a rikara two shot — shot 2

Quick note:
In here, Rikara are in a good relationship. They sorted their differences out hence why Lalika was able to come into the world

Daksh came to the hospital only to cause drama but then again what is he good at other than creating drama?? Seeing Daksh, Om loses his temper and grabs Daksh’s shirt.
Om angrily: How dare you…..how dare you try to kill gauri? Because of you, she is placed in a coma and today i will make you realize the pain you made Gauri go through.
He lets go of Daksh shirt, as Daksh was about to escape but Shivru blocked his way. Thanks to his brothers (who normally have stupid or really complicated ideas), Om was able to beat up Daksh. One slap for every drop of blood. One punch for every threat. Due to the fact, Shivay treated Gauri like a sister, he too beats Daksh up.
Shivay: If you try to mess with an Oberoi, consider your life over!
rudy: O, Shivay bhaiya! Police!

As Daksh was about to run away (again), the police grabbed him.
Officer 1: Now what happened in whichg you had to beat him up?
Om: Inspecter, this man kidnapped my wife, tortured her, threatened her, blackmailed the Oberois for money but the worst part is that he tried to kill her from a high height.
Officer 1 to Daksh: Is this true?
Daksh: No……
Om: Don’t you lie!!
Officer 1: Mr Omkara, let me handle it. Mr Daksh, tell me is what Mr Omkara said is true??
Daksh looks at Shivay who had the videos of him torturing Gauri and threatening her, SSO was mouthing “I will send these to the media and your career is all bye bye”.
Scared as hell (then again why wouldn’t he be), Daksh stutters: Inspector……. it……it is…tr…..true …..th…that i to……tortured Gauri.
Officer 1: Thank you for confessing. I am afraid that I will have to take you to Jail.
He handcuff Daksh and goes.
The doctor comes out again to give details about Gauri in the coma.
Doctor: I don’t know what is going to happen but by her condition, I think like 5 months, 8 months (again please don’t criticize my stupid knowledge on medicine), a year perhaps, or maybe she might die.
Om: Doctor, please don’t say that she will die. She won’t. Can I meet her please?
Doctor: Go ahead.

Om goes in the room where Gauri was in the coma, eyes shut, not at all moving, no smile. Om was about to have a heart attack seeing Gauri’s condition. he goes up to Gauri.
Om: Gauri, Gauri please wake up. Look Lalika will not be happy. Gauri, please.
Anika comes in.
Anika: Om, it isn’t that easy to wake someone from the coma like that. Anyway we are planning to make Gauri have home treatment.
Om: No bhabhi.
Anika: Arre but why?
Om: Lalika.
Anika: Om, Lalika will know eventually.
Om: Bhabhi, Lalika is only small, she is not even one yet, just 4 months. She loves Gauri so much that if she finds Gauri not waking, I don’t know what she will do. S o home treatment, no.
Anika: ok.
she goes out.
Om to Gauri: Whatever comes, i will make sure that you will wake up no matter what. Stay lazy all you want but I will get you out of this coma.

(Now Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe plays for all months)

Month 1:
Verse 1:
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
Om: Look Gauri, see. Today Lalika was behaving like a teddy bear. She was being lazy just like you. Refusing to go out of bed. I got the pictures, but you have to wake up to see them. Gauri?
No respond.
no eye flickering.

Month 2:

Verse 2:
Chahe tujhko rab bulaa le
Hum na rab se darne waale
Raahon mein dat ke khade hain hum
Yaaron se nazrein chura le
Chahe jitna dum lagaa le
Jaane na tujhko aise denge hum

Samika: Gauri didi, you want to hear something? Today me and Anika di went shopping and you know what we saw? One beautiful dress, pink in colour your favorite. We bought the dress but you have to wake up to try it.
Om comes to Samika who was crying seeing Gauri in this condition.
Om: Gauri, you can’t see Sammy (Samika’s nickname), me or anyone else crying, so wake up Gauri please.
Both Om and Samika cries due to Gauri not responding or waking up.

Half of verse 3:
Jaane nahin denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe denge nahin
Do kadam ka yeh safar hai
Umr chhoti si dagar hai

Rumya were trying.
Saumya: Gauri, you know today this duffer finally got a job. I am serious. Finally after 5 months. Wake up now to see him in a suit.
Rudy: yes Chulbul bhabhi, i got a job. if you don’t wake up however then it’s ‘Chulbul bhabhi’ for life.
But Gauri didn’t respond or wake up.
month 3:
As Om promised Gauri to look after THEIR daughter, Om was keeping to his word.

The rest of verse 3:
Ek kadam mein ladkhadaya kyoon
Sunn le yaaron ki yeh baatein
Beetengi sab ghum ki raatein
Yaaron se rootha hai saale kyoon
He goes to his and Gauri’s room only to find his 6 months old daughter on the bed with a pillow border and holding in one hand a picture off her and her mother. Om goes up and sees the picture. Due to this he tears up.

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Om smiles at that Gauri he knew once. Lalika cries because she wanted Gauri but Om kept to his promise to Gauri and hugged her tight.
Om: Lalika, want to play?
Lalika smiles.

Om goes back to the memory when he promised Gauri:

Flashback when Gauri was 8 months pregnant.
Om came back from an art exhibition to an angry wife.
Om: Arre, why is my wife angry? The more angry you get, the more it affects our baby.
Gauri: Don’t talk to me.
Om: but why?
He pulls her to a hug.
Gauri: You didn’t even contact me for a month. Some father you are.
Om: My phone was taken of me by Rudra.
Gauri: really?
Om: Really meri jaan.
Gauri: ok i will believe you on one condition.
Om: what condition?
Gauri: If anything happens to me, then please look after our child.
Om kisses her forehead and says Ok jaan.

Gauri smiles. all of a sudden, she felt a kick.
gauri: ouch!
om: what happened?
gauri: teri princess.
om: oh meri princess is jealous.
he lifts her t-shirt revealing her baby bump and kisses it.
om: now she won’t be jealous gauri.
gauri smiles as om starts to kiss her lips forcing her to respond to it.
back to reality:

Month 4:
verse 4:
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
Samika was made to do an DNA test to check if she was Gauri’s sister. The result were positive.

Samika: Gauri didi would be so happy to hear this.
Om: She will wake up Sammy and I promise she will be happy. When she wakes up, tell her the news.
Samika: But how long will Lalika have to be given lies?
Om: For as long as it takes your lazy sister to wake up.
He cries and Samika consoles him whilst crying too.
month 5:
Bit of verse 5:
Maa ne khat mein kya likhaa tha
Jiye tu jug yeh kahaa tha
Gauri’s mother (adopted) comes in a new sari.
Shivay: Listen Gauri, your mother is wearing such an expensive sari.
Gauri’s mother: Yes Gauri beti, this is only for you. Wake up please.
Not even responding or waking up, Gauri’s mother runs out of the room crying and Shivay runs after her crying.
No song here, a bit of silence (i just added it)
Om was thinking of their memories:

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He smiles thinking of them.

a bit of verse 5 plays:
Chaar pal bhi jee na paaya tu
Yaaron se nazrein milaa le
An 8 months old Lalika crawls to Om, grabbing his leg, she carefully stands, Om smiles and cries: Laika, meri bachi.

He rushes to hospital (Lalika at home) to Gauri who was still asleep, deep sleep.
Om: Gauri! Your pyaari beti took her first steps finally.
But Gauri doesn’t respond or wakes up.

Month 6:
Last two lines of verse 5:
Ek baar tu muskura de
Uth ja saale yun sataata hai kyoon
Om was with Lalika, playing with her till he noticed her laugh.

He thinks of Gauri’s laugh, was about to tear up but Lalika……..he couldn’t cry hence he picked her up and hugged her reassuring that he was always there:

Bit of verse 6:
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin

Lalika was wearing a pink dress Gauri made for her, Om and family thought that it was about time she was shown the truth. The truth of her mother.
Om: See meri beti? Your mama……..your mama is not waking up.
Lalika begins to look like she was about to cry and started to tear up. Om notices and kisses her cheeks:

Image result for pari and omkara ishqbaaz

Image result for pari and omkara ishqbaaz
More of verse 6:
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
Samika: Arre Lalika, no crying. Come to Sammy maasi.

Om gives Lalika to Samika. Due to  what Samika said, Gauri’s hand moves a little. Om notices.
Om: arre, see your lazy mama moved a bit Lalika.
Lalika started to stutter: m….m..ma..ma…ma
Anika: Arre, say it Lalika baby.
Lalika: Mama.
Om and family cries in happiness. Gauri’s hand moves more.
Samika puts Lalika on the side of Gauri’s bed.
Lalika starts to cry and says: Mama….mama….mama.
Gauri starts to move hearing her daughter speaking. Eyes flickering. But all of a sudden, her breathing worsens.
Silence cause in the video there is silence for Raju to respond and move.
Docotr comes and sends everyone out.

one minute later:
Doctor: I am so sorry but we lost her.
Om: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He runs to Gauri with family, Lalika in Anika’s arms.
Om: Gauri, you said that you wouldn’t leave ,e, you said didn’t you. Now what?! Wake up, you can’t leave me.
Samika: Gauri didi! I already lost you once as a toddler, I don’t want to lose you again. Wake up. WAKE up Gauri didi!!
Om: Look Gauri, now it’s not the time to be lazy.
Lalika signs Anika to put her down and Anika does it. Lalika toddles to Gauri’s coma and signs Samika to put her on the bed which Samika does.
Lalika starts: Mama………mama…..mama, mama, mama, mama, MAMA.
Gauri starts to move again,eyes flickering.
Shivay: Doctor!!!!!!!

The doctor comes and checks Gauri.
Doctor: Turns out we haven’t lost her at all.
Gauri’s eyes were wide out and the remaining part of verse 6 plays:

  Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin
Jaane nahin… denge tujhe
Jaane tujhe… denge nahin

Om runs in the hospital, distributing sweets to everyone. At the end,he gives a little to Gauri.
Gauri turns to Samika and says: You’re Samika? Meri behna?
Samika: Yes Gauri didi. Not by heart only, by blood.
Gauri cries and hugs Samika. Then she sees her 9 months old daughter on the bed, pouting.
Gauri lifts her daughter up and hugs her tight.
Jhanvi: I think we should leave the couple and Lalika alone.
All leaves expect Rikara and Lalika.

Om: Don’t talk to me Gauri.
Gauri: But why?
Om: You are this lazy, 6 months asleep!
Gauri pulls the pouting face (like how her daughter does it) which Om couldn’t resist let alone be mad at Gauri.
Om: Fine Jaan, I forgive you.
Gauri smiles.

Gauri: Did you fulfill your promise? You know the one you made when Lalika was in my womb.
Om: Yes baba, I did. Your daughter was safe with me.
Gauri to Lalika: Meri beti.
She kisses her cheek.
Om: Seeing all to this kissing.
he leans forward to Gauri.
Om: it’s been six loong months with no kissing.
Gauri: But…

Om didn’t listen as he got into a liplock with gauri but our pyaari Laika broke it and crying.
Gauri laughs and says: Haha, see. Your daughter doesn’t want her mummy and daddy to romance.
Om: Arre Lalika, if we don’t romance then how can papa give you a sibling?
Gauri slaps Om’s arm and says: Pagal, not now.
Om and Lalika smiles. Oh saathiya both versions play as they have a family hug.
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