2612 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 6th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 6th March 2013 Written Update


Shah calls Rashmi and tells she has to do her first assignment. Rashmi asks her wants she has to do. Shah informs her that she should pose as a reporter and meet a new friend. ON further prodding by Rashmi, Shah tells her that she has to meet the CM’s son in the Bandra Club. She tells Rashmi she has to go as if she is representing Shah’s mulk.

She has to be nice to him so and impress him so that they can make use of him later. Shah tells her go on time and not to try any funny tricks using her brains. Otherwise her family will be in danger.

She then opens her laptop and sees the Nova 6 bomb picture (I guess she can only do that). She then talks to her self that Randeep Rathore who was responsible for her husband’s death. She will destroy the whole country with the bombs and he will be helpless and will be watching.


Randeep will be very restless and will call the friend from the next cell. He tells him he has to get out of prison. The cellmate tells him it will be very difficult. He tells the guard is just outside his cell. Randeep tells him he will handle everything but he wants two things. One he wants the Guard to be away from his cell for sometime. The second he wants a wire. His friend will promise that it will be done.


The CM’s son Nikhil will be sitting at a table and will be listening to tips from his personal secretary. He gets a call and it will be Shah. Nikhil call her Karuna ji and Shah starts buttering him up and tells that not to call her Jee but Karuna. He tells his secretary to go from there. He asks why did you call after so many days. She says that she just remembered him and wanted to call him. She asks him what he is doing. He tells he is waiting for a journalist from a neighboring mulk to come and interview him.

She praises him and tells an international journalist is going to interview him. As they are talking Rashmi comes there and he informs her that the journalist has arrived and he will talk to her later. Shah had just called to keep tabs on Rashmi.

He gets up and greets Rashmi as Shahana Malik. Rashmi is shocked but she nods her head. He informs her that the photographer is waiting. Rashmi is worried and she sits down. He asks about her when she tells him to start telling about her likes and dislikes.


Randeep is waiting and another guard comes and gives tea to the guard outside Randeep’s cell. He tells that he should have tea so that he can be awake the whole night as he was doing night duty. He is eating a banana and offers it to the guard. The guard refuses and he give it to Randeep. Randeep taking the hint from him, takes the banana. He starts eating it when he finds a metal wire in it [How can a metal wire get inside a banana which is closed surprised me]

The guard outside Randeep cells complains of stomach upset and leaves the place. The cellmate warns there is no time and to leave the place as fast as possible. He throws him a piece of mirror.

Randeep with great difficulty takes the mirror and used it to open the lock. He then comes out of the cell and thanks his friend. His friend cautions him to be careful. If he gets caught it would be seven years sentence. Randeep tells him he knows and leaves from there.


Rashmi will start interviewing him and asks how he started in politics when the photographer will be keeping an eye on her. Nikhil will start telling her about his entry into politics when Rashmi is writing something. After sometime she looks at the photographer and he has turned his face away since he was offered tea.

She tears the paper, which she has written, and she folds it while Nikhil who claimed that he never talks about himself is talking nine to a dozen. She has written the truth that she was not Shahana Malik and Karuna was Shahana who has held her family hostage and she is a dreaded terrorist. She is going to harm the nation.


Randeep with great difficulty doges all the guards and comes outside the prison. He hears the inspectors voice and goes under the police van. Just as the van is about to start with Randeep hanging on to it from the bottom, Jeddah arrives there.


Rashmi folds the paper while the photographer is distracted and she slowly with the paper in her hands slides it across the table. Nikhil takes the wrong meaning. He is about to take the hand when his secretary comes and whispers something in his ear. He tells sorry to Rashmi as he has some important work. He tells her that he will fulfill her adora supna and goes from there to the dismay of Rashmi.


She is regretting that why she did not try and convince Nikhil to stay and give him the letter. She gets a call from a gloating Shah, who tells her you did a good job and Nikhil was pleased with you and he is very important to them. She then tells her you go and live your life. Rashmi does not understand.

Shah then explains how Mumbai is a very fast paced city and the people are so busy that they are bothered about only themselves and not about others because they are so busy. Even if Rashmi goes home no one is going to ask her where she went. That is why Mumbai was chosen as a city to plant the bombs. A very angry Rashmi cuts the call.


The guard discovers that Randeep is missing and sounds an alarm. Jeddah who was taking to the inspector is asks why the siren is on. They are informed that Randeep is missing; Jeddah orders the gates to be closed and to check all video footage to trace him. While all the time Randeep is under the van standing right next to Jeddah.

The warden tells Jeddah that they can find him as he just left and a furious Jeddah is wondering how he escaped in the first place. He comes to the cell and is shocked.

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