Shakti 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat stops Heer from going to Police station

Shakti 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer crying and asking Rohan to let her go to Police station once and tells that Nutan was her friend. Rohan promises her that he will get Nutan’s murderers punished and asks her to concentrate on her studies. Heer cries and recalls Nutan’s dead. She thinks she can’t wait to get Nutan’s criminal arrested. Chameli comes to Saya and tells that Virat has taken Police to Kareena’s house to get her arrested. Saya says Virat is angry and wants to get Nutan’s murderer punished, says if Kareena gets arrested then she will tell everyone that Heer is a kinnar. She says we have to stop her arrest. Heer is coming to the Police station. Soham comes to Kareena’s house and gives her money. Kareena smiles. Saya and Chameli see Soham there. Chameli says if he has done this. Soham sees them in the mirror and starts acting, asking Kareena to keep more money, but leave my Heer alone. Kareena says these tricks…sees Saya and Chameli behind Soham and thinks this guy is very clever. Soham tells that Heer is very innocent, what is your enmity with her, you are Soumya Maa’s enemy. Kareena says when you have brought the money, then I will think about it. Soham turns and looks at Saya and Chameli. He says I…Saya asks her to go. Kareena says old enmity becomes the reason to shower the money on herself. Saya says see…Deepika comes there and tells that Police is coming there with Virat. Kareena asks her not to worry and tells that Saya will not let anything happen to her. Saya asks Chameli to take Kareena from here and tells that she will talk to Police. Kareena says you used to love even Soumya like this, like you are loving Heer.

Virat thanks the Inspector and says lets go and search that kinnar’s house. Inspector says what does you mean? Virat sees Saya and asks where is that kinnar’s house, who had shot Nutan. Saya says I know that you want to get justice for Nutan and asks him to think that for what she has given her life, you will ruin that with your hand. Virat asks what do you want to say? Saya says Kareena wants to kidnap Heer not because of Soumya, but because she knows that Heer is a kinnar. She says if Kareena is arrested then she will reveal to everyone that Heer is a kinnar. Virat asks if we shall leave Nutan’s murderer free. Saya says even we are sad about Nutan’s loss and tells that they will punish Kareena once Heer gets job. Virat goes to Inspector and tells that he is taking the case back, as Kinnars will sort out their case. Inspector says he is strange, if he was not DSP’s son then I would have arrest him. Virat leaves.

Heer is going to Police station. Virat holds her hand and asks where is she going? Heer tells that she is going to get the complaint filed for her Nutan’s death. He asks her to go home. She says you are cheap to leave Nutan’s murderer who had saved you. She asks him to leave her hand. Virat tells that he will not leave her hand. She asks what is your problem? Virat pulls her closer and looks at her. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..He moves her hair back from her face. She asks him to leave her hand and bites on his hand.

Virat lifts her and takes her to Harak Singh’s house. Heer asks him to keep her down. Everyone gets shocked. Virat asks Harak Singh and Preeto to make her understand and tells that Police don’t care about Kinnar’s life and death. Heer says even you don’t about Nutan’s death and tells that she lost her life to save you. Virat says I know, Police don’t get affected by this and that’s why I didn’t go there to get myself insulted. Heer asks if he will not try to get the murderer arrested and asks if you care for yourself. She says Nutan’s soul must be thinking why she has saved such a cheap man like you. Rohan asks Heer, why did she go out, when he asked her to stay in room. Virat tells that Heer doesn’t care for anybody and asks them to get her window sealed, else she will go through the window, fooling everyone. Soham pretends and scolds Heer for going out of window and meeting Virat. Virat shouts Soham. He comes infront of Heer and asks Soham to talk with Heer with manners. Shakti song plays…..Preeto reminisces Harman coming infront of Soumya to support her. Soham asks who are you, she is my sister? Virat says that’s what I am saying, even she has her self respect. Soham says I am telling you last time. Preeto shouts and says stop it, it is enough of drama and asks Veeran to get all the windows locked. She says Heer had promised to fulfill to complete her studies. Saya comes there and tells that she had gone to Kareena’s house early morning and tells that Kareena has eloped somewhere. Everyone looks shocked. Soham looks at Shanno.

Later Saya tells Preeto that Kareena can’t go out without her consent and asks her not to worry. Preeto says she is worried because of Virat, who used to hate Heer and tells that today he has brought Heer home lifted in his arms. She tells that she has seen concern for Heer in his eyes, I am scared, he fought with Soham for her protection. She says when Harman came to know about Soumya’s truth, he reacted this way. She says my heart is shaken up a lot.

Virat is walking on the road and recalls Nutan saving him and dying, telling that Heer lover him a lot. He comes to the tea stall and asks the seller to give him tea. He recalls Heer biting on his hand and ties handkerchief on his hand. He thinks Heer is a kinnar, then why do he think about her and gets such feelings, thinks what is happening to him. He recalls Nutan’s death, Saya telling him that if Kareena gets arrested then she will reveal the truth to everyone. Preeto calls Virat and asks him to meet her behind the temple. Virat ends the call.

Precap: Jharna gives gift to Virat. Virat thinks he might get solution in Soumya’s diary and comes to Heer’s room. Heer asks what are you doing here. He keeps hand on her mouth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I don’t like this same story, Kinnar love and marriage. Please love and marriage is only not the life. If they had succeeded and achieved something andgive proud to her community.

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