A Secret of Sanchi (New Mode) Episode 2

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A small recap

The tree interns where searching for kanchi at last they find them with isha near lab Kabir scolding sanchi the trio in shock to screen freeze.
Kabir : Dr. Sanchi this is your senior Dr’s order do it now he shouted.

There was pin drop silent
Sitara : OMG…. All heads turned to her side.
Kabir in a peak already.
Kabir : what you guys doing here go back to your classes he shouted The trio run from there
Rupa: paagal…
Sitara : sorry yaar woh itna I was shocked to him like that.
Maya : that too with sanchi his wife.
Rupa: thank god you didn’t liked him great escape.
Sutara :  ah Maya great escape how kadoos he was.
Maya : but the question wahi ki wahi hena why Dr. Sanchi married him. 
Rupa and sitara : hmm right.
Maya : but we also saw him that he always cares for sanchi but why he shouted?

Trio stopped thinking that the trio boys gang came remember the boys gang still not know that kanchi were In a relationship they only know sanchi was Dr. Kabir’s assistant

Arav: hey hi girls.
Girls didn’t reply boys now shouted hi.  Girls now came to the sense.
Maya: what happen.
Arav : we have ask that to you girls what happen sub teak hai.
Sitara : ahh ah sub teak.
Vikram: girls can we be a friends three weeks gone still we don’t know your name also.
Dev: ah yaar what’s your name.
Sitara : I am sitara she is Maya and she was rupa.
Dev : I’m Dev he was vikram and he is arav we all are friends from childhood.
Rupa : ohh nice we also friends from the childhood.
Vikram: OK guys we will join you in class bye… Trio went girls went for the classes

In cafe area the boys saw sanchi isha sitting in a table

Vikram : hey that was Dr. Sanchi right.
Arav : ahh ah all’s favorite.
Dev. : and mainly Dr. Kadoos assistant they also ordered something and ate some breakfast at the time veer and pragya came there.
Arav: whatever yaar the Dr’s of sdch also super pretty they must be in our batch we missed a good chance. 
Vikram and dev : hmm.
Dev : by the way we are getting late so pls come all went for the classes

Scene shifted to class room all are waiting for kadoos but all shocked to see sanchi isha and pragveer yes

The four entered in the class all wished them they also wished and smiled sanchi in a happy mood the trio girls wounded how she was in good mood

Sitara : yaar she was in a good mood how.
Veer : OK boys and Girls Dr. Kabir will join soon first of all we congrats you guys for the placement in sdch and welcome they clapped.
Sanchi : at the time of your first day we all are went for a meet soo we don’t know much about you so we will introduce first me. .. About to say something.
Vikram: Dr sanchi sdch topper and Dr kabir’s assistant Dr veer the second topper that was Dr pragya and Dr isha all you are good friends … Said in a one breath all looked him the four doctors also smiled

Veer about to say something a voice interpted ” not bad ” All looked at the door yes that was Kabir vikram stunned

Dr. Kabir : not bad vikram you have a great memory power hmm but how do you know.
Vikram: sir that…
Veer : Dr. Kabir we just introduced ourselves can we go now…
Kabir : no Dr. Veer I have some work Dr. Sanchi will come with me Dr. Veer take care of the class this is the file distribute the departments to them Dr. Isha and Dr. Pragya you can go for your work ok

All nodded and went

Veer : OK hmm vikram come here we will continue Vikram went near to him.
Veer : how you know about us don’t scare just tell me.
Vikram: with my curiosity I Searches the photos sir so..
Veer  : hmm good but you have to concentrate on your work also right.
Vikram : yes I do.
Veer : OK go ( he tapped his shoulder and distributed the departments ) OK guys all the very best you can ask any doubts with us in any time with any doctor’s in sdch all will help you and I will be there in children’s word more the Time get back to your works bye…

All left at the lunch time all interns were in the cafe area

Sitara: how was the day girls.
Maya  and rupa good only why.
Sitara : I was attend one new patient he was old but All the time he was scolding me because of the lunch time I was escaped.
Maya : but why did you find any reason.
Sitara : no….
Rupa : did you Done any mistakes.
Sitara : no yaar I was so polite with him comparing with others but why I don’t know in this I have give the report of him to the kadoos in the evening that’s why I am thinking what to do…        Maya : oh k after lunch we will also come let see at that time boys gang also joined them.
Vikram : hi girls all said hi to them 
Maya : great escape today no.
Vikram : ah I also think that.
Arav : you have to thank Dr. Veer that he changed the topic varna tumari care nahi at the time the doctors team entered with kabir all looked them

Full of the lunch time the doctors gang chitchat with together and interns wondering about seeing Dr. Kabir’s smiling face

Dev  : what a man yaar I still not able to judge him how cool he was and how kadoos he was

Arav : ahh yaar like anniyan at the time Kabir get cough while eating

Sanchi: jaanu be careful she fastly gave water to him

Vikram : jaanu guys did you heard jaanu she calls him like Jaanu kuch toh hai indonoki beach meh

Arav : ahh yaar I also agree.             

Dev: but what.                                       

Maya :  why are boys in a shock she was his. Wife… All boys gets a shock and shouted what

All looked at the screen freeze……

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