Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update : Tiwari normal again

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori asks Vibhu where is Tiwari, Vibhu says he is sleeping, Angoori says go wake him up, Vibhu says let him sleep don’t trouble him, Angoori says I will go, I want to sleep with him, Vibhu says you can sleep at your place, David says I’m sleepy good night, Vibhu says to Angoori one minute, he is sleeping stay away from him atleast 6 feet’s, Angoori goes upstairs.

David sleeping inside blanket as Tiwari, Angoori tries to be romantic with him thinking its Tiwari, David snores purposely, Angoori says I know you are acting, Angoori says cmon look at me, and look it’s such romantic weather outside, Vibhu waiting outside and listening to them, Angoori sings for Tiwari. Vibhu gets call from Kidnappers, Vibhu tells about his bag being looted, Malkan says we know you are a cheater, just get us money by 12 tomorrow, or else we will cut Tiwari into pieces.

Vibhu wakes up next day and rushes to bedroom and sees a David sleeping and Angoori seated and asleep, Vibhu trying to wake David, Angoori wakes up, Vibhu asks did you sleep well, Angoori says yes and I dreamt of you sleeping in gutter and dog liking you. Vibhu says come let’s have tea, Angoori says I will have it home and take Tiwari home, Vibhu says I will get him, Angoori says I can’t live without him and forces David thinking it Tiwari, David covers himself with blanket and runs away.

Tiwari eating chips at Teeka and Malkans, Tiwari asks for more, Teeka says you are kidnapped not a guest here, Tiwrai says I want to go and starts running, iron falls on his head, and checks around and says what am I doing here and why am I wearing this.

Angoori following David thinking it’s Tiwari, Vibhu says he doesn’t want to show you face, Tiwari walks in from behind, Angoori says if Tiwari is here who is under blanket, Vibhu says I don’t, David says how dare you, I did this to save you, Vibhu says I’m sorry and tells whole story, Tiwari says I was at Teekas house, Angoori says I’m so happy you are fine, so happy to have you back.

Angoori singing song, Vibhu walks to her, Angoori says I was calling Tiwari, Vibhu asks how are you, Angoori says very fine, Vibhu asks what are you cooking, Angoori says Biriyani and special is Biyani and garam masala by Rajesh.

Pre cap : Vibhu says to Angoori let’s shoot your cooking videos. Saxena says I have recorded many videos for my friends channel we will post her videos there.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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