Uttaran 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 6th March 2013 Written Update

Meethi is getting ready. She praises herself that she has learnt to wear saree so well in just one day. The second massi comes. She teases (with blank expressions) that now she understands why Vishnu has fallen for her…you have beautiful hair. Meethi all happy says that her hairs are just like her mum. She gives Iccha credit for all her good qualtites. You haven’t met Ma na…I look just like her.
Massi goes back in her angry mode slightly and tells that jij is calling them leaves.

Meethi is back in her self praise mode….If Ma & Anni would have been here, then they would have definitely appreciated her. She then realizes that she hasn’t called back home to inform them…they must be so worried. Goes and picks Akash’s phone as her phone isn’t working…but finds no network in his phone as well. Akash is watching it from the door.

She wonders aloud as to what she will do now. Akash replies that they face network problem here in Aatishgarh. It is sometimes like this only…when the outside world is shunned to us. She asks him then how can they contact her parents. They must be calling at the hotel and would be worried too.He asks her to relax. But she points out that there must be a landline in their home.

On the other side we see Akash’s mama disconnecting the wire of the landline as it would go on a break for some time now. The same massi asks jiji if she has seen Meethi’s hair…she told that they are just like her mother Iccha’s.

Jiji becomes angry and restless at hearing this while mama and massi leave the room. She goes to a wall & removes the cloth…the wall has a full size photo of Avinash. She has flashbacks of when Iccha had killed him in the jungle. Tears roll down her eyes while she goes through the same painful memory lane.

Another flashback is shown where Akash is lighting the pyre & doing the last rites of his father when he was a kid.
She tells him that….she took away all the colors from her life. His father….she is the murdered of his father….Iccha Veer Singh Bundela! She asks for the promise that he will avenge his father’s death….from her & her whole family. You will make them suffer…for every minute in their life. Na aag, na dehan, na mrityu…sirf aansu..vachan de (Promise me….neither fire, nor burying them & not even death but they will only get tears…of unbearable pain & sorrow…they wont get any of this!). akash (the kid) promises her.

Then she was shown taking him to the ghaat along with her…where her hairs were supposed to be cut as her husband had passed away. The pandit protests that he isa kid & scared too. She replies that when a father dies, the kid doesn’t remain a kid anymore. He grows up in that very instant itself. I have brought my son here so that he can see for himself that the fire in her heart is much more greater than the fir of is father’s pyre…the cries of pain are very high. She has snatched everything from her…her husband, a woman’s last ornament, her married life…everything. She tells him that he has to feel the same pain that she is going through so that he can fulfill his mission. She declares her mundan.
The barber cuts her hair while Akash & the Pandit watch in despair. Rupam dehi, jayam dehi is playing in the background. Finally her cropped haircut is shown.
Akash nods his head slightly in disapproval while she immediately covers her head with her pallu.

Back to present, the wind blows her pallu & we see her in the same haircut. She looks at the photo and says…you liked my hair a lot. Iccha snatched everything away from me…my vermilion, my mangalsutra, my hairs & YOU…everything.
She opens one shelf & takes out a supari cutter & cuts one supari. She exclaims that their daughter has very beautiful hair…just like that Iccha.

Scene shifts to Bundela House…once again Iccha is putting flowers in the vase. She is lost in the thoughts of Meethi…her vidaai…when she was born & she had taken her in her arms for the first time.
Alongside, we see tappu standing alone & recalling moments spent with Mukta…she regrets when she had slapped Mukta…when Mukta was born & when she had met her for the first time when Mukta was all set to marry Tej for Iccha’s sake. The scenes alternate between iccha & Tappu.

In Aatishgarh, everyone is sitting on the dining table to have food. Pavitra tells Meethi that Mama excels in palmistry & jyotish vidya. She asks Meethi to show her hand so that mama can tell her something about her future as well. Meethi excitedly goes & shows her hand to him.
He looks at it & then notices Ekadish (jiji) coming downstairs with the supari cutter in hand & a smile appears on his face. He looks back at Meethi & says…no need to look at your hand…..the lines of your forehead are more than enough to understand things about you.
Both massi’s also look up in the direction of their jiji (who is very slowly descending the stairs) & look at Meethi & her in anticipation of what is going to happen.

Mama comments that its your mother’s destiny…the daughter has finally reached where her future has been so waiting for her from always. Your mother must have done many good deeds that you have come to this house (ok, I laughed here!)

Maiyya comes down & stands right behind Meethi’s chair…who is clueless about her arrival. She eyes Meethi’s hairs & moves the cutter at the back of her head.


Maiyya thinks to cut but in the end doesn’t. she tells Meehti to get up and show how is she looking.
Meethi gets up happily but notices Akash & goes to him.
Maiyya & Akash are miffed at Meethi for this & exchange glances.

She says…Vishnu, where were you. You dint even tell me and went all alone by yourself. (she was addressing him as TUM). Meethi again prods him to speak up.
Akash explains her that one, here they don’t leave the conversation with elders’ midway as it is an insult to them. (meethi nods) And two, that here a husband is addressed as AAP.
Meethi apologizes as there was no one to stop her from doing anything as per likes back at home.
Maiyya tells her that dint you mother tell you that a girl’s parents house is like an open sky but it’s a cage when it comes to their in-laws house.

Meethi clarifies that she dint knew that Vishnu had a family too as her never told anyone. She just knew that after marriage they will shift to the flat nearby their parents house & only the two of them will be staying together. She thought that she wont have to change herself in any way then.
Maiyya again tells her that its changes in one night only for a girl…as she leaves her home, her one relation ends & as soon as she enters her new home, her second relation begins.

Now Mama & then Meethi again ask Akash where he was. He replies that he had gone to the post office as the phone isn’t working so he had gone to send e-mail at her home. Meethi says that she could have joined him too (again in tum mode). The angry massi points this out to her & Meethi corrects herself.
She says…this Aatishgarh is somewhat weird……there is no landline or network coverage but one can send an e-mail.
Akash smiles & tells her to get habituated as it would be good for her.
Meethi asks Maiyya to raise her voice & concerns to the government as one shouldn’t stand by and watch in helplessness. Every village must have light & normal facilities that are daily necessities.
Maiyya exclaims that the new bride has a very high voice. Meethi goes mum.


Maiyya repeats her sentence & tells Vishnu that she has liked his choice very much. Akash asks Meethi to smile now as Maiyya is happy too….with her. And assures her that he has sent e-mail to both her dad & Jogi Thakur. she smiles finally.

Mukta says…what? They have sent an e-mail & dint call?
Rathores states that they have given an excuse that their International calling Card isn’t working.
Mukta says but papa you have travelled a lot. You must know that that is not the case. And agreed, if their card isn’t working, there are hotel phones, telephone booth & in case of an emergency, one can even ask for it from a stranger. What national calamity do they face that they can send an e-mail and not call. He thinks that he is very intelligent. Maybe he doesn’t want us to know his location.
Rathore says..he is sending e-mail so that we cannot trace his location. If he calls, then we can easily know where he is. But I wonder why the airlines staff said that they did board the flight.

Mukta replies that she doesn’t understand how he is managing to do all this. But she is sure that they haven’t left for Switzerland. Episode ends on Mukta’s worried face.

Precap: Akash & Maiyya are standing in front of Avinash’s photo. She asks him to take his blessings that he waont forget the revenge that he has to take. Maybe tonight he comes close to meethi physically, but he shouldn’t get lost in her & forget their real motive behind their marriage. Its not for love but for revenge.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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