A Secret of Sanchi (New Mode) Episode 3


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Recap : all were in cafe area boys gang get to know that kanchi were in a relationship trio get shocked and shouted what… All looked them.     
Kabir : what happen why are you shouting.                                             
Vikram : wife…                                     
Kabir : who’s wife

Vikram about to say something Dev and arav make him sit and said nothing to him

Maya : in a silent tone what you guys doing this much shock.                 
Vikram: you don’t understand that (said making fake crying puppy face) 
Sitara : awww so cute itna shock hone wali kya baath hai.                         
Vikram : 1 St one sanchi in a relationship 2 ND she was married 3 that to Dr Kabir the kadoos how hey bagwan ( in a dramatic method)     
Arav : abay drame baas chup kar ha girls tum mese koi Bhi ye sun kar heran nahi hui kya…                                       
Maya :  looked down silently.         
Sitara : OK guys leave this topic pls will eat something ( she changed the topic)

After some time while there nkjoke a nurse came running

Nurse : Dr. Kabir pls come its an emergency.                                                 
Dr. Kabir: what happen.                   
Nurse : Dr Kabir Mr. Karnal gets serious.                                                   
Kabir : OMG OK sanchi come with me (all went from there )                 
Maya : hmm guys Mr. Karnal ye naam kuch suna.                                               
Rupa : hmm ( then trio thinked and gets shocked and looked each other OMG) all looked them.                           
Dev : now girls what are you doing   
Rupa : he was my patient

Trio boys get shocked all ran there out of the room they saw kanchi  veer and the nurse were there now the situation was under control trio came out

Vikram : sir what happen.                     
Dr. Kabir : he was not taken his medicine I think Dr. Veer who’ s patient he was ( in a anger tone)     
Rupa : me sir… ( in a low voice)   
Kabir: Dr. Sanchi Dr. Veer and you come to my cabin now ( saying this he went)                                                     
Sanchi : don’t worry sitara come.

( the gang was waiting outside the room of kanchi inside veer kanchi and sitara)

Kabir : OK now tell me Dr. Sitara what happen to your patient and why did you not gvn the medicine.             
 Sitara: ohh sir…                                 
Kabir: do you know the condition of him and how much he needs medicine ( shouted sanchi looked him and he get calmed and asked) tell me.             
Sitara : Sir he was not cooperating with me and he was just shouting with at last I forced him he said he will eat the and sent me out.                           
Kabir : then.                                         
Sitara : I thought after lunch once again I will go and check because he told me that he will not eat until I go out so so I left sir sorry

Kabir : Dr. Sitara we are doctors we don’t expect that all the patient’s were always good and cooperate ok at that time you need any help you can ask any help to any of us for that only we are here OK ( she nodded)  this is your first and last warning  you may go now Dr. Sanchi will assist you Dr. Sanchi take care of him

Sanchi. : yes Dr. Kabir hmm Dr. Sitara 5 mins you may go now

Sitara came out

Maya : are you OK (she nodded)       
Dev: what he said.                             
Sitara : dr sanchi will assist me Dr. Kabir gvn first warning to me

All went scean shifted to ward of karnal (karnal get conscious ) kanchi were came there

Dr. Sanchi : Uncle Ji are you OK now  Karnal : yes…

Kabir : sir are OK now please try to get up slowly ( he mad him to sit)

Sanchi : uncle ji ye kya kiya aapne medicine kyu nyi li aap

Karnal : tum kaha chaligayi beti

Sanchi : sorry uncle ji muje patha nahi   ki aap yahahe patha hota meh zarur aake milthi aapse

Karnal : tumara pathi kesahey

Kabir : sir I am here

Karnal : meh tumse nahi pucha ( in a rude tone)  Kabir get smiled

Sanchi : kyu uncle

Karnal :  yeh har wakt chillathe rehtahe har loge hise hmm kya bolthehe…  Haha ha kadoos kehathehe uss ladki bhi

Sitara : get shock ( gaye tu toh Gaye in a mind voice and looked kanchi)

Kabir : smiled hmm woh sub chodiye aapne medicine kyu nahi li

Karnal : woh wala bahut kaduva tha hmm meh nyi beta kaungi bass….. Mad puppy face

Sanchi : OK pehle kaana kayiye woh bath meh deklenge ( she made him speak she slowly feed him Kabir also joined them hazi mazake meh karnal finished his food and also while speaking she gave him a medicines and he ate also sitara watching all this with suprised look she was admiring how kanchi mad him eat)

Sanchi : OK uncle pls take rest we will come after some time OK if you want anything Dr. Sitara will here she will take care of it

Karnal : ye… nahi Betta yeh muje woh kadva dhavaai detihai

Sanchi : hmm I will tell her she will not give OK she smiled.. And trio went out

Kabir : Dr. Sitara take care of him and monitor him end of the day I want his report is that clear

Sitara: yes sir she nodded ( then kanchi went from there

After 4pm in cafe area sitara thinking and about the scean Maya and rupa came there

Maya : sitara kuch order ki tumne (no answer)

Rupa : abay ohh kya huva ( no answer)

Maya and rupa now sheked her she get conscious

Sitara : what you want guys what happen

Maya : ye toh hame tumse puchna chaiye kya hua kya hai

Sitara : meh Dr. Sanchi ki baryeme soch rahi hu

Rupa: kyu are ahh woh tume assist karni walithi haina kya huva

Maya : tumara patient unhone kesa react ki (sitara told all the incident how she talked and kabir also behaved all that)

Sitara : such meh yaar aaj muje patha chali ki why Dr. Kabir and sanchi was special in sdch you know the patient spoke rudely with Dr Kabir but he smiled and Dr. Sanchi she was very light hearted girl yaar kitna achhe tarikese feed him food and medicine also which is I’m triying from the morning she did very smoothly

Maya : hmm kamal hai yaar and also she was experienced

Sitara : ha uss patient ko abhi bhi lagte hai ki Dr. Sanchi ne medicine hi na dhi Ho but he ate

Rupa : hmm abhi muje patha chala why Dr. Kabir itnaa pyaar karthehe Dr. Sanchi se

At the time kanchi came there and trio admiring them…

Screen freezed……

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