‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-44.. Anika’s kiss!!

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—- Continuous——–*

“ bhayya, why aren’t you waking? “ Priyanka cried resting her head over the glass looking Shivaay through it.. she felt Rudhr’s tough palm on her shoulder… she turned and hugged him crying..

“ bhayya will be fine Prinku… don’t cry.. If bhayya gets to know about your cry, mainly I allowed you to cry, then he’ll kill me!.. “ along a small smile Priyanka looked Rudhr who was caressing her hair.. Om saw Gauri sitting alone with frozen eyes.. he sat next to her and held her hand slowly.. Gauri looked him with tearful eyes and slithery lips… Om shook his head horizontally wiping her tears.. Dadi was resting her head over Jhanvi’s shoulder but hands upon Pinky.. Tej headed to Casualty for the payment while Sakthi neared the pharmacy for getting Dadi’s medicine as she was not going back home for medicines…

“ Patha nehi Anika kaise hoge ab.. “ Pinky let a lone drop from her eyes tightening her grip on dadi.. Jhanvi slowly stood up and went outside where Gayathri and Rejini were sitting against the wall… Jhanvi sat down holding Gayathri’s shoulder..

“ I couldn’t keep my word Jhanvi… Radhika trusted me, but.. but I couldn’t do anything… Neither I could be a good wife nor a better Amma… I’m sorry… “ Gayathri cried siding over Jhanvi..

“ No Gayu… it’s not bcoz of you.. don’t cry.. everything will be fine!.. “

“ Raja had warned me.. he..he told me several times not to include Shivaay to this… but.. but I never listened to him.. now, Shivaay’s life is in danger!! It’s all bcoz of me!.. I was so selfish of Anu’s life that I..I didn’t even think of all these… I’m sorry Jhanvi.. So sorry.. “ Gayathri cried even more badly closing her eyes… Jhanvi tried to pacify her but none of her words were making any difference…

— Meanwhile——-*

The car stopped it’s wheels in front of the hospital which made Anika more eager… she opened the door as fast as she could but then she noticed that it was locked.. she changed her eyes to Charlie who was sitting front looking the mirror without any reaction..

“ let me go.. I’ll come back… I just want to see Shivaay…just for once… please!!… “ Anika waited for HIS reply but nothing came… HE inhaled the dust of his cocaine and looked the hospital purblinded..

“ Even I wore the wedding dress and jewelries like how you said.. now let me GO..! “ she bolded the last line even strongly… HE looked at HIS men and signaled them to let her go…. They untied the leg fetters and opened the door as HE said… Anika opened the door quickly and ran inside with her heavy dress… Charlie looked at her desperation of meeting her love.. HE saw HIS men standing front of the hospital.. HE smiled and nodded them along with a thumbs up..

“ now, the film starts…. “ HE got down putting his black glasses and took slow steps inside.. Anika didn’t know what she must do… She didn’t know how she must use the chance to see her Shivaay.. She asked the receptionist about Shivaay desperately and swiftly followed the answer.. Suddenly her ghoongatt got tied with the door.. thinking of not wasting the time, she let the ghoongatt go and threw her ornaments angrily.. the only thought in her mind and brain was to meet Shivaay nothing else.. the speed of running made her injured leg leak blood and her hair loosely flapped with the air… that was the moment when Jhanvi saw Anika running to the ventilator room..

“ Anikaa!!… “ she whispered making Gayathri  and Rejini alert of this.. they smiled to each other and stood up following her..

“ Shivaaaaaayyy…! !!!!<>!! !!<!!!>!<! !!>!<!>!!!>!><!>!……………! “ Omri’s eyes widened listening Anika’s voice so as the others.. everyone changed their respective eyes to the direction and saw Anika running towards them slavering…Anika’s legs received hard break seeing everyone there with awful and cried faces… her throats didn’t get the rightful words to start talk.. Anika saw the board in which ‘VENTILATOR‘ was written boldly.. she fired her body and opened the door potently.. her strong hands, the moment, fall weak witnessing Shivaay’s view.. the door got closed as her hands fell weakly.. her legs were getting flaggy and despondent to see Shivaay like that..  innumerable machines were connected to Shivaay’s body and white stripes were see all over his legs and head… the contraction and relaxation of his chest were audible to her.. the nurse besides him removed his oxygen mask and injected him with few medicines.. she went out in order to give them privacy.. Shivaay’s appearance was killing her like anything… she slowly treaded towards him and touched his face with her wet hands.. tears were dripping continuously from her chin which fell over Shivaay’s hand… she cupped his face weakly with her thumbs over cheeks..

“ Shivaaaay…. “ she whispered…

“ Shivaay, it’s…it’s me… A..Anika… open your eyes… “ she saw the red shades over his bands.. she took a step back closing her mouth crying with guilt…

“ God!!… Shivaay.. I’m…I’m sorry!.. “ she neared him and cupped his face regretfully….

“ Shivaay… Sh..Shivaay open your eyes.. Shivaay please Open your eyes please…kkkhhAAAaAaah.. Shivaaay, I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry… this is all bcoz of me.. I’m sorry!!.. SORRY Shiv…aaa… “ she sniffed hard… “ aapko kuch nehi hua hai.. kuch bhi nehi… Nothing will happen to you.. I’ll never let that happen… Shivaay just for once please open your eyes… please Shivaay…. I need to see your eyes..  Shivaay say something!!… My…My ears won’t work without hearing your voice.. Shivaay…. Pleahh..ssse..” she bent her head low crying badly…

“ Shivaay I LOVE YOU… I love you so much Shivaay… you..you always wanted to..to hear this na Shivaay! Look, now I’m saying Shivaay… I love you Shivaay!!! “ she kissed his forehead and said ‘ I love you ‘… she kissed his eyes and said ‘ I love you ‘… she kissed his cheeks and said ‘ I love you ‘.. She kissed his whole face passionately and ended up in Saying ‘ I love you ‘… she looked his lips but cried resting her head over his…

“ Shivaay, wake up.. please… I cannot live without you.. and..and I can’t want to live belonging to someone else… “ she rested her head over his chest..

—- Meanwhile——-*

Everyone were happy to see Anika back..

“ OMM.. Anika is back.. Now I’m sure, Shivaay will be fine soons..“ Pinky said happily while the others agreed to her words…

“ No chotti Maa.. Bhabhi isn’t back.. it’s just that… “

“well… Well… Well  who all I have here.. “ Charlie neared the them cutting Om in mid… “ behold the Oberoi’s..! I always had a wish to see you all.. uh, you should be Shivaay’s brother right? Hairy one and… where is the muscle guy? Oh yes here you are.. whoah.. I didn’t know that Shivaay has a.. a beautiful sister.. “ HE gazed priyanka while Rudhr stood in front of her…

“ who’s this ? “ asked Pinky..

“ Pinky ji!!!!… you are that ‘ Oh My Mata ‘ one, aren’t you? Shivaay’s mummy!.. well, who doesn’t know the Oberoi’s… “

“ why are you here? “ Asked Om standing between HIM and Pinky..

“ Nothing.. I just came to invite you all… it’s my marriage today..UhuH… you all are Anika’s family right? So I must say, it’s Anika weds Charlie…. “ Oberoi’s were shocked to hear these lines..

“ Ohhho.. So you are that Charlie… “ Priyanka bolded her voice..

“ C’mon.. hey Gauri, didn’t you tell them about your jiju? And all the gifts I gave you!.. “ HE looked her injuries while Pinky made gauri hide behind her..

“ how dare you come here? You tried to kill Shivaay bhayya and now you are standing in front of us mocking? And don’t make a mistake by thinking that we will respect you… I made this body just not to see.. “ Rudhr held his collar and looked into HIS eyes sharply…

“ Rudhr leave HIM… “

“ but O..”

“ I said leave HIM.. “ Om sharped his voice.. “ if we hurt HIM, then HE will hurt bhabhi badly than anything…

“ well, your hairy brother has brain.. “ HE got from Rudhr’s clutches and made HIS dress correct.. Everyone remain calm thinking of Anika..

“Please don’t do this Charlie.. “pleaded Gayathri…

“ Arrey my Mother in Law!.. you are here? Why aren’t you coming for the marriage? After all it’s your daughter’s life matter… Just come and bless us, do you understand? And don’t try to brainwash me as it’s not gonna happen..“ the last lines showed order than inviting..

— Same time——-*

Anika slowly got up and looked Shivaay caressing his face…

“ I’ll wait for you Shivaay… I’ll always wait for you.. I’m always yours.. always yours… HE can only get my body but.. but my heart and soul only belong to you… “ she kissed his chest clinching on to him with closed eyes… she entwined her fingers with his and kissed them gently with tear-filled eyes.. it was then she heard the sound of door being opened… Anika could sense that it was Charlie… she slowly got up and stepped back with Shivaay’s hands…

 ‘ Look, you are my wife!! MY ok? Meri biwi ho thum.. sirph meri… you are hearing right? YOU ARE MINE… just mine… ‘

Shivaay’s words ran in her ears…

‘ Remember Anika how our marriage happened? Goons were behind us and to protect I married you… I know there weren’t any rituals… any priest.. any people.. even no family was there… but that eve.. that moment, when I tied the mangalsuthr around your neck, was the most beautiful moment ever in my life.. I swear Anika… ‘ 

Tears were growing continuously in her eyes.. Charlie came forward and stood next to Anika and rounded HIS arms around her…

O jaanaa…..

“ So Shivaay! How are we looking? I know, must be good… After all, it’s our marriage!!!… “ Anika was getting too emotional witnessing Shivaay dying on that bed…

Khoya khoya rehtha hai…

she wasn’t listening to what HE was saying coz Shivaay was much more important comparing to HIS stupid and valueless boastings…. HE saw Anika still holding Shivaay’s hand!

Dil thadap yeh kehtha hai….

HE untied their hands and pulled Anika out while she winced in pain… “ cha lab.. time’s up… “ Charlie said rudely tightening HIS hands on her hair..

Thu hai meri jeene ki wajah…

She looked Shivaay back for the last time crying…

O jaaaannaa….


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      Haii Raji!!!… Yeah, now Shivaay got what he truly wanted, Anika’s love!!… but it’s his unfortunate that it’s for less time!!.. Thank you soo much for loving the part friend… hey yaar, the Oberoi’s are controlling their anger and emotions for Anika’s sake!!… if they over show their power to HIM, then it’s sure that HE would hurt her!!… hope I could clear your doubt.. well, all I could say is to be amazed and stay tuned.. my smile depends on your reviews my friend.. Thank you for always supporting and loving my ff… I must say thank you, not you!.. Take care chunk and be blessed!…. bye
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      Haiii Shanu… thank you for all the loving words.. hahha, but you can’t kill him, he’s just a fictional character!.. sorry for the delay in replying buddy! I had many stuffs to complete… well, what do you think about Omru? keep guessing dear… next one will be posted soon.. stay safe… love ya!

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