A Story left Incomplete : Shivika Story { 2 }

|| Chapter 2 ~ I’m No one to him ||

Putting Shanaya to bed was one of the greatest task to Annika , as the little devil can’t keep her mouth shut just like her mother , she has uncountable list of silly questions when its time for her to slip in slumber. Shanaya is a kid full of live and energy , but anger runs down her veins. she’s just two but from now itself she’s protective towards her belongings , she has this habit of keeping feelings into herself only after all SSO’s blood runs down her veins.

As Annika tiptoed out of Shanaya’s room , she headed towards kitchen to brew some espresso for herself. Since her pregnancy , Annika needs espresso every morning. a business newspaper , an espresso with a share market channel airing on television , no , don’t get mistaken we didn’t jump to SSO we are talking about Annika , still. Annika was all set to relax , when the she heard a knock. confused , she paced towards the door and as she unlocked the door and got the sight of her visitors , sock was an understatement.

Annika stood still , seeing them. she blinked and rubbed her eyes for assurance and she got it as she was engulfed in a choking hug next moment.
“Om , Rudra ? you both here ? ” Annika voiced out her shock.
since the day , Annika had lost all her contacts with Oberois , Dadi as an exception. Gauri and Bhavya her sisters , who were solely everything blamed Oberois for Annika’s miserable conditions . hence, she had to break all contacts with Oberois.
“hey Bhabhi !” Rudra chirped in his old missing tone , without breaking the hug and continued “aren’t you happy to see us here ?”
“but how ? I mean wow ! i’m really happy to see you guys here ” Annika squawked in happiness , whatever it was OmRu were always beside her in every thick and thin , even if her husband opposed. they weren’t just mere brother-in-laws for namesake but they were brothers by deeds.

“Bhabhi , I won’t hide anything from you ” Om started but was soon cut off before he could even come to the main point by Annika ” oh you , OSO , are you going to narrate everything at my doorstep ? come on in ” Annika invited with delight.

entering their small yet cozy Aashiyana brought some different vibes to the brothers. the coziness was there but with its own quirk.
“come on , now narrate your Ramkatha ” Annika said as she settled opposite to Om and Rudra in her living room.
“actually Bhabhi, we are finding you since the day you went . we know you asked us not to but the incidents followed with the flow made us do that. I know you might be thinking , how did we get to know about whereabouts out of nowhere today. actually, Khanna was nearby this place when I guess yo were shifting here so he brought your address to us. i’m sorry if you felt dejected with this but we really need you… ” the atmosphere grew serious as Om continued narrating everything.
“Bhabhi , nothing is right back in Oberoi Mansion. Bhaiya…”as Rudra cried , he wasn’t allowed to complete when the living room was filled with slow applauds . when everyone turned to see , there appeared Bhavya with nauseated look embarked on her face , “wah! I never knew people could be this shameless too di , instead of apologizing or helping , he’s narrating his own sadistic ” Shock was clearly written on Om and Rudra’s face on seeing Bhavya standing on the entrance of the house , who appeared to forget her file and had come to collect it when she heard Rudra speaking. before Bhavya could continue to taunt them anymore , Rudra began ” How dare you come near to my Bhabhi ? you are a betrayer ! Bhabhi , you don’t know how filthy this girl is , she lied to all of us..”
“Enough Rudy , not a word more against Bhavi , she’s my sister !” Annika calmly spoke as she wasn’t interested in creating any ruckus , she desperately wanted Rudra to complete his incomplete sentence , after all he was talking of Shivaay. She had to ignore all the questioning looks those came from Om and Rudra’s eyes. and she continued “i’ll narrate all that later but I want you to tell me what you left incomplete “

“but di , that’s not fair..” Bhavya pleaded Annika , as she knew when it came to Shivaay Annika would care of no one. Annika gestured Bhavya to stop and go to check on Shanaya. as Bhjavya left the scene , Rudra sighed and continued , “Bhabhi , Bhaiya is not well. he’s become inhuman. he eats , sleeps works and repeats the same. he has even left his anger. he’s no more anyone , not Stone SIngh Oberoi , no Sadu-ness , neither your Baghad billa or dadi’s Billu not even Sweet Singh Oberoi. he’s Shivaay Singh Oberoi just for namesake. he drinks alcohol day and night , that stupid Ragini flirts with him continuously but he pays no heed to anyone. ” as Rudra completed , Om started “Bhabhi we need you back , you were the life , light of Oberoi Mansion with out you its just a piece of land “

as they completed , a lone tear escaped Annika’s eyes as guilt and pain hovered her heart. gathering all her valor she spoke “but how can I step back in that house , I am no one to him “

“Bhabhi you are his everything , its just that he can’t realize the fact !” Om spoke some sense to Annika.
“whatever it is Om Bhaiya , I won’t allow Di to go back there in this state ” Bhavya spoke and was instantly smacked by Annika for uttering those last words of hers.
“what do you mean by this state ?” Rudra arched his brow , cynically.
“nothing Rudra , actually I am suffering from cold and slight fever that’s why she’s worrying for silly things ” Annika stuttered as she couldn’t  afford to reveal about her disease  to them. wiping her unstoppable tears Annika spoke again , ” I’ll come with you to Oberoi mansion , to teach Pinky Aunty and Ragini their lessons and get my Baghad billa back !”

Recap : Annika in Oberoi Mansion with lots of tashan and tadi.

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  1. Aashi9

    It’s amazing chapter Panika but I really want a peek in the past. And how come Anika and Shivaay have a daughter?

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