika being Gauri’s real sister


‘’Then we asked Anika to get the test done and as expected the result came positive…Anika did give you her bone marrow and made you out of danger..that’s the reason Gauri why I said you saved Anika once and Anika saved you the same day…you sisters can do anything for eachother’’

Gauri smiled while her tears ran down…

‘’Om ..i want to see Anika didi now…take me to her…I want to tell her that I am her real sister , we are related by blood, we had a family and will now be a family…I want to pour everything that I felt all these years to her …I don’t want to stay away from her anymore…please Om take me to her now….maa, Anika didi…Anika didi is my didi..i finally found her’’ she cried

‘’Gauri’’Shivaay called

‘’Shivaay bhayya’’ Gauri said involuntarily

Shivaay smiled and came to her…she hugged him ….’’you remember I used to call you Shivaay bhayya like Priyanka used to call you…I still have that toy which you brought for me along with toys for Om and Priyanka….i still have that toy bhayya….thank you…thank you for making me meet my sister….i am so happy today..really happy’’ Gauri cried while Shivaay rubbed her back with brotherly affection

‘’Gauri…sshhh…no more crying…you are happy right then why tears…’’

‘’you are right..i will not cry…not even bring happy tears…I am happy and feeling like I have got all strength….bhayya , Om , maa please take me to didi once…please’’

‘’Gauri…before that I want you to know something else….not only you, dadi, Prinku and Rudra also needs to know this’’ Shivaay said

Gauri, Prinku, Rudra and Dadi looked at him with frowned eyes

‘’Gauri…I can understand your feelings and I can totally relate, but what I am going to tell you might be heart breaking for you…but this needs to be disclosed’’

‘’Bhayya please…your words are making me tensed…is Anika didi alright?’’

‘’Yes she is alright Gauri but…’’


‘’But she doesn’t remember anyone of us and that includes you too….she has Anterograde Amnesia …and due to this she forgot a portion of her past…she might have been through an accident because of which this happened….’’

‘’I will make her remember me Bhayya…I am sure I can do this’’ Gauri said

‘’that’s what I don’t want…if you tell the truth right away it may lead her to stress and it may result in Caesars or tumors and can lead to death too’’

‘’bhayya’’ Prinku and Gauri screamed

‘’This I am not saying Gauri, this the doctors confirmed….do you remember Gauri I came one day to your house and spoke to Anika, and then she fell unconscious….when we admitted her in the hospital, Doctor asked us about her family…then when I took her to hospital because of her leg injury, the same doctor came to me and spoke about Anika’s mental health…..they are searching for a proper doctor who does this sort of therapy as such doctors are rare to be found… once we get the info I will get her treated….so  I request you, please don’t make her remind the past, for now…’’ Shivaay said

‘’But..’’ Gauri was about to speak something when

ShivOmRu folded their hands infront of Gauri and Madhu ji and Shivaay spoke ‘’I know I am snatching away your happiness  but at this point I have no other go…as you need your sister to remember everything, I too want my Childhood stupid to remember everything and for that I need your help’’

Gauri came to ShivOmRu and held their hands…

‘’I know you all want Anika didi to be back to what she was …so I will not remind her anything, even the fact that I am her real sibling…I promise this ‘’ Gauri spoke amid tears

Shivaay hugged Gauri thanking her.

‘’Bhayya I want to see didi once…can I?’’

‘’Gauri…don’t make me feel much embarrassed….she is your didi…your relation can  never change….just that for sometime we need to hide this relation…’’ he turned to Om and said ‘’take her carefully to Anika’s room’’

Om nodded while Shivaay walked out of Gauri’s room.

———–After sometime

‘’Billu’’ dadi called

‘’Ji dadi’’

‘’Billu say the truth ..is this the only reason why you stopped Gauri?’’

Shivaay looked on shocked…

Precap : Is Shivaay Hiding something else too ? To know more stay tuned !!!!

This is the Forty Second episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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  1. Sorry i am commenting from two episodes bcoz i m so busy in my schools exam but plz don’t stop posting this story i loved it so much

  2. Sorry for not commentig Akka.
    Was busy due to Chhat puja till yesterday and today I approx slept for whole day. So wasn’t able to read the previous parts.
    Read last two parts just now along with with this.
    Loved all those.
    Eagerly waiting to know what Shivay bhaiya is hiding.
    And is Somya dis mom is related to this.
    Love to u and cutie.

  3. Hi hari
    Please don’t stop posting stories its pleasure to read. Coming to responses might be all are busy and waiting for time to reply you back.
    What to say about update it was so emotional i had tears in my eyes gauri knows anika is her sister but cant say that.
    Bye keep smiling and take care

  4. i am your loyal reader from episode 1..i really like your story the most..
    please dont stop it..i am so eager to rread more about the story..thank you for the love..

  5. Nice episode. Finally gauri found her sis but sad that she can’t remember anything. What is shivaay hidding? Sorry for not commenting on yr previous post as down with fever and flu.

    Take care 😊

  6. JeevithaTK

    Hi Akka,
    The episode was good akka…. With lots care love for one other….. Thank god finally gouri got back her sister, happiness nd prayers fulfilled…. Bt bit sad that she can’t enjoy her happiness with anika…… But waiting to know somu mother nd they connection…. Waiting for ur posts akka. Lots of love to u nd Akki TC

  7. Please dear I’m already missed n missing like hell.i think it’s better than what i can bet without you.so you kindly don’t take such type of good decisions.i truly n completely effect with your disappearance.i too agree with you but no of comments are use less n not parameters for your absolute sweet awesome great writings.those who are not able to comment including me daily are unlucky.you dont base on comments bcoz definitely we will miss the great journey with you.now ishqbaaaz is doing this by taking deviations instead of fans useful entertainment.so I sincerely request you plz continue this journey to share lovely moments n cute
    Happiness to us.dont try to separate n divide from us mostly from me.actually idid not read update I shocked at your statement but that one also important for us to go front.i will support n be with you.undoubtedly episode will be excellent n elegant.you are capable in entertain every one.just keep on writing.its a beautiful n best gift given by God to you

  8. Chaithu

    Hi Hari
    Emotional update finally Gauri knows the truth
    What is shivaay hiding from family.. another twist loved it waiting for next one
    Take care dear

  9. ItsmePrabha

    hello akka..don’t be disheartened.. many are having exams rn..and are busy with some other stuff..and some people like me are upset with the rumors going around about ib..and are not able to concentrate on any other things..Sorry if you feel bad akka..but don’t think to stop it..these stories are the only stress busters for me ..coming to the epi,happy that gauri got to know that anudi is her real sis..but sad that she can’t reveal the same to anudi..when she called billu bhayya it was beautiful..and now what this billu is trying to hide..precap is interesting..will be waiting for the next..Till then take care…and bye for now👋👋👋..and haa keep smiling😃😃😃…..love you loads❤❤❤…

  10. JeevithaTK

    Akka plz don’t get dissapointed akka. Plz…. Ya I know tht our likes nd comments nd our response is the motivation to u….. Bt believe me ur FF khidkithod superb akka…. Plz don’t think tht ur FF is nt worth akka… Plz c the like button opinion akka there r many silent readers akka… Nd many r bit busy now becoz for many exams r going nd some state exams too…. Nd some TN frds can’t read r come here becoz the cyclone effect nd bad network there….. So plz don’t stop it r b dissapointed… Nd r all there regular supporters to will b back soon akka……..
    A kind request to all the silent readers tht plz after reading the episode plz do like the like button and a small comment…. It’s nt necessary tht ur comments must be long just a one line of ur comment is very much motivation for the writers….
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    They do it just to make us feel happy nd also entertain us… They don’t get any profit from it bt Ya love of us… So guys for them just us give our just few minutes nd post it…
    U need b afraid to post ur comments here… Becoz even me once to get scared to post the comments….
    Guys plz let’s show our love nd support to them by commenting here….. Hope u guys come up with ur comments…. Lots of love. Tc

  11. Pritika

    Hlo Di
    Nice teary episode, Gauri got to know abt her lost sister Anika but can’t say it….

    Awesome write up di, i just love the way u write……

    Please don’t ever think of stop it in between, sry for not commenting on few episodes as when u start the ff i m not well due to fever and started to read the ff, already 34 episodes are posted and after that due to my exams (that i already mention in my last comment), i m unable to read the update regularly, whenever i get the time i read your updates….

    Keep it up…

    Love to Akki

  12. Banita

    Hlooo Beauty…
    Nycc epi…
    Finally Gouri found her sister…
    Shivay is hideing sonething more…!!!!???
    Nd What’s d connection between Anika nd Mrs. Tendulkar!!??
    This 2 question fighting on my poor mind…
    Eagerly waiting 4 nxt chappy…

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    Emotional update di…superb what is shivay hiding?
    Pls di don’t think to stop posting this ff i love this ff….eagerly waiting for next part update soon

  14. Hi diii sorry……… for not commenting these days
    My phone was switched off
    There was too much rain & storm here we were completely trapped
    I am a silent reader but today I thought to comment

    Dii I am from Kerala & a diehard fan of ishqbaaz &now of ur f2f
    So diii please keep going
    We love uuuu a lot….😊😊

    With a loadss of love
    Cuddu (thats how my frnds call me)😘😊😊

  15. R u mad I had been waiting for ur update and still feel anxious that u r going to leave writing please dear don’t stop. For meur update is Important

  16. Pritika

    where is the next update, still waiting di

  17. Me tooooo…… eagerly waiting 4 nxt episode

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    This is awesome update dii

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    But why di?
    I love your storyline 😘
    Please don’t stop writing 🙏
    I m eagerly waiting for your 43rd post😊

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