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A very happy new year to all my dear readers and friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Recap – a tiff between RagSan

Sanskaar comes out of the washroom and looks for Ragini but doesn’t see her. He gets worried seeing her duppatta lying on the floor.
Sanskaar : ginu… Is this any other prank?? Come out right now….
He waits for her but she doesn’t come. He then goes out and search for her.


Rp : bhaisaab…
Dp : ram leave me alone…. I dont want to hear anything else..
Rp : bhaisaab u need to understand that the world has changed… You cannot control everything… And what’s wrong if the ladies of our house wants to work…
Dp: what’s wrong????  Ram have you ever thought what will people say? What will the society say?? They’ll think that we, the Maheshwari’s are eating from our daughters money….
Rp : bhaisaab… We are living in 21st century…. “What will people say” is a long lost thing… If we’ll think about them then how will we live??  And about which society are you talking?? No one cares… You don’t know bhaisaab but eevryone allows the women to work…
Dp : but what’s the need ram? They have everything..
Rp: bhaisaab…. Think about it with calm mind… If the women employees in our company will take leave then everything gets disturbed. Just think about uttara she has studied so hard for her future don’t you want her to live her life independently??
Dp : Ram maybe you are saying correct. Come let’s go….


Dp: laksh… Where is swara?? It’s already 15 minutes… I want to discuss something important…
Laksh : papa she might be coming….
At that time only swara comes in hurriedly cleaning her hands. There was dust on her saree.
Sujata : swara where were you?
Swara : voh Chachi ji… Actually…
Pari : swara why is your saree dirty? Is everything okay?
Swara : yes.. actually I was in the garden.. there only…
Rp : okay leave it… Bhaisaab u please tell…
Dp : yes… So this is very important… For you people also.. and for me also… So listen carefully…
He goes towards the window and continues…

After thinking much about it and analysing I have realized that all the women of our house have the freedom to do anything they want.. I don’t have any right to stop them.. but anything doesn’t mean that you’ll do anything which is not good for our family reputation.

He turns around and everyone except rp were looking at him like they have seen an alien.
Ap : ji.. are you alright? Do u have fever?
Sujata ( to rp ) : ji suniye… Bhaisaa is not well.. take him to the doctor…
Dp smiles at their innocence.
Adarsh : papa what are you saying?
Dp: adarsh… Now you can celebrate Aditi’s birthday without any fear… I had cut my children’s wings long ago but the history will not repeat itself. My grand children will have the freedom to do whatever they want.
Everyone smiles. He goes to swara.
Dp: swara… You can accept the offer of the school.
He keeps hand on her head.
Dp : pari… I know I have done injustice with you also …  I can’t change that but now you can open your own fashion brand…. I know I have not understood your fashion styling… But now after seeing how you styled Annapurna and sujata yesterday I knew you had something in you….
Pari : you said this papa ji… It’s more than enough for me….
She said with watery eyes. Swara was in deep thoughts.
Swara ( thinking ) : what happened to him suddenly? Of course I wanted this… But why now suddenly?? What would have happened??? Yeh mogambo Khush kaise ho Gaya????
Sujata: bhaisaab…. Par log…
Dp : let them sujata…. They are here to say only but we cannot stop living due to fear of death. You and Annapurna can also start your music school if you want… I won’t have any problem now….
Ap : ji??
Dp : yes Annapurna…. After seeing Ragini and Khushi I understood that keeping ladies at home will not do any better for the house or the society. They work for their happiness and not for money so……
Rp : I’m so happy bhaisaab….. Finally you said what we all wanted… Maybe ragini and khsuhi are not part of our family but they have made a huge impact on our lives.
Hearing this all gets sad but one person gets agitated.
Swara : papa ji… But I have already said no for the job and now…..
Sujata : don’t worry swara… You can teach in out music school…. Kyun jijji?
Ap : of course beta…
Swara rolled her eyes and went from there. Laksh smiled nervously and goes behind her.
Laksh : swara what was this? Why did you leave?
Swara : laksh I wanted that job but now…. And my standards are higher than that music school for God’s sake….
Laksh: enough swara… You can’t talk like that….
Swara : so what should I do?? And from where ragini and Khushi came in between? When we all were saying from last so many months then he didn’t changed… Now suddenly?
Laksh : swara.. control yourself… Now look at the brighter side… No need to look at the past. And the important thing is that papa changed… Not how he changed or who’s the reason behind this change..
Swara : leave it laksh… I’ll handle this myself…
She goes from there after giving a glare to laksh. He sighs.


Sanskar comes out looking for Ragini and Swara comes in front of him. She gives a fake smile to him and tries to initiate a conversation but Sanskar ignores her.
Swara ( stopping him ) : ah… Wait a moment where are you running?
Sanskaar : what do you want??
Swara : leave what I want…. But I can give you.. what you want ? ( she said coming close to him )
Sanskaar ( pushing her away ): what nonsense??
Swara : I know you are looking for ragini… N I know where she is…. ????
Sanskaar: what did you do to her?
Swara ( suddenly shouting ): me… No sanskaar.. please leave me… Sanskaar please….
And she falls down from the stairs giving a evil smile to sanskaar who tried to hold her hand.

Everyone gathers around swara who’s now unconscious lying on the floor with blood on her forehead. Laksh looks up and sees sanskaar there with red face. He looks at him with teary eyes and picks up swara and goes from there.
Arnav comes to sanskaar and shakes him.
Arnav : sanskaar how this happened?? Sanskaar are you listening??
Sanskaar: haan… Bhai…. Ginu…
Arnav: ragini?
Sanskaar: Bhai ragini is …. Swara has taken ginu… She …..
He starts to shiver and goes from there to look for ragini. Arnav looks on confused. He goes from there.

The doctor comes out after examining swara.
Laksh : doctor is she okay?
Doctor: yes she’s fine.
Ap : can we meet her ?
Doctor: yeah sure… She’s fine now… Excuse me…
They all enter the ward. Laksh gets heartbroken seeing his love in that state with bandages on her forehead and arms. He kisses her forehead.
Laksh: Shona are you okay? How did this happen?
Swara ( fake tears ) : sans… Sanskaar pushed me from the stairs…
All were shocked to hear this.
Ap : swara.. what nonsense ??
Rp : why will sanskaar do anything like this?
Swara ( fake cries): see no one believes me…. Why should I tell then…
Laksh : Shona.. tell the whole thing… Why were you there with him?
Swara : I was not there… He only came to me and asked about ragini… And when I said that o don’t know he tried to come close…. *Sobs* close to me… And then he pushed me…
Sujata : ae chori …. What nonsense are u saying?? Don’t u ahve any shame??
Laksh : one second…. Before coming to any conclusions I’ll talk to sanskaar Bhai once….
Swara: haww laksh don’t you trust your wife??
Laksh : Shona… Let me talk….
He was about to go out but at the same time doctor comes in with arnav and sanskaar.

On the other hand. Ragini is seen locked in a room and she’s lying on the bed. She gets up and looks around… She tries to remember what had happened but fails.

Ragini: how did I came here? Sansku… Where is he…
She tries to get up from the bed but falls down. A flash of her foot folding comes as she was being pulled.
Ragini: ahhh….. Damn it… (Shouts) sanskuuu…. Arnavvvv…… Khushiiiiiii..,.
She cries and crawls towards the door and beats it.

The screen splits in two showing sanskaar and ragini!


Okay! Okay! I know I’m soooo late that to with a short update…… Sorryyyyy……. But suspense is also important……. ???? Sorry….

N yes! I’m coming with a new short story… A story based on real life….. I’m sure you’ll love it…. Maybe. ?  It may be an os or ts…. Maybe by the second week of January I’ll post it.. it’s under construction ? that’s a promise and that’ll be the new year gift ???

And “paya hai Maine fir tujhe”… Hopefully someday I’ll update that also …. ??

I don’t know whether you all are still interested in these stories but yess… I’ll update them soon ?

Love love


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