A Complicated Fairy Tale (Manan Sandhir FF) Intro 2

Introduction to a new world(part2)

Sorry for the late update Fam.If I’ll start to speak ill just go on and on and on so let’s put a break to this and continue with the rest of the intro..

Manik Malhothra: Any damn b*t*h could fall for this handsome hunk.The sole heir of malhothra empire. A sweet heart by nature to his closed once. A
Arrogant moron to his enemies.Lakhon Mai ek types.He loves music to the core lead singer and guitarist of Fab 5.He loves fab5 to the core he’ll always keep them as his priority. He goes to” FITE with space college”.Has some untold past with cousin Randhir Singh shekhawat.

Randhir Singh shekhawat:Hot and happening. In short Greek god himself.He is a combo of sweet and spicy.The sole heir of sanyal group of industries.A bit self centered but loves his best friend Parth kashyap alot. He is rank number 1 in engineering. He goes to ” FITE with space college“.He can do anything for his loved once,can bloddy kill anyone too.Has some untold past with cousin Manik Malhothra.

(Enough for today rest of characters in part three four five and six waiting……
Have a great day people😀😀😀)

  1. Shesha485

    Well done… When will you start the ff?

    1. Neehaa

      After two more intro chaptersmSorry for the delay buddy.But I am happy that you liked it

  2. Neehaa

    After two more intro chapters.sorry buddy for the delay .But I am happy you are liking my ff

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