Junoon 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 2nd April 2013 Written Update

1) Prithvi sees his name written on Meera’s mehendi filled hands and worries about others seeing it. Kiran (step mom) wonders what Prithvi is seeing on Miu’s hands and Akash gets the point. Miu and Prithvi get into an argument once again about how much she loves him and how fate has bound them together and him not caring about relationships and love. Meanwhile, Akash is upset at what Miu did; he decides that he’ll have her name permanently written so that it’ll never be wiped out. Yes of course, he conveniently finds a knife and carves M on his chest

2) Sudha ji notices her daughter walking away from Prithvi; she blames him once again on how everytime he enters their lives, things go wrong. Because of him, she was separated from her husband long time ago, she doesn’t want his interference anymore. If he feels he’s beholden to daata thakur in any way, he needs to promise to stay away from Meera’s wedding the next day. Prithvi gives his vachan.

Comment: Funnily, Miu’s parents are on opposite ends; father wants Prithvi to stay wedded to his daughter while mom wants him to stay away. I sometimes wonder if education makes any difference in people’s lives as far as reasoning things out is concerned.

3) The mehendi-sangeet party is going on and Miu’s eyes are searching for Prithvi. When he joins the family, she sees him smiles and takes a few steps towards him, but he gives her angry glaring looks and shakes his head warning her not to come near. She’s wondering what happened and just then pappa Raj who’s had too much stress takes a beating and needs some rest. The party is broken up.

3) Akash wants to make sure Miu and Prithvi stay away from each other just for tonight; tomorrow, Miu will be his anyway. He goes and asks Sudha ji (miu’s mom) to be with her daughter on her wedding day and to not leave her alone; he’s worried for his Miu.

4) Next morning, Meera brings Prithvi’s new sherwani, puts it on his bed and is about to leave when Prithvi sees her. They argue once again and Prithvi tells her he doesn’t care for her and it doesn’t matter to him whether she’s alive or dead . Miu leaves in tears and Sudha ji now knows that her daughter loves none other than Prithvi. Akash notices Miu is upset and is wondering what her mom is doing; as Sudha ji is walking past he takes off at her in an angry voice. For the first time Sudha ji heard him speak harshly to her and she’s surprised (now you now part of his true colors, don’t you saasu mom?). She folows her daughter and notices Miu is ready to give up her life if she can’t have Prithvi.

Precap: Sudha ji pleading with Prithvi to go to the mandap; she’s giving him persmission as she realizes how much her daughter loves him. Will Prithvi reach on time?

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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