Junoon 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 6th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1 {Morning Prayers Temple-house}

Kiran says to her mom in law that when Prithvi doesn’t wish to join the family for Pooja & have the Prasaad i guess {guys i missed the starting of few seconds} so why to force him but nowaday in this house there is too much forcing people to stay together without their wish & impossing someone on someone & that too when its fault of somebody refering to Rajeev her husband because of him they have to bare each other.

Prithvi feels bad but when Kiran taunts Prithvi so Rajeev says that if she will open & widen her thought maybe then she will realise that its love & not forced relations but also with full rights & respect is being given Prithvi.

Kiran says that “i am so open minded that i have to stay with a husband’s past mistakes & also stay with him being blinded by the bitter truth”.

Dadi asks Prithvi not to mind anyones taunts coz it takes time for situations & relationship to grow & become normal & asks him to have Prasaad.

Prithvi says why should he take it as he doesn’t have any understanding of family & relationships & when your God pointing at the Krishna idol that nobody came to claim him as their son when your God exists so my relation with God doesn’t exists & i never believed in God all his life or neither will he ever believe.

The entire members look at Prithvi & Rajeev, Aakash & Meera are sad seeing Prithvi’s words, Dadi says eating prasaad is this houses costoms & its compulsory but Prithvi refuses it again & says he doesn’t follow any compulsory rules & Dadi says its his house & he is a part of family so Prithvi says but will never eat & especially that house where nobody considers him their own & Prithvi says “if Prithvi wants something to eat he doesn’t follow any rules but his own wish & will no rules can stop him Prithvi looks angrily while Meera looks at him sadly but she thinks in her mind that all the members with consider him as their own & love him & even he will love & accept everyone.

Meera takes it as a challenge & promises Dadi that Prithvi will eat the prasaad & also join the family in every ritual.

Scene 2 {at dinning table}

Meera serves everyone & asks if they wish anything else to eat & Kiran eats & compliments Meera on her cooking skills & says Meera didn’t let anyone enter the kitchen & made evertyhing on her own but tells Meera that after her marriage she wont let her cook.

Dadi says that there is an old saying that when a daughter in law wins everyone through her cooking then consider that she has one everyone’s trust & love.

Akaash smiles when he sees Prithvi coming & Meera asks Prithvi to join everybody & also Rajeev insists him to join & Aakash asks Prithvi sit near him so he finally sits but sees Noodles & wonders what is it brother?? {ee kaa hai Bhai lolzzz} he describes the noodles as wet mud with tortoise… Komal Mamiji is disgusted & so
is Kiran & Sanjana.

Meera looks at him but is clueless how to make him understand so Dadi explains it as a continental food Noodles so Prithvi says “what Mental food???”

Dadi says Its just like Sevaiya-Indian sweet dish & says even she never used to like it before but now sometimes she eats it & asks him to try it as its not bad.

Meera looks at him sadly so Prithvi says Dadi what kind of food are you eating isn’t there any Rice or lentils {Dal-Chaawal} so Akaash says if Dadi never liked & tried it & then she started liking it so he should also try once & he’s sure he will like it.

So Prithvi says no he can’t eat such uncooked things & have stomach aches & leaves the dining table & Dadi says he went away without eating anything.

Meera says Dadi don’t you worry i will make him eat, Dadi asks why aren’t you eating?? & asks to join them but Meera says after they all eat she will eat.

Scene 3 {Kitchen}

Prithvi searching for food & searches all possible places referigerator & takes out platter filled with prasaad & says to himself he so hungry & there is nothing else other than prasaad so he says if he had to eat he woukd have had it in the morning its better to have something out of the dining table than to have prasaad he goes to the dining table & finds it empty with only cutlery & plates.

Meera comes & says everyone has eaten & she hopes what he wished to eat he has had it.

Junoon track plays & both give looks & Meera slightly smiles while asusual Prithvi looks
confused & Meera leaves while Prithvi says that all this is planned to make him eat something that he doesn’t wish to.

Prithvi is walking while a servant is having a dustbin & he calls him & asks the servant his name he replies Ramu sir!! so he asks what is this Ramu replies Its a dustbin sir do you want to dispose any waste sir?? he leaves the Dustbin & tells him he will throw him in the dustbin & asks him where is all the food & why there is only prasaad so Ramu replies that all ration is over & he needs to go & get it from the shops this evening, Prithvi says that high fi people also order food by dialing pohone right so Ramu says yes & Prithvi instructs him to order him some food & says tell them he is very hungry & tells him to order 10 rotis, 1 vessel of Lentils Daal & 1 vessel of Rice & Potatoes side dish & 1 big can of buttermilk.

Meera hears this & smiles probably made an instant plan.

Scene 4 {Hall way- entrance door}

Prithvi is waiting for the food to be delivered & he starts pacing with impatience & his stomach is aching of hunger & finally the door bell rings & he was delivering the food to the waiter & Prithvi scolds the delivery man to straight away bring the food & not waste time by talking & standing on the door step.

The delivery boy is shocked that so much food for just 1 man .asks him if the food is cold & he keeps walking but Prithvi asks if he doesn’t want his money so he says yes he wants & he says okay wait let me first check the food & opens & finds only prasaad in all the boxes so he asks are you from restaurant or a temple where is his food & holds his collar while delivery boy is unable to talk & Prithvi says don’t talk like a goat & speak up so delivery boy says a lady exchanged his parcel with hers & Meera is standing behind & Prithvi looks at Meera & understands & delivery boy runs away.

Scene 5 {staircase}

Prithvi goes towards Meera & Junoon track plays in bg Prithvi asks what game is she playing with him so Meera reoplies that there is no game going on but if he eats the prasaad he will get something to eat as well gets down the stairs.

Prithvi says now he understands everything & tells Meera that she is throwing a challenge.that she is doing all this to get rid of him & leaving but Meera says so has he given up on the challenge so soon how does it make him a winner if he goes out & eat.

Prithvi replies that “what do you want that i stay at home & eat nothing then so be it he will stay at home & eat here but if he doesn’t get anything to eat he will stay hungry but wont eat.

Prithvi starts to leave while Meera’s scarf gets tangled in Prithvi’s hand bracelet & junoon romantic duo track plays & after some eye locks Prithvi leaves angrily.

Precap: Prithvi is walking up & down thinking that how will he win this hunger challenge while Akaash is convincing Meera to eat as she has also not had anything eat from the morning & Prithvi overhears Akash & Meera & wonder why is Meera behaving dual faced…

Update Credit to: abd

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