True soulmates who made for each other (chapter-1)

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In Bangladesh…zara’s house

zara:mom,i am going to khusi’s  house.i will be back soon.
knock…..knock…….khusi opened the door
khusi:Oh,you…come inside.How is aunty,sayan?
zara:she is fine.sayan also fine. All-time masti.what are u doing?
khusi: Nothing just watching tv.
zara:I am very nervous,yaar.tomorrow is a big day for us.tomorrow our result will be out.If we get this scholarship then we can take admission in a good medical clg in india.
khusi:are u sure we will get this scholarship?
zara:no…….but hope toh kar sakta hai.

Next day…..their result out .luckily they get scholarship.They took admission at a renowned clg in dehradun,india.After some days they headed to’s father came with them.khusi’s parents  didn’t come with them because they don’t have passport.

In india….
zara, zara’s father and khusi waiting for a bus near a bus stand.Zara and khusi talking with eachother.They are talking about how their life changed ,their first flight…

zara:Khus..i still can’t believe that we are in india.we are going to study here,live here.
suddenly a strange man wearing orange color dress said to zara”tumhare kismat tumhe yaha par lakar aae hai,uske lia.tum apne kismat se milna wali ho”
zara and khusi became shocked by hearing sUdden sound and turned back.They saw a stange man sitting near a and khusi came near to the man.
zara:aap mujhe bol rahe hai.
stranger:haa..beta, mein tumhe he bol raha hu.
zara:aap mujhe jante he kya?
starnger:nehi,mein tumhe janta nahi hu par tumhare baremey sab bol sakta hu.tumhare past,present,future.mein ak jotis(astrologer)hu.
zara:aap mere baremey sab bol sakta hai.toh phir bataiya mere future ka baremey.
astrologer:yaha par aka batho aur apna haat dikhao.

zara was about to sit but khusi tried to stop her.
khusi:zara are u mad?uncle is talking on phone.if he saw us with him he will become angry.They are fraud . Don’t believe them.
zara:i know most of them are fraud.but he can be real.lets see what he want to say about my future.i never did any kind of things .so i am excited and curious.Abbu is talking over phone.he don’t notice us.tumhe apne baremey janna nahi hai kya?
khusi:janna toh hai parr….
zara sat in front of astrologer and forced khusi to sit.khusi also showed her hand to astrologer.astrologer started to see her hand palm attentively and started to talk.
astrologer:Your future is bright.U will get what u want.tum apne maa baap ke naam rawsan karogi.Bade bade kaam karogi.
zara:That time u say something about kismat..
astrologer:haa..tumhe yaha tumhare asli manjil milagi.tumhe yaha par tumhare kismat lakar aae hai,uske lia oo joh tumhare kismat banega aur tum uski.tumhare lia har muskilo se ladega.tumhare raksa kadega.
zara:aap kisi ladka ke baat kar rahehai?
Astrologer:tumhe baad mein samaj aa jayega…….usse dur maat jana.kabhi usa akala maat chorna.tum dono ki kismat jura hua hai.
zara smiled in mind.
astrologer:par tum donoko bohat musibat  o se ladna parega.ek hone ka liya.

khusi:aap kabsa sirf uske baremey baat kar rahehai.mere baremey kuss bataiya.
zara:Tumhe toh biswas nahi kya hua.
astrologer:show your hand..
astrologer saw her hand and start predicted her future.
astrologer:your future also bright.always try to stay with your frd.never leave her alone.she will need your help.uske bajesay tum apni jindagi mein bohat aga jawogi.uske bajesa tumhe tumhare manjil ashani se milagi.
zara:suna na uncle ne kya kaha.mein tumhari life set karne wali always stay with me .mujhe musibat mein sorke bhaag maat jana.(zara said teasingly)
khusi:haa…haaa…mere jindagi badme set karna pahele apni problem solve kar lena..
before they asked anything to astrologer zara’s father came and said”what are u both doing here?bus is coming . Let’s go”
zara stand up ,came near her father and said”abbu he said that my future is very bright.i will get what i want.i will make u proud.”
zara’s father smiled a little,hugged her and said”i know ,dear u will make us proud .u already did this.But don’t trust their words.they are fraud.lets go.”

zara’s father came near astrologer and said”how much should i pay u”
astrologer:u don’t trust u don’t need to pay me.the day u believe me ,that day u come and paid me.”
They started to walk towards bus.when zara was about to get into the bus astrologer called her from behind and said”insaan pahechan ne mein galti maat karna.kabhi kabhi jaisa dikta hai waisa hota nahi.samal kar rahena.meri baat yaad rakhna,aga kaam ayega.”
zara heared and get into the bus and sat with khusi.

khusi:what u think,is he told the truth or fooled us?”
zara: Don’t know.But he said everything with confident…forget him and enjoy the outside scene.
khusi:u are right.
zara thinking something in mind.
zara(in mind):Is he telling the truth?is someone here for me who will love me that way……zara stop thinking all these.u are thinking too much.just enjoy the beauty of nature.
chapter end on zara’s smiling face.

Author:I hope guys u  all are liked my first chapter.Because of typing mistake my story intro became mess.I am sry for that…..From now i will try not to make any mistake………..if u liked my story then pls like it and put your comments. 

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  1. Sweet episode loved it keep wrting dear

    1. Eshika

      Thx………i will post my next chapter on next week.

  2. Super…… keep writing

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