A new year which i cannot forget! An Avneil FS Part -2

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avni : kya tumhara dimag kharab hai ………… mein tumhare saath iss jungle mein puri raat guzarugi no way

neil: oh miss not interested tumhe koi aur option dhikhara hai toh bolo ……aur waise bhi mujhe koi shauk nhi hai tumhare saath raat guzarne ka …..kaha aacha  enjoy kara tha aur kaha fass gaya

avni : yeh resort banane waalo ko bhi kya zarurat hoti aise junglo mein bana ne ki

neil: i agree

avni : let’s just try once to get out of here

neil : okay

{ they both start walking here nd their nd give up }

avni : stop neil i can’t walk more with thiis block heels nd this stupid gown

neil: okay lets just sit here …….aacha check ur phone if u have network in your phone or not …..my phone doesn’t have network

avni : actually i……didn’t bring my phone

neil: what how can u forget it in ur room

avni : i didn’t bring means i have left my phone in my house

neil: what ….? how can u not carry a phone with u when u are going on a trip

avni : look i just wanted to spend time with myself nd peacefully

neil : haan haan kyu nhi guzaro ab peacefully

{ nd they both just sit calmly for an hour like that only nd suddenly they see fire crackers in sky }

neil : looks like its 12

{both together says}

avni nd neil : happy new year

{both smiles then }

avni : by the way thanks for saving me

neil : oh wow …lagta hai mera saal surprises se bhaara honga aakhir miss not interested ne thankew bola

avni : { just give a smile nd says } avni ….mera naam avni hai

neil: zayaada sweetness bhi aachi nhi hoti
{ avni just give a look to him nd then they both laugh }

it’s mrng nd they both just find a way back to resort nd avni scolds the manager nd checks in to another hotel   nd starts exploring pune by going here their nd having fun alone when she comes back she bumps into someone

avni : i am so…….tum

neil: tum……tumhe mein itna pasand aagaya kya jo tum mera peecha karte karte yaha tak chali aayi

avni: oh just shut up …..waha pe woh jerks ke saath ussi resort mein mujhe nhi rehna tha so mein ne yaha check in kiya par tum yaha kaise …..

neil: mein yaha …..woh…..mein kisi meeting ke liye yaha une aaya hu aur woh log yaha pe hai so mein ne change kiya

{ avni just give a whatever look nd then just ignore him nd goes towards her room she still sees neil following him nd just stops}

neil: i am just going towards my room …..if u don’t believe u can see my keys see it’s written room no. 301

avni : what ? 301 …..ahh..

neil: tumhare expression se aisa kyu lag raha  hai jaise tumhara room no bhi woi floor pe hai ….tell me what’s ur room no.

avni : it’s 302

neil : what …really looks like destiny wants us to be together

{ avni just goes angrily towards her room nd neil laughs . after sometime both bumps again while going down to eat at the restaurants }

neil : yaar ….pata hai mein bhaut handsome hu but kabhi toh mera peecha chodo

avni just ignore him was about to go when neil holds her hand

avni : himmat kuch badh nhi gayi tumhari

neil: come on ….i am also alone nd u are  also alone how about doing dinner together


neil : come on its a sincere invitation

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