A Mesmerizing Love Story Of Those Golden Days – Episode 20


Naina and Preeti see Swati and say, Where were you? We were finding you since so long.”Swati replies, “I had gone to the class teacher to give my name for Head girl elections. It is my dream to be the Head girl of the school.” Naina, Preeti, Sameer, Munna, and Pandit stand shocked.

“What? You never told us that you wanted to be the head girl.” asks Preeti confused. “We never really talked about it. Wait, is something wrong with it?” asks Swati. “No” replies Naina quickly and signs Preeti not to say anything. “Swear on me that there is no problem.” orders Swati. “I can’t do that. I’ll just tell you the truth. Naina also signed up for Head Girl.” blurts out Preeti. “But don’t worry. I will get my name cancelled from the list.” replies Naina. “But why would you do that? We both can participate. And our friendship will not be affected. I believe it is very strong, so don’t worry.” says Swati. Though Naina felt worried, everybody convinced her and finally both Naina and Swati decided to participate.

They saw the notice board that said the participants have to prepare a speech and they have two days to do so. Munna says, “I think we should split into groups. Though we all are friends, but right now Naina and Swati are competitors. Also, Sameer is competing.” Everyone agrees and they divide themselves into two groups. Naina, Sameer, and Preeti in one group (Preeti helped Naina as she had already promised her and Swati completely understood them), and Swati, Munna, and Pandit in the second group. They also decided to help Sameer for the Head Boy competition.

Pandit whispers in Munna ears, “You are helping Swati and Sameer is helping Naina. I am the only one left as I have to stay away from Preeti.” Munna laughs and pats Pandit’s shoulder. A girl comes to them and says, “Hi. We haven’t talked much but I would love to help you because I want Swati to win.” Swati replies, “Hi Hema. Thanks a lot but I think Munna and Pandit are already helping me.” Hema replies, “No worries, please call me if you need any help. So, friends?” “Yes, thanks.” says Swati with a weird smile. Hema leaves.

“She is so weird.” say Swati and Munna simultaneously and laugh. Pandit says, “She has never talked to us before. Why now? I don’t think we should trust her.” “Exactly. That’s why I sent her back.” replies Swati. “Smart” says Munna as he smiles. “I know I am smart” replies Swati and continues working. Pandit giggles and pats Munna’s shoulder. Hema comes to Naina and repeats the same thing, and sadly gets the same reply. “What sort of a person is she? And why did she come today?” says Naina. “Just let it be. We should concentrate on your speech.” says Preeti.

Hema returns to her desk full of anger. Kamya, her friend, asks,”What happened?” Hema replies, “I just hate them. Naina and Swati are standing against each other for Head Girl competition. And now I will take advantage of this to break their friendship. How dare they become popular in the class. All the students talk about their friendship. I will end their friendship very soon.” “Just relax, its ok.” replies Kamya. “No, I will not. I also want attention in the class.” says Hema.

As the school ended for the day, Naina thanked Sameer for helping her prepare the speech and Sameer thanked her and Preeti in return for helping him with his speech. They decide to memorize the speech the next day and prepare well.


Everybody is really happy that Naina is standing in the elections. Anand says, “Shall we go to eat pav bhaji? There’s a special place nearby and he cooks amazing.” Everyone agrees and they get ready. Beena says, “I just started feeling so weak. I think I should rest for some time.” “I will stay with you.” Replies Naresh. “We can go out some other time.” says Naina. “No, no. Please don’t worry. I will take care of myself. You all should go and enjoy. Please trust me.” requests Beena and convinces them to leave. As they leave, she calls someone. “Hello” the person says. “Beena here. I met you when I came to the school early morning today.” “Oh yes. Hello. So I have a good news. Naina and Swati are very good friends and they are competing against each other for Head Girl. We can definitely use this opportunity to break their friendship.” says the person. “Good. I will break all the good relations Naina and Preeti have. I will start from their friends and then family. Once they completely break down, they will themselves go back. I don’t want my son to suffer because of them. Anand, Bela, and Naresh are giving all the love to these girls and I fear they will share the property with them. I will not let that happen.” “I don’t believe you hate them so much.” the person says. “It’s none of your business. I am giving you money for spying them. So just focus on that. Keep updating me” replies Beena. “Fine. So I have a plan for the speech day.” says the person and tells her the plan. “That’s nice. Go ahead with the plan and tell me what happens.” says Beena and cuts the call. “Your happiness will not last long Naina and Preeti.” thinks Beena and smiles.

  1. Shesha485

    Very strong bond of friendship is there between Naina, Preeti and Swati. Pity that Pandit is seperated from Preeti. Hema is plotting against their bond. Omg. Glad that both gave her same reply. Beena’s revelations are too cruel. Interested to the mysterious person who talked to Beena.

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment. That means a lot to me. Thanks for all the love.
      The mysterious person will stay mysterious for a while 😄

    2. @Shanaya
      There is a lot of typo mistake so plz kindly ignore it. I totally forget to recheck it😅😅.

    3. @Petal
      No issues at all 😄

    4. @Shanaya

  2. Hey guys. This isn’t related to the ff but I wanted to ask how is sushant Singh rajput’s case going on? I have seen rumors of cbi enquiry for the case and Bollywood biggies being behind the murder.
    Sushant wasn’t one of my favorite actors but the loss feels so personal. I have never cried for a celebrity but he was so special. I promised myself not to watch any nepo movies and cherish his memories with happiness ❤️❤️
    I hope you guys are doing the same.

    1. Shesha485

      That’s just a formality. It has almost stopped. I think many guys are using his name to seek popularity. In my viewpoint, his death is suicide. As an influential man from cinema industry, he or his suicide portrays that suicide is a solution for everything. Its such a blunder. I like him and watched some of his good movies but I could not blame actors (but yes producers) for so called snatching his films (thats their work, replacements are not new, also those actors nailed in that roles too, thats matter) Usually I watch only worthy Bollywood movies and I may continue the same. Take Care. Sorry if it hurts

    2. I understand ur point of view. Everyone has his own opinion. But I have promised myself not to watch any nepo movies.

  3. Adhu

    Episode was really nice. Hope the elections won’t affect their friendship. Poor Pandit , he had to stay away from Preeti. I loved they way divided into 2 teams. Hema is so jealous. She trying to break Naina and Swati’s friendship and even Beena is so selfish. I hope that their friendship will stand strong infront of every planning and plotting.
    Excited for next episode.

    1. Thankyou so much for updating me and giving love to the episode. It means a lot. Next episode will be updated soon 😊

  4. Adhu

    There are many speculations over Sushant’s death. Many are saying that it is murder disguised as suicide. Many is coming up proving their statements, many gaining popularity in his name . I use to watch his serial Pavitra Rishta. I use like him. I loved his acting in MS Dhoni. But many things came out after his death. Feeling sad upon his death.
    I hope he gets justice,eventhough it seems that it would remain as mystery.

    1. I definitely feel it’s a murder as he was a very positive person. I saw chhichhore n raabta movies n loved his performance ❤️❤️
      But I also feel that his case would remain as a mystery 😔😔

  5. @Shanaya
    Wow ,this episode is really very extremely interestingly awesome. When swati says it’s my dream to be the head girl,I was wondering what will be her reaction when she find out that naina was also participating in head girl contest. But I am really glad with swati’s reaction. Her reaction was wonderful. They really have a strong bond😊😊. It was quite funny when pandit says to munna that you are helping swati and sameer is helping Naina and I am the only one left🤭🤭.
    And that girl Hema,she was so jealous of their popularity that she wants to break their friendship. Dunno what’s going in Hema’s mind but I hope this contest and Hema’s motive to separate them does not affect their friendship.
    And at naina’s house their family conversation was worth watching. And the conversation between beena and the mysterious person was surprisingly shocking.
    I know Beena doesn’t like the girls but I don’t know that she was so evil. Really wanna know who is the mysterious person. Really wanna know what will happen in the next episode.
    Thnx for this update,it was so exciting to read this update and waiting for the next update😊🥰😊🥰.

    1. Thankyou so so much for your lovely comment 😊😊
      I am so grateful to have such amazing readers who appreciate my work so much. It’s nice to see that you like the episodes and find them interesting ❤️❤️

    2. @Shanaya
      I am also grateful to have such a amazingly awesome author🥰🥰. Once again thank you so much for creating such an amazing ff😊🤗.

    3. @Petal
      that’s so sweet. thanks

    4. @Shanaya

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