1st Epi – Kesari Nandan 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanumant pins hopes on his second child

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Kesari Nandan 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with someone getting freed from the jail. He meets his mum and wife. He hears about Hanumant’s Dangal and says its a good chance for me, even though I m his stepbrother. His mum asks him not to make any mistake again. Zoravar says I know Hanumant has done many favors on me, I will repay him. The wrestling match announcement is made. Hanumant is fighting the wrestler Keshav, to win the Dangal prize for the city. Hanumant Singh comes there. De patak de…..plays…. His wife and son clap for him. Hanumant smiles. He goes for Dangal. Zoravar comes there and sees his poster. He tears the poster and acts on seeing the people. He chants Hanumant’s name and leaves. Hanumant’s son does tilak to him. His wife smiles. His son chants his name and encourages. Hanumant says you have to grow up and keep respect of this Kesari flag, you have to become Hanumant Singh. His wife reacts on the kick of baby in womb. Hanumant says maybe your brother also wants to become a wrestler. He laughs and goes for Dangal. The man says if Hanumant loses, his last wins will be useless. Hanumant and Keshav get ready. Keshav asks him to hug before losing. Hanumant asks why, will you measure my abs to tell your children. The man hugs him and injects his shoulder. Hanumant doesn’t realize it. The fight begins. Everyone cheers for Hanumant.

Hanumant’s wife smiles. The baby in womb kicks again. Zoravar sees the fight on tv. Hanumant tackles Keshav well. Everyone claps for him. He feels the ache in his shoulder. Keshav pushes him away. Hanumant fails to defend the attack. Keshav throws him down. Hanumanth couldn’t get up. His wife worries. Hanumant gains courage. He realizes Keshav’s cheat. He says you cheated me and now you will lose, my one hand is enough for you. He fights with one hand. Keshav pushes him down again. Hanumant chants Hanuman chalisa and fights Keshav. The fight comes to an end with Hanumant’s victory. Keshav loses. Hanumant wins the title of Bharat Kesari Nandan. Everyone chants his name. Hanumant and his wife smile happily. His son runs to hug him. A wave of happiness spreads. Hanumant wins the reward and chants Hanuman’s name. They leave for their village. They are on the way and come across Zoravar. Hanumant asks how will you attack on me today.

He greets his aunt. She says you have won Dangal like every year, my son, Bharat Kesari, forgive your younger brother. Hanumant says I don’t trust him. Zoravar says don’t shame me, I didn’t come to take revenge, I m sorry, I want to meet Bhavani maa also. Aunt asks Hanumant to bless Zoravar and forgive him. She blames her upbringing. Hanumant says you don’t blame yourself, I considered him my own brother, but he always cheated me, I got him freed from jail on your saying. She says you should have left him in jail then, incomplete love makes own relations distant, after all he is your stepbrother. Hanumant’s wife asks him to forgive Zoravar. Even Zoravar’s wife begs him. Zoravar swears on his wife. Hanumant reminds Madhavi that Zoravar was turning her into a widow. He forgives Zoravar. He says I m forgiving you for the sake of your mum and bhabhi, I remember the wound you have given me. He warns him and leaves. Zoravar says I m your Laxman from now, you can punish me.

Hanumant meets the royal family and gets applauded by the King. The King taunts on Zoravar. Hanumant says he is my blood, I can’t break my promise to dad, it was last Dangal, life’s Dangal will go on. King says your future is ready. Hanumant’s son smiles. Zoravar says its right time to announce. Hanumant stops him. He greets the King again. He announces that I have always kept the name of our village, Dhanwa with much pride, I announce that my son Jagat will keep up this respect. Everyone claps. He asks everyone to give love and encouragement to Jagat. He makes Jagat take blessings from them. Everyone chants their names. Madhavi smiles. King pays honor to Hanumant. The guards fire in air. They all smile. Jagat gets shot and falls down. King, Hanumant, Madhavi and everyone get shocked. They rush Jagat to the hospital. Jagat is taken to OT. Madhavi cries. Aunt consoles her and asks her to think about her other child. Madhavi says my Jagat….

Zoravar says who knew this will happen. Doctor comes. They ask how is Jagat. Doctor says bullet has been hit at his spinal cord, his nerves got damaged, he won’t be able to stand on his feet again, he won’t be able to walk. Hanumant and his family get shocked. They cry. Zoravar gets the bullet shell and smiles. He meets his hired shooter. He recalls getting Jagat shot by his sharp shooter. He says I got a chance to break Hanumant’s future support. He gets revengeful. Hanumant comes home and cries thinking of Jagat. He cries and talks to Hanuman. He asks why did this happen with my Jagat. Madhavi comes there. He makes her sit. She says Jata got conscious and asked for you. He says I can’t meet him. She says you are his present. He says I know, I m his dream and he is my dream, I can’t do this. She says I understand your dream. He asks who will become my dream. The baby kicks in womb. He chants Hanuman chalisa and says I feel there is another Hanumant Singh in your womb, he will fulfill my hopes, you will give me another son, right? He says I will coach him and make him Bharat Kesari, his name will be Kesari Nandan. She looks at him.

Its morning, Jagat gets conscious and sees everyone. He asks for Hanumant. Madhavi says he was here all night. He says no, he wasn’t here, I had woke up at night. Doctor comes to check Jagat. Jagat asks where is my dad. Madhavi says doctor has sent him to get medicines. Doctor says yes, you can take Jagat home. He says you will get fine. Jagat says I feel fine. He tries to get up and fails. Doctor explains him the spinal cord, which got damaged by bullet. He says you will feel some weakness in legs for some days. Jagat asks what do you mean, I want to talk and fight Dangal, my dad will coach me. Doctor goes. Madhavi cries hearing Jagat. He falls down the bed. Madhavi and doctor lift him. She cries. Zoravar and his wife talk about fooling mum. He says mum supports Hanumant. She says everyone thinks its an accident. He asks her to stay alert and not make any mistake. She says I m your wife. She romances him. He pushes her away and goes. She says I will see for how long he stays away from me. She smiles.

Doctor calls Hanumant to talk to Madhavi. He asks what’s the matter. She says I wanted to meet her, her blood reports have come, I wanted to get her sonogram done, just get her here soon. He worriedly agrees. Doctor does the sonography. She says your daughter is fine, I had a doubt seeing your blood reports, so I called you here. Madhavi worries on hearing its a baby girl. Doctor says sorry, I made a big mistake in saying the baby gender, its not allowed to us. Madhavi worries and recalls Hanumant’s words. Doctor asks what’s the matter, boy or girl doesn’t matter, baby should be healthy. Madhavi says mum loves every child, but just a boy can fulfill Hanumant’s dreams. Doctor says we have to change this thinking, I can talk to him if you say. Madhavi stops her. She smiles seeing the baby in sonography pic and talks. Doctor asks Hanumant to take care of Madhavi well. She says don’t give her any stress, high BP won’t be good. He goes to meet Madhavi. She says your dad will love you a lot, are you listening, my daughter… Hanumant comes there. She gets shocked. He says my son and sees the pic. He smiles and says my Kesari Nandan. She cries. He asks her not to cry and stay happy, everything is fine. He says my son will become Kesari Nandan.

Madhavi says she is your daughter. Hanumant gives the baby to Amba. Kesari is seen. Hanumant asks Kesari to stay like a girl, and puts veil on her head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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