Amrit Manthan 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Agam threateningthetwo guys to get theirfoddone and to getout of here..they repy back to him..Nimrit a bit irritated ties her hair up of her worker sees her exposed back..the woman tells Nimrit about the dori of her blouse open..she is embarrassed and remembers Agam making her hair down on her back and that she looks good in open hair..outside Agam giving a good beating to the two guys ..Agam looks back and Nimrit shocked to see him without his sunglasses..Agam worried as Nimrit walking towards him but in time puts back his sunglasses..Nimrit says Thank you to him..he goes away leaving Nimrit in thought..she says to herself what i have seen is this real..

Agam is frustrated in his room as why he cant remember anything..he gets flashback of Amrit telling him about Nimrit throwing him in water..Nimrit love for him..he gets faint memory of him taking care of sunitaji..same him hugging mahiji…he gets angry as why he only gets blurred memories not a clear picture..he says i need my memory back now..i cant wait and gets his medical file..he remembers what the doctor was telling vishal..he may have a memory loss forever but chance is there if he is back with his past or gets a shock on his head..Agam says i’m back with the one of my past still nothing..i must know the truth now..downstairs mahiji with sunitaji having milk..he is missing the kids..sunitaji replies they have exams and Nimrit helping them in their revision..Agam comes downstairs and mahiji asks him to join them..he gives him a glass of milk..Agam asks mahiji if they are staying in the palace for long..he replies for 7 years after Agam death..he asks him where he was staying before..Mahiji tells him the address and Agam proposes to buy the house..Mahiji refuses to do so as they have Agam memories there and not to talk about the house..Nimrit comes there and asks which house..Agam on seeing Nimrit makes the excuse of urgent phonecall and leaves from there..

yug with his drama of commiting suicide as vishal has told him Agambuying his old house..Amrit laughs at him and says no worry nothing wil happen to us..Amrit tells Yug i know Agam wants his memory back and wants to be close to his about Nimrit herself throws him out of the palace..Yug smiles and says suicide is postponed for day Yug in disguise at the palace and hides seeing Agam going out in his car…he enters the palace and tells sunitaji he is here to repair the phone..Agam comes back and Yug scared he will recognise him …after a long look at him Agam goes upstairs to get his phone..Yug is relieved he has not recognised him..mahiji doing revisionof his english when Agam comes in the room..its shown Yug hiding under the bed..Agam asks mahiji if he wants something as he is going to the guest house..he replies yes get me some sweet..Agam smiles saying this i cant do it as noone want to face Bani’s he leaves Yug puts chlorophome in a handkercheif and makes him he puts ink on his thumb and his signature on his house property paper..his next plan drops the ink till Agam’s room..there he leaves the signatured paper .. the bottle of chlorophome and handkerchief..once done he relates all to Amrit and she says lets wait for the result of our plan..

Nimrit entering mahiji room shocked on seeing himunconscious..she calls her M-I-L and they help mahiji to lie on the bed..he says he cant remember anything only talking to Agam..Nimrit sees the drops of ink on floor and follows it to Agam’s room..there she is shocked to see the house property paper..chlorophome bottle and handkerchief..Nimrit says this sehgal got our trust to backstab us ..he already wanted our Dhaba and now our low he can stoop putting in danger paapji’s life..i wont spare him..

precap Nimrit in Agam’s room ..she gets Agam’s medical file and read about his memory loss..7 years ago ..his blood group and Nimrit says its same as my Agamji medical file..does this mean he is my Agamji?

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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