Spoilers 22nd August 2018 Revised

Krishna Chali London:
Shukla asks Radhe and family to stop the IT raid. The officers take away every necessity. Krishna tries to stop the raid. Shukla gets beaten up by the officers. He falls in Radhe’s lap. Radhe gets helpless and asks Krishna to do something. Shukla puts the blame on Krishna for being so careless. Krishna will not tolerate the fake blame. She will counter Shukla’s game. Krishna will expose the fake IT officers, who are hired by Shukla. Shukla wants to oust Krishna from Radhe’s life in a week’s time. Krishna will take revenge from Shukla.

Savitri Devi:
Veer and Sanchi investigate Mishri’s murder case. They look for some clues by which they can reach the murderer. Sanchi gets suspicious about Kabir. Sanchi can’t believe the sudden mishap. Sanchi gets mislead by some person. She tells Veer that she will prove him innocent. Sanchi gets threatened, where someone asks her to leave the hospital if she wants to find the truth. Sanchi agrees to leave her job to prove Veer innocent. She is ready to make any sacrifice for Veer. She loves Veer and is much worried for her. Veer doesn’t want Sanchi to quit her job.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Krishna Chali London


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