Mere Sai 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kashinath Reunites With His Family

Mere Sai 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone gather for Shiv pooja. Kashinath and Mureshwar bring their handmade Shiv idols covered. Mureshwar shows his idol. Everyone likes it. Ballal as usual yells at Kashinath followed by Mureshwar. Kashinath unveils his idol. Everyone are amazed seeing his skills. Mhalsapati says amazing, he never saw such a beautiful idol in his life. Mureshwar says its okay, everyone don’t have equal skills, some are expert in some skills. Sai says he should have understood it in his brother’s case, it is not the problem with the person but the one who upbrings him/her. Ballal asks if he is pointing that he is responsible for Kashinath’s condition. Sai says every human has different qualities and each human is special in their own way, he saw Kashi’s goodness and badness, but he always insulted and blamed him for his badness, on the other side he always saw Mureshwar’s goodness and made him hate Kashi; he always called Mureshwar as sun and Kashi as dark night, but he forgot that both day and night are needed for a balanced life. Ballal realizes his mistake and says Sai is right, he is responsible for Kashinath’s dilapidated condition and tells Mureshwar that he made him hate his brother, he is unfit to be called Kashi and Mureshwar’s father. Sai says he is again blaming himself now, blaming is not the solution; he should learn from Kashi, just like Kashi left his alcoholism for his son, even he should learn to stop blaming. Ballal hugs Kashi emotionally. Mureshwar also apologizes and hugs Kashi. Mureshwar says he wants Kashi to perform this pooja, Ballal says even he thinks same. Sai smiles seeing family reuniting and asks Kashi to complete his task.

In Dwarkamayi, Baizamaa draws rangoli while Tatya gets busy in some other task. Sai gives moral gyaan that a blind person is going against nature forgetting that nature has given them herbs which cures their ailments, even the rangoli Baizmaa is drawing is derived from nature. He asks Baizamaa reason for her happiness. Baizamaa says Sai 20 years ago on the same day, they got their house. Sai says until colors unite in rangoli, they look good; similarly if family members are united and be in their limits, they will be in peace and happiness, but if they cross their limits, their happiness is lost. Baizamaa asks if he is pointing towards trouble. Sai says if her house is rangoli, she is the border which controls it, so she need not worry. Baizamaa says she knows Sai doesn’t say anything without any reason, he shouldn’t hide anything from her. Sai says a family is lucky in which each family member stays together like Baizmaa’s family, but some in families, family members fight with each other and destroy their family.

Godavari in sleep dreams about her mother running in dark and hitting herself, wakes up shouting amma. Her husband Joshi rushes to her and asks what happened to her. She says she saw a very bad dream. On the other side, Sai tells Baizamaa that he will go and give oodhi to Gangadhar’s wife. Tatya says he visits their house everyday, so today I will go and give oodhi. Sai says he promised Gangadhar that he will give them oodhi until his wife gets well.

At Godavari’s house, her younger son exercises and asks his wife Anandi what she will prepare in food today. Anandi says she is busy and has only 2 hands, then agrees to prepare his favorite food tonight. Godavari’s elder bahu walks in and asks her devar not to trouble Anandi much, she will prepare him food as she used to before his marriage. Family gets along well and chats. He asks if Aayi/Godavari woke up. Elder bahu says maa looks more tensed today.

Precap: Elder bahu asks Godavari why she wants to burn ghee lamp today. Godavari says Sai says one should service god whenever they like. Anandi walks towards temple holding ghee lamp. Sai walking on road notices roof tile loose and about to fall down and asks it to stop for sometime. Someone greets Sai, diverting his attention. Roof tile falls on Anandi’s hand.

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