|The Winsome Tootle| { An Exclusive Set of Shivika drabbles }

|The Winsome Tootle|


~Tootle refers to a journey ~

you might have read many stories on journeys , isn’t it ?
here I am presenting you a very beautiful tootle of our most beloved couple’s baby.

this baby has a special power granted by God you know ! he/she can see , hear and understand everything happening in world around her/his mother from it’s mother’s womb. so this baby will narrate you all the happenings in indeed a very endearing way !

are you excited to read the blogs ?
frolic in !!

~Guess Game.

ahem ahem , so hello. I guess that’s how we greet right ? don’t feel offended coz am very small na.
ohho wondering who am I ? where am I ?
well , aunties and didis and bhaiyas, if any there. we are soon going to have a very winsome tootle.
so buckle up !
kripya apni kursi ki peti bandh le. I am coming to meet you all very soon in a very khidkitod way.
and if any haters there then please note down ,
my tootle is my tootle , none of your tootle XP !
get your seats by commenting about if you are looking forward , coz am coming to meet y’all soon.
~Anonymous .

Hey there ,
is everyone all ears ?
here we come , join us on a special tootle !
very loved on Wattpad , expecting the same here too.
tootle refers to a journey.

  1. ItsmePrabha

    excited…My tootle is my tootle …hahahaha….awesome dialogue..looking forward to it..

    1. Paanika_writes

      glad you enjoyed !
      i’m sure you’re gonna love the tootles too 😀

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely ? ? ? update soon

    1. Paanika_writes

      thanks & i’m pretty sure you guys will enjoy the tootles

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