a rikara two shot — shot 1

entirely based on my own imagination, i was going to go crazy if i didn’t write this OS down:
new characters:
daksh, age: 25

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rikara’s daughter, lalika, age: 4 months:

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samika, age: 15:

samika is a guest in the oberoi mansion as she is ‘tej friend’s’ adopted daughter also due to a school work on large houses. shivika have 9 months twins, ayush and ayaan. rumya have a 8 month daughter called sachi. om is 21, gauri is 20, daksh is a villain here so anyone who wants to kill him, be my guest. starts from when he kidnaps gauri.

a large,, abandoned building:
om was going for come for gauri who was tied up, arms bleeding. she looked weak thanks to daksh. daksh untied her just then and held her ever so tightly that she felt that her blood was stopping to flow. he bought her to a large open window. daksh knew that it was time to kill gauri. om arrived with the money and saw daksh with gauri.

he pushes gauri from the window and gauri falls screaming: OMKARAJI!
om rushes as fast as he can to gauri but unfortunately gauri makes it to the ground, in a pool of blood. om lift her up though getting blood on his shirt. he sees an ambulance and begs him to let take gauri to hospital.

in the back of the ambulance:
gauri was given an oxygen mask due to her losing her breathing.
om holds one of gauri’s bleeding hand and says whilst crying: gauri! gauri, you can’t leave me now. you can’t, wake up please. i will die if you leave me. gauri! gauri!!

gauri is rushed to ICU and om waits temsed, crying and mad at daksh. he calls shivay.
shivay: om, did you get gauri?
om: shivay…..
noticing om crying, shivay worries.
shivay: om! what happend?
om: daksh………..that daksh threw gauri off the window from a very high height. and gauri…….ICU!
shivay: which hospital?!
om: Bhatia Hospital.
shivay: ok, i am bringing everyone ok.
om: one minute, please don’t bring lalika.

shivay: but why om why?!
om: she is only a baby if she sees her mother in this state, i don’t know what will happen. i can’t let lalika see gauri in this state.
shivay: i will leave lalika with dadi then.
om: ok, come quick.
shivay: ok.
om hangs up. the doctor comes out.
om: doctor, please tell me how is my gauri? tell me!
doctor: unfortunately she has lost a lot of blood. we need a blood transfer.
om: doctor, her blood group?
doctor: o negative.
the word ‘o negative’ echoed in om’s head as he collapsed to the floor shocked.
doctor: you have two hours else it’s bye bye.

she goes back into the ICU.
shivay and family comes with lalika and dadi at home.
shivay: what did the doctor say?
om: that she needs blood transfer.
shivay: blood group?
om: o negative
samika: om bhaiya, i am o negative.
om: what?
shivay: what?!
samika: yes.
the doctor comes out to ask om if he got a donor for blood.
om: yes, this is samika. my dad’s friend’s daughter.
doctor: brilliant. samika, come with me.
she takes samika for the blood transfer.
anika: how………how can samika have o negative blood? unless you’re a sister or something related, o negative is the rarest blood group.
om: this is what i wonder too. what connection does samika have with gauri?
after an hour:
the doctor comes back with samika.
doctor: samika darling, are you related to gauri in any way?

samika: sisters but not by blood, by heart.
doctor: really? because beti, you have o negative blood and gauri has o negative blood. now o negative is a very rare blood group to find. only people like sisters by blood can donated o negative blood but they are related.
samika: oh
just then the nurse came:
nurse: doctor! doctor, gauri’s condition is worst, the blood transfer helped a bit but now i don’t know what happened.
doctor: let me check!
om panics silently. but it was clear on his face.
after another hour:
the doctor comes with a sad and serious look on her face.
om: doctor, what happened?!

doctor: you see, due to falling from a very high height, the blood transfer worked for a while but then………
om: then what doctor????
doctor: gauri is now placed in a coma……..
om: what?! this can’t be true!
samika: yes doctor. how can this be true?!?!?!?
doctor: it just is.
all start to cry.

so what connection does samika have with gauri?
what is om going to do to wake up gauri?
find out in the last shot.
do vote and comment.
and don’t judge me on my medical knowledge because trust me, i haven’t got a clue. too complicated. cover credit — my wattpad sister @beingatomboy

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