2612 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 2nd April 2013 Written Update


The episode starts with Jeddah giving an run down on all the know terrorists. He says that the Mission 2612 was a small one and is closed and there will be more such missions and he points out three names, Musa who is linked with the underground. Next he points out to Parekh an Businessman and lastly to an NRI student who has come into the country and know on knows who and what their motives are.

Randeep objects to Jeddah and tells that 2612 is not over for the head was a Professor and no one knows who he is. Then he says Shah’s body is still missing even if the bombs were found. Jeddah agrees with him and tells the planning is done from somewhere in the middle east.

Jeddah then allots each of them some work, Randeep to keep and eye on Musa. Vidisha should join Parikh’s company and try to learn the secrets Rashmi has to join a college and try to identify the NRI students.

Rashmi is jealous of Vidisha and the way she is so friendly with Randeep. She is angry that Vidisha had mistaken her as Jeddah’s secretary. Jeddah is looking form far and enjoying all what is happening between the three of them. Vidisha seems to be a good girl but does not even think before she says anything.

The three of them return to Mumbai for their tasks. Randeep wants to drop Rashmi home but she refuses his help. She tells him to drop Vidhi (Vidisha) at her place as she is new to the place. As Randeep is leaving the Airport someone keeping an eye on him tells that he has left.

Randeep takes Vidhi to her new rental apartment. Then there will be someone shooting at them. Randeep saves Vidhi and they run behind the shooter. Randeep is running in one direction and Vidhi in another direction and face both the shooter. They will try to ask questions when a van comes by and shoots him truly filmy style.

The van gets away and they learn from the shooter that Musa was the person who sent him.

Meanwhile Ritika is planning to go back to England and she wants to leave immediately. I am wondering why she is in such a hurry to go back to London so suddenly when she will not be able to she Rashmi’s wedding.

The pre-cap shows that Rashmi is teaching at the college ( How can a Nursery teacher start teaching in collage). She is following a student when Jeddah calls and alerts the student.

Update Credit to: anurao

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