Sitara 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajguru traps Vishkanya’s again

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Sitara 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vrinda walks out of one of the mystery doors.

Rajguru hurries towards the secret doors.

Vrinda is headed towards the next door. It is time to take revenge for killing my daughter and for keeping me and my sisters in custody! Entire royal family will have to pay its price today. She opens the door using her powers but Rajguru enters just then. You stopped us from gaining freedom yet again! You dint do the right thing. He points his weapon at her and she is pushed high in the air. She falls down back in the same place. Her sisters rush to her side realising what Rajguru did. Vrinda syas we are a storm. He wont be able to pacify it for too long. She asks Albeli to create a poisonous drop. I wont spare the royal family so easily for holding us captive for 20 years! I will seek revenge one by

one. I will turn their happiness into pain. It is solar eclipse today. It wont be difficult to send that drop outside today. It will go to our well wisher and end up bringing her here. Be quick. We don’t have time. Albeli gets down to work. Albeli creates a poisonous drop using her power and sends it outside.

Rajguru says we have played enough hide and seek with the Vishkanya’s. I will have to take a stringent step to teach them a lesson.

Vrinda is sure the drop sent out by them will find its way to their well wisher.

The drop reaches inside the palace. Vrinda creates a magical vision of the celebrations. I cannot bear to see them happy! They killed my daughter and are celebrating! Albeli says I can understand but Vrinda retorts that no one can understand her pain. No one can understand the pain that a mother experiences. Make this drop reach our well wisher quickly so she can come free us. Albeli agrees.

Nethra and her mother are spellbound to see the gifts. Samrat and his friend are giving scores to the girls on the basis of their looks.

Sitara is arranging the gifts and talking to the assistants. In my childhood, I could easily guess and tell what is inside a box. So many bets were placed on the same. I can still do it!

Albeli is happy to see that the drop is very close to Sitara.

Sitara goes in another direction. The drop misses touching her.

Vrinda tells Albeli and her sisters not to lose heart. Keep trying.

Rajguru says Vrinda and her sisters are becoming stronger over time. I will have to do something urgently. He starts his puja again.

Vrinda says the one who fought death cannot be affected by these mantras. Today’s eclipse will cast an eclipse on the entire family today! The drop sent by me has entered inside the palace.

Sitara asks Kuldeep why he left everything and went to live in a village when he was
Why did you keep yourself and me away from the palace?

Albeli says the drop is unable to find her.

Viraj’s mother asks Sitara if she has kept the gifts nicely. Sitara affirms. Vrinda and her sisters see the drop inching closer to Sitara again but Sitara goes away. Viraj’s mother tells Sitara she is very good at her work. Sitara smiles. Tell this to Baba too. Sitara instructs the guard to be on alert. She goes away again before the drop can touch her. She is amazed seeing the tray in which the rings are to be kept. The drop is closer to her. Vrinda and her sisters look on anxiously. Vrinda says let the drop reach her once. It will be us who will celebrate then.

The drop falls down in the plate. Pundit ji calls Sitara for puja. Albeli is irked that this girl keeps going away. Sitara takes the puja thaal from pundit ji. Vrinda suggests that they find this girl asap.

Viraj’s mother keeps a dupatta over Nethra’s head and does her aarti. She gives jewellery to Nethra who requests her to let her look at them. Viraj’s mother allows her. Nethra loves the jewellery. Few ladies talk about the amount of wealth showered on the would-be DIL on her Roka. She will get much costlier jewels on her wedding. Sitara gets curious to catch a glimpse of the necklace which has got everyone’s attention. The drop is very near Sitara. She is about to trip. Viraj notices it and rushes to save her but they both end up falling down with the flower petals falling on them. Everyone turns to look at them.

Vrinda says the moment this drop touches our well wisher, we will be free. I will make sure they get in touch today itself!

Precap: Sitara dances at the engagement ceremony. Viraj dances with her. Sitara steps on the drop while dancing. Albeli tells the good news to Vrinda. Sitara opens the door under the influence of the poison. Vrinda stops to look at her as the door opens.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting show….

    But one question that Sitara is vrinda and raj mahal’s son daughter don’t know whose and viraj is Son of raja and rani, so technically they are cousins, so why they are shown as lead pair?????

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Abc I am 80% sure that Sitara is related to Rajmahal and Viraj is not…either both are related to rajmahal or sitara is related, as most of time Kuldeep has said, truth will ruin many lives…. Rest upto writers what they show….

    2. Sitara is the daughter of kuldeep the minister who has returned to the palace after 20 yrs

  2. No sithara is rajmahal senapathy daughter. Kuldeep and vrinda daughter. She is not related to royal family. Viraj and sithara are not cousins at all.


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