Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Usha and Bhoomi team up against Sadika

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Vaidika and Sahil run from opposite directions towards Vaidika’s old house. Sahil hugs Vaidika but Vaidika pushes Jackie away. Before Vaidika could speak, Sahil tells Vaidika he isn’t Jackie, he is her husband, her Sahil. Vaidika was astonished to hear this. Sahil tells Vaidika to ask her own heart, can’t she feel his presence around herself. Vaidika cries silently. Sahil says he did all the drama of Jackie and couldn’t gather the courage to tell her the truth. Jackie was attempted to be killed by Puneesh but he is sure Jackie isn’t dead. Jackie told him that he is the elder of his family, there is a mother, a sister and a brother to support and he had to go to his house first. But she must believe him, he is her Sahil. Vaidika says she repeatedly sensed his presence around, and only

her Sahil can give a sacrifice like this. They hug each other. Vaidika cries asking what if something had happened to him. Sahil assures he is here, fine and healthy because Vaidika is with him. Sahil tells Vaidika that Jackie, whom she considers his look alike is his twin brother. Both share how they found out about the news. Sahil then kiss Vaidika’s hands and both hug one another.
They were attacked by the goons who kidnap both of them by masking their faces. Sahil and Vaidika resisted and shouts while being tied to poles of a building. It was Usha. Usha grabs Sahil’s ear and asks if he killed her son and would enjoy his life with his family. Vaidika says Sahil is sure Jackie is alive, that’s why he came to her so that she doesn’t get a setback. Usha tells them she isn’t alone in this revenge, there is someone else who wants to part them; a mother from whom they snatched her child. The end to their strange love story will as well be strange. Bhoomi appears from behind a door. She says she returned to revenge both of them. She walks to Sahil and says she named her life after Sahil but he betrayed her and went to his love; and Vaidika snatched her life, her son and everything from her. She is no more that helpless Bhoomi she ever was. She and Usha now hold hands to destroy their lives. Usha grabs Sahil’s collar and deters to destroy him. Sahil tells Bhoomi that Vaidika had no mistake in whatever happened to Bhoomi. Vaidika decides to do something, after all she got her Sahil after long. Vaidika loosens the rope holding her hands by rubbing it continuously with the rough war. She vanishes from the site. Bhoomi and Usha turn to look around. Vaidika appears from a side and throws Sand into the eyes of Bhoomi and Usha. The goons gather around but Sahil fights them efficiently. They leave the site.
It was late at night, Sahil and Vaidika light fire and sat in the midst of a forest. Sahil lights a bonfire, then kiss Vaidika’s hand. He apologizes that Vaidika has to suffer all this because of him. Vaidika says nothing was ever wrong in her life because of Sahil. He had tried to help Usha but people like her never realize this. Bhoomi has also started to hate them.
Sahil promises Vaidika that tomorrow morning will come with a new beginning. Sahil and Vaidika are only meant for each other. Nothing can part them.

PRECAP: The goons had gathered to kidnap Sahil. Bhoomi and Usha tied Vaidika with a wall while their goons physically bruised Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. DannyComments

    Oh Bhoomi Bhoomi Bhoomi! How happy am I to see your beautiful face grace my screen again! But sadly , I’m unhappy that these writers turned you into a full blow villain..So sad..cause now we won’t hear the end of it from some internet hypocrites! Going on and on about how lusty you are and sl*t shaming you bla bla bla😒 forgetting that Sahil! With his stupid face didn’t even seek your permission before putting sindoor on your head..anyhus! Welcome back for the short period you will be back and Oh! I really do hope you make them suffer! Oh yes make them pay for what they did! You beat them up because it is the only thing these writers would have do.. And for those bunch of fat ugly twats calling my Bhoomi names! Oooh don’t you let me catch you😠 you know yourselves. Insulting good actors for just simply entertaining you when no one forced you to be entertained! Hypocrites! Trolls !

    1. Leisa s morris

      Hahahahhahaha I couldnt help myself dis comment was so hilkarious dat I almost pisseddone myself laughing… ooh d irony ….hahahahahaha pls forgive me I cant stop….. lmao hysterically

    2. Marie Raphael

      Hello Danny, I live in Trinidad and Guyana, London and the Amazon. Would would you like my phone number to find me !!!!!!!

  2. Bhoomi ban gayi “Lady Don” 😂😂. Usha is a joke. What’s with the twitching of her mouth. I felt like giving her slap.

    Today Sadika’s meeting has made me cry. I watched the scene over and over again and each time I get more emotional. Does this kind of love really exist? My god hats off to the writers and Sadika who pull that scene beautiful. It feels so real. The emotions they experience touch me. Wow !!! Naz, Dolly, Raji whenever I see those two together I feel like I am 18. It reminds me of my first and only love. Due to family pressure I agree to an arrange marriage and break his heart and moved to London. This was 30 years. As of today he never married. My marriage did not worked out and it left me with a bad experience and my trust in men is gone. The experience scared me for life. I divorced him and brought my 2 children on my own.

    It was hard and I never had time for anyone else. My priority was my children and my job. Now that my children are grown up.. my friend tell me that I should get in touch and start a new life. He is still waiting for me. I just have to the word and I know he will come running. I am scared and I am not the same person he fell in love with. I have been on my own for so long that I become s bit selfish and a creature of habit. Having someone else in my life will disrupt my routine and I am not sure I am going to like that. Naz you once said that regret is a bitter pill. It so true. There is not a day go by that I wish I was brave enough and fight for my love and do things differently. So sorry.. I start to write and could not stop myself. After watching AKAS I felt a very sad and memories were just flooding……

    I did not like the precap. I have a feeling Jacky will come and save them. Just a thought.

    1. Pooja, your story is similar to mines, how coincidental that is!!! The only thing different is that I tried to connect with the love of my life but I took too long to do so.. From our mutual friends accounts, he believed that I was happy in my marriage and didn’t want to interfere and I believed the same thing with him, that’s why I took so long to try finding him, it was a see saw kinda thing with me.. I blame myself though, I should have gone with my instincts.. To cut a long story short, when I finally found out about him, it was in the obituaries section on a website in Canada… I’ll forever regret..but I have to live with my loss. My advice to you is to connect and learn about him, people change with time and he may not be the same as you knew him to be, take it slow, there’s nothing wrong with having conversations, if you see something that you don’t like, tag it red, remember no one is without fault, but at least you will assure yourself that you tried, if you don’t try, you’ll regret that you didn’t try…if I could turn back the hands of the clock..too cliché but…i would have taken the opportunity to do exactly the same thing I just said to you. Some things are meant to be and some aren’t. All the best for you dear.. BTW, I have two children as well, a son and a daughter.. And you?

      1. Thanks Naz you are a gem. I have a boy and a girl too.

    2. Hope ur word come true!! Referring to hu our pre cap!!

  3. Nina

    They are the stunning couple. I was watching this episode with bated breath. I liked their perfect acting, Karan was nominated in the category Best Actor (Male) Popular at ITA 2018. On Tuesday Karan Jotwani was so stylish, his shoes, striped jacket, tie like scissors were cool. Bhoomi’s face foretells nothing good, only the break prospects.

  4. Bhoomi herself was kidnapped and kept in captivity for many many days but anyone would think that it didn’t affect her at all.. She was so grateful to Vedika for saving her and ran like the wind after she was untied from the chair and here now we have her even becoming a kidnapper as well.. Good, this time when she’s caught, I hope it’s with a bullet on the ground…..although we know that won’t happen because these writers aren’t at all extreme when one compare the kind of torture which other characters experience…it was hilarious looking at the dialogue delivery of Bhoomi, Usha looked like a female mogambo…anyways, the scenes were lovely between Sahil and Vedika..Vedika is looking very beautiful for the past many days.. I like the forested scenery, it’s different and a bit refreshing from the stage atmosphere… I hope Jacky is really alive… What a mother Usha is!! She taught one son to steal and other one she educated, enough to go to work in an office…wonder what the daughter turned out to be!! Thinking of crooks, if someone is a crook, I don’t expect them to resort to good deeds to achieve their goals, they would simply employ strong-arm tactic to get what they want…..i wish that writers had brought in the groom Bhoomi ran away from, he would have made life a bit more complicated for her than her having to make life difficult for two people who were destined to be together till the end.

    1. Marie Raphael

      Naz, Raj, Pooja,Dolly.
      I missed you guys so much, I’m not in TT at the moment, I’m in my hometown. ( a small village where they is barely internet) in Georgetown for a few days taught of catching up..
      I missed a few episodes, I’m now learning Sahil has a twin brother, bhoomi was kidnapped along with Ved, Arya was married to horse face,
      Now Bhoomi turned a villain and want to make them suffer for what though??
      I never knew she named her life after sahil, but I fail to understand how the hell can she call herself a mother when she know that ved was never child but of vadika.

  5. Raji, I remember Karan Jotwani on juzzbat saying that he’s a fan of Surbhi Jothi, I think that they would make a wonderful couple too…

  6. Thks Naz for yr prompt reply. Friends i am so tensed after seeing sahil being beaten by the one n only lustful, wicked sl*t, horse n donkey faced bhoomi. Did u see yesterday also as a WOMAN NOT LADY DON she was half naked fm top. Poor Damael in Distress knows she is no solo heroine material so she does all dresses up in this way to attract attn. But in yesterdays episode her face was looking very long n hair like a horse. Cant stand that woman. Naz n others what you think ll saHil die. Since i saw a shot in u tube wherein vedika faints seeing him beaten very badly by the sl*t’s n rasogullahs henchmen. And in the background it was being said by the channel that sahil ll die. Pls pls Naz n oooja check out om u tube n ifm us if it is true. I ll surely collapse if sahil is no more. And Naz vedika is looking neautiful day by day wsp. In yesterdays light pink saree. What a marvellous couple they make. The romantic three songs that were playing in the background were very apt for this situation.

  7. Friends, the upcoming episode doesn’t look good to me Sahil will get a beating and it reminds me of Salman in Tere Naam when his head was butted against a piece of iron till he lost his sanity… Not looking forward to this.

  8. Raji..No no no ..I hope not. writers can’t kill Sahil off. Is so then why bring him back alive from the fall. Also it would mean that Bhoomi and Usha won. My guts feeling tell me Jacky will come to the rescue. He saved Sahil before and may be again. Oh gosh my mind is working overtime.

  9. That scene where Sahil had tears in his eyes and touches his heart and says he’s vedhika’s sahil, bought tears to my eyes..so much those beautiful eyes can express..the way he kissed her hand , was to die for… God..i felt it all myself..so real.. I know every vedhika out there too felt the same..
    And pooja i think u shd atleast try to contact him and be friends.. we all come to a stage where we first need a good friend to whom we can turn to anytime..mebbe he too needs someone just to listen to him, to share his thoughts and to be just there for him anytime..mebbe he is some lonely soul too.. things and situation change but the heart still has the ability to feel.. If he is not what u knew him to be, and has changed drastically, then forget him. That way u wont feel that u lost him.. u can become more practical.. when kids start having a life of their own, what will u do? All need that moment just to hold those hands.. if u are able to find those hands, just dont let go.. try once pls..
    lets think like how sahil does..be daring and live for yourselves first..

  10. Thanks Dolly.. infact it’s Sadika story that had got me thinking. ..

  11. Good.. Keep up the spirit pooja… we are all with u..

  12. I’m very angry 😣😣..and this bhoomi..l hate bhoomi so much😞😞Why makers showing us jacky vedika romance..and vedika emotionally blackmailed..at this pregnency stage……oh goshh..feeling very bad for Vedika…
    Friends I think that bhoomi’s character will be end very soon..and jackys character also will be end..
    oh Iam tired from this track…really
    Please makers writers please bringing back our hero sahil plzz……..🙏🙏🙏🙏

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