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Shot 8
as soon as Ragini entered into her room, shocked to see swara sitting in her room
Swara:cum ragini, how ur day went with sanskar, he was giving a flying kiss to u and u were blushing, waah Wat a scene
Rag:stammers swa swara
Swara :with extreme anger shut up Ragini, here I’m in pain but u didn’t care about anything, enjoying outing with him, then acting in front of our (she stops) o sry MY family that u r sacrificing ur life for me
Rag:closed her eyes to control her tears
Swara:goes towards Ragini and holds her shoulder and shook her, y r u doing this to me, I hate u Ragini I hate u, she cries
Rag:chocked voice plz believe me I promise I’ll make sanskar to understand
Swara:when (angrily) after ur marriage
Swara:do whatever you want but I will go any extent to stop this marriage or else it will happen after my death oly by saying she went angrily
Rag worries for her and cries

@sanskar room
San is rolling over the bed blushingly by remembering his Ragini’s wrds “that house is nice” it’s continuously ringing in his ears

Lak:nervously holds the drink and any to drink, he hears a girl crying sound, he turns and saw one girl sitting in corner with her head down and crying, felt bad for her and goes towards her
Lak:r u k mam
Lak:u were crying that’s y, do you need anything
Lak:sry by saying he is abt to turn but she holds his wrist
Laksh turns, at the same time that girl moved her head to look at him ,both had a eye lock
(girl is revealed as shiney(mahi) in jamai Raja)
Mahi:pouts he didn’t love me
Mahi:cries again
Lak:hey Sry Sry don’t cry
Mahi:do u know how much i love him? But he, today I went to propose him but he is introducing his fiancee to me and Again cries
Mahi:they r in relationship for past 4 yrs, he went, my love is failure ,he didn’t love me like I do,im a good girl only then y god did like this to me(guys she is fully toxicated )
Lak:feels bad for her, see miss
Lak:i think u deserve better than him, that’s y god did like this
Mahi:with crying face u r telling lie I won’t trust u
Lak:im serious mahi, u itself told u r a good girl then y god did like this? Think because of this reason only
Mahi :acts like thinking u r right mr
Lak:smiles laksh
Mahi:laksh thank you, u also seems to b good boy then y u came here, drinking is injurious to health, don’t u know
LLak:widens and looks at her table which has 4 empty wine bottle ,looks at her
Mahi:dont look at me like this, it’s first time, i heard if v drink our sadness will go away
Lak:again smiles at her, for me to, it’s first time
Mahi:wat ur sadness, share it with me, because I heard sharing ur pain will lessen it
Lak:tells everything to her
Mahi:u r really bhuddu, c in my condition he gone, he will never be mine but in ur condition u have chance
Lak:confusedly how
Mahi:once ragsan married happened in front of her, once she came to know that sanskar doesn’t love her, she will definitely get rid of her present love and after that u show her how much u love her, how much u care for her, how much is she important in ur life?after that definitely she will understand u and ur love
Lak:before she complete he hugs her
Mahi widens but understand him
Lak:breaks the hug, Sry I got excited
She smiles and nods and suddenly fell over him

After a week
Sanskar is missing Ragini badly, because in these 7 days she completely avoided him and always showed her anger to him, whenever he tries to speak with him
At that Same day at night
San Cam to her room through window
Rag:widens sanskar Wat the hell
San:immediately closed her mouth with his hand ,plz don’t say anything, don’t hurt me with ur words
Rag looks at his glossy eyes (feels bad for him but she want to do it)
San:slowly removed his hand
Rag:turned back plz tell fast I want to sleep
San:(felt bad of her ignorance) silent
Rag:turned towards him when she doesn’t hear his reply (fake annoyingly) Wat sanskar
San:hugs her I missed u badly
Rag:(heart pains more) but pushed him away, with fake anger do u really missed me? Or just came here to fulfill ur desires
San:looked at her confusedly
Rag:u didn’t understand, Wat a acting sanskar, always coming to hug me or kiss me or to touch me, u r a cheapest man I have ever seen
San:before she complete he slapped her hardly on her cheek and pinned her forcefully against the wall (in extreme anger) today I felt like regret of loving you ,I hate you, I hate you, he pushed her angrily and went
Rag cries badly
After 3 hrs
Rag is lifelessly sitting in the bed by remembering his words, tears r continuously coming in her eyes (suddenly she heared a sound and shocked to see sanskar coming again from window)
Sanskar come towards her and sat opposite to her
San:looked at her cheek which has his finger prints and tear marks, he felt very bad and immediately hugs her tightly and cries badly
Rag :hugs him back and cries
San: in cracking voice I’m Sry,again I hurted u, I got angry, I promise I will control my angerness, I know u told all that to get my hatred but I promise you will never get it in our life, try as much u want, but u will never get it, because I trust my love and my Ragini she will never speak like that
Rag:hugs him more tightly by seeing his pure love
After few minutes
Both break the hug
San:im showing my love through this hug and kiss and I know u also knew this by saying he kisses all over her cheek where he slapped
Rag became teary, don’t know what to do, she kept quiet by seeing him
San wipes her tears and nods as no And make her sleep in the bed and covered her quilt and starts to leave ,when he reached the wiwindow,turns and looks at her
Rag is seeing him lovingly with glossy eyes
San:again came towards her, in cracking voice I have rights to sleep with my wife by saying he sleeps beside her by holding her waist and takes her hand and placed it over his neck
Rag smiles with teary eyes and goes close towards him and hugs him tightly and dozed off
As soon as she woke up doesn’t find sanskar and see small chit
I’m Sry wifey without informing u I went but Wat to do I’m scared abt ur mood swings
Rag who was smiling till yet got worried by his last sentence
@shopping mall sujatha cam for shopping and Laksh accompanied her
Suj was selecting a Saree and laksh is uninterestedly standing over there ,his eyes widened by seeing mahi over there
Lak :happily mom I will cum within few minutes by saying he went towards her
Laksh:hi how r u now
Mahi :looks at him blankly
Lak:hey it’s laksh, don’t u remember me
Mahi:got little bit scared Sry I don’t know who r u, I think u r talking with wrong person by saying she moves
Lak:felt bad Sry madam, he went
After few minutes
Ria(mahi frd) :who came from trial room, excitingly mahi I have seen him, that guy who called me at that day when u r toxicated and safetly handover u to me when you are in unconscious state (fb shows when she fell on him, he tooks her Mobile and called her frd and told everything to her)
Mahi”:happily where
But they doesn’t see laksh
Mahi:dont play with me Ria, u know na I’m craving to c him
Ria:o love happened this much early
Mahi :love (makes faces) don’t talk rubbish, I want to say thanks to him, that’s it, if he want he may did anything to me at that time but how geniouly he behaved and my phone has my parents numbers but he called u becaz he knew if he calls my parents it will defame my family dignity
Ria:kk leave don’t start ur Ramayana ,widens her eyes suddenly mahi there he is
Mahi :looks at her hand direction and shocked to see laksh,immediately goes towards him
Mahi:holds her ears Sry
Lak:for Wat
Mahi :pouts for not recognizing u
Lak:thank god at least now u recognized me
Mahi:actually I didn’t remember anything she pouts
Lak:u forgot everything
Mahi:nods,tell me what had happened on that day plz
Lak:Smiles and told everything to her
Mahi :so I’m ur cupid
Both smiles,
Her eyes become widens
Mahi:laksh one minute, by saying she goes towards Sujatha and closed her eyes, laksh widens
Suj:says her frd name one by one
Mahi :tooks her hand, annoyingly u forgot me, u forgot ur brother’s daughter mahi
Suj:hugs her immediately happily, how will I forget my daughter in law
Mahi smiles happily
Suj:fake angrily turns when u came to Delhi, u people not even informed to me
Mahi:aunty two weeks before only v came, and Papa is still in Mumbai only, v thought to cum to ur house after he cum
Suj:but at least u and bhabhi should inform me na
Mahi :sry
Suj:smiles and calls laksh
Suj introduce laksh to him
Both smiles
Mahi in mind laksh is my cousin
Lak:but u r only daughter na ma
Suj:u know my uncle’s son ashok
Lak:ha he is in Mumbai, doing business right
Suj:mahi is ashok’s daughter
Lak:happily mahi is my cousin

Hope u like it, guys mahi laksh scenes r needed that’s y added in this episode ,If u don’t like ,,,comment I will try to reduce their scene
Overwhelmed by ur comments, thank you very much.. I’m completely fine now, I will b regular

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