“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny” CHAPTER 22

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After Ishant dropped me home I called Twinki to ask when was she going to return..but her phone was switched off..so I called Kunj..

“Hey Kunj where are u ??” I asked sounding a bit tired

“I m at Yuvi’s place..why what happened ??” He asked with his voice a little low & troubled

“I just wanted to say that drop Twinki home soon please !! U know its getting late” I tried to give appropriate reasons so that he does not take it as an interference in his quality time !! 😛

“WHATTT ?? Twinkle is not home ??” He almost screamed

“NO !! I thought she was with u” I replied a little worried..my eyebrows raised

“Mahi she left after..umm I will explain u every thing later..First we need to search her..” He spoke & probably called out Yuvi..Since I was on call I could listen their conversation

“Bhai chal yarrr..Twinki abhi tak ghar nahi pahunchi” It was Kunj who spoke

“Tu kaiko pareshaan ho raha fir?? She no more is in ur life now..” Yuvi spoke this which made me widen my eyes & think of various reasons he was saying this

“Areey leave it..She is a friend na..Waise b Delhi isnt safe at night” Kunj said to Yuvi & then “Mahi don’t worry we are coming” he said on the phone & disconnected the call !!

“SHE NO MORE IS IN UR LIFE NOW” What did Yuvi mean by this ??? Did something happen at the dance ?? It sure did :/ & why did Twinki not tell me anything..Why is her phone switched off DAMN !!

“WAHE GURU JI..SAB CHANGA KAR DO JI..PLEASE !!” I looked up & prayed !!

Kunj and Yuvi came..While Yuvi looked angry Kunj sat down to explain me everything..

After listening this all I was about to cry when Yuvi spoke “Ye sab in logo ki samajh mein nahi aayega..Aadat hoti hai inki..Ladke k saath ghoomna fir chor k chale jana”

“Bhai aisa nahi hai yrr..There must be a reason I m sure” Kunj spoke

“Whatt reason ?? Whatt f**kingg reason ?? Drishti left me..due to a reason ??That’s why I told u to stay away from all this..True love doesn’t exist & theses Girls..saala fitrat hi hoti hai inki aisi..take her for example..She went with me & returned with Ishant..”

Now this was too much to bear..I stood up from where I was sitting..went to Yuvi & gave him a tight slap on his left cheek..He was astonished !!

“What do u think of urself Yuvi…r u some kind of rockstarr that every girl will go mad for u..& quietly listen to every remark u make..or u r God incarnated on earth that we will go mad worshipping for u !! No Mr Yuvraj..u r wrong..U know why ISHANT dropped me home ?? Because Yuvi the great left the college campus without dropping me home..Now if as a gentleman he offered me a ride then he is wrong not u..right ??? For God sake..Come in real life Yuvi..Its not ur world & u r not Mr. Perfect..& for ur knowledge girls don’t fall for guys who are dashing or rich or who keep complimenting them..Who has thousands of words of dictionary to speak out & when it comes to feelings they are as insensitive as a dummy..We don’t want a boy who runs after every girl like a dog..we need some one who can understand us..who can feel what we feel..who cares for our smile..who isn’t just proud of us but also respects us & knows our worth…We don’t want anything else than ur presence & support..We don’t die for ur presents or rides in ur lavish cars..& I don’t know who this Drishti is.but remember Yuvi all girls are not the same..” & then I turned towards Kunj & spoke “Come lets go & Search her” & went out…

I don’t know what was Yuvi thinking..but I really wanted to speak out to him & let him know that he is totally wrong regarding the feelings of a girl..he is mistaken..So I asked Kunj “Who is Drishti ??”

“Yuvi’s past..He was head over heels for her..uski har wish puri karna..making her smile…doing every isane thing she asks for..all this was his favorite job..but I knew she was cheating him..because she even tried on me..I did even war Yuvi but he was blinded in her love..I don’t know what she spoke but it was like some kind of magic spell..he could not decide between Right or Wrong..& the one day she broke that magic spell & let him know the truth..She went away leaving him shattered..it took about 2 years for him to be normal & since then he is a playboy..He isn’t bad by heart Mahi..its just that Denial of his Love made him so..”

I did not know this..I really was unaware of this side of Yuvi..

“Any ways do u know whats the reason that Twinki is afraid of commitment because she said she loves me..but cant accept the proposal” He interrupted in between my thoughts

“Its better she tells that herself..” I spoke “Any idea where should we look for her??”

“Well we can look for the roads from college…” Kunj spoke “WAIT !!” I shouted in between..”She will be in the Church !! She always goes there when depressed !! Lets go there…please !!”



She slapped me !! She shouted on me & went away !!

But does she know what really was going through my mind !! What had I suffered !! NO !! :/

I lost my parents due to Cancer..I lived alone since then with my grand mother..never had any one else than Kunj with whom I could share my feelings but then I found Drishti..I was lost in her charm..in her beauty..I did everything possible to keep her happy..to keep her smiling..listening to her insane wishes & doing everything possible to fulfill them..Kunj warned me too but I was not in my senses ..Its said na LOVE IS BLIND..but in my case LOVE WAS DEAF..DUMB..everything !! I did not listen to my best friend & at the end the result was SHE LEFT ME..She shattered my hope & went..she broke my Heart & went !! & I was standing there..right where she left me..Crying in fake hope that she will return..she will value my love..my care for her..my feelings & she will return back to me..I waited for almost 2 years before realizing that LOVE DOEST EXIST & then that was the time I became a Playboy..

I flirted..I spent a week with some girl..then the next with some one else..It never mattered..I never got that feeling until I met Mahi..She has her own way..She is strong..She is funny..She is Intelligent..She is beautiful..She is logical..She is INCREDIBLE mann !! The day she entered the café with her wet eyes..hair messed up & still laugh wish us all I was impressed..The day she tried being strong in the car & gave a lame excuse of head-ache I was impressed..& the only reason I keep avoiding her..paying attention when she is with me..because I don’t wanna fall in love again..because SHE GIVES ME THE SAME FEEL AS HER.. </3

But today when that boy took her away from me infront of my eyes..I realized now I cant stay away from her any longer…When he wrapped his arms around her waist..held her close to himself..that feeling that crept in made me know that it was no longer possible for me to ignore her & stay away..I couldn’t stand the way they glided..swirled..moved with the music..so I tried concentrating on other girls but when even that wasn’t possible I rushed home in anger forgetting that Mahi was my Date & it was me who was supposed to drop her back home..& after I reached home I found Kunj there..with teary eyes..

He explained me everything & my thoughts about Love again strengthened that ITS JUST AN ILLUSION !!

But u know what this slap of Mahi & her words though harsh made me realize that As all gys are not the same..So are Girls..there is Goodness in the World & Life is worth a Risk..Its worth a chance..When God is giving u a Second Chance..grab it with open arms Because ITS BETTER TO TAKE A RISK RATHER THAN REGRET LATER !!

So its decided now..after Twinki is found I will propose Mahi..because that little speech of hers was Eye-opening man & waise bhi MERI GOBHI KA FOOL is one in a million !! 🙂 🙂


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  1. Awesome update
    Where is twinkle???
    Mahi’s slap…??shocking
    Finally UV realised his feelings… So excited for him proposing to mahi. Hopefully she says yes
    Plz let twinkle be fine and plz plz make twinkle accept kunj’s proposal. Waiting for them to become twinj
    Keenly waiting for next
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Keep smiling??

  2. Superb episode n twinkle is in church please make twinkle except kunj please post soon

  3. Loved every bit of it..plsss post soon …..it’s sooo addicting….

  4. Sameera

    Amazing yuvi past was shocking …
    Where twinkle went ??????
    Mahi slapped aw ?????
    Superb ????

  5. Yuvi had a past ….that was shocking
    Where is twinkle….post sooon

  6. Superb epi………
    Waiting for Kunj know the reality of twinkle…..and her yes

  7. Hi sidhant nice one loved it post soon and take care sorry for shot comment please please please please please post soon

  8. aww gobhi ka phool…??
    yuvi past was shocking …
    hope soo they found twinkle. & she accept kunj…
    post next soon & one more thing aaj no shayaries….without ur shayaries epi is incomplete….

  9. Awesome amazing
    Mahi ka speech was awesome
    And Uv past is emotional and his perspective on Mahi is just amazing

  10. SSK

    Amazing episode. Uv somewhere deserved that treatment from Mahi. Why he should play with all just coz one played with his feelings. Just hope Mahi and kunj finds twinkle. Post soon plz ?

  11. Anaya_Ali

    Ohhh where is twinkle …???
    Uv also has past … It was shocking…
    Feeling bad for twinkle…
    I hope everything get solved between them soon…
    Plzzzzz try to be regular….
    Post nxt soon…

  12. Superb episode
    Uv ko slap gud mahi ne sahi kiya
    Uv ko apni feelings ka pta chala finally
    Uv past emotional & shocking
    Aur ye twinkle kaha ????
    Plzzzzz post soon

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