1st Epi – Molkki 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: A tale of struggles, poverty and values

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A girl leaves (Purvi) goes to a temple on her bicycle. She offers her prayers in the temple while other ladies celebrate Chhatt puja. Boys jump in the water as the ladies throw coins as an offering. She jumps in as well. A guy (Vipul) keeps calling out to her to come up asap. It is raining. Purvi collects all coins but the water level rises. She manages to come out with Vipul’s help. He asks her if she has lost her mind. Don’t you want to live? Purvi recalls how they used to yearn for food when they were young. She replies that she wants to live for her family. She buys 1 plate of poori bhaji and keeps some money to buy books. Vipul calls after her. She tells him not to tell anything to Ma.

A guy gifts anklets to Priyu. She teases him to bring gold anklets and ask for her hand asap or she will marry someone else. He chases her and they both fall down in the process. Purvi calls out to Priyu just then. Priyu hides her anklets. Purvi asks her if she isn’t afraid of getting caught. Her sister calls it adventurous. You should sometimes meet Vipul stealthily. Purvi denies but Priyu knows there are feelings involved. The girls head home on the bicycle. They fall down right outside their house. They notice that the house is filled with water and their mother is trying to clean up. They start helping her asap. Her mother curses the weather but Purvi calls the weather lovely. This is the perfect weather for poori bhaji. They all sit down to eat. Her mother asks her from where she got it. Purvi lies that a rich man was distributing food so I thought to bring for you all. She realises that there is only 1 poori left. She tries to give it to her mother and makes an excuse but her mother knows her too well. Purvi shares it with her. They curse the owner of Sakshi mill as they lost their jobs because of him. Purvi says I have heard that he is just with everyone but I will question him on his decision the day I will meet him. What he did was injustice to us!

A lady is running on the streets with her baby and some people are chasing her. She falls down while running. A guy (Virender) comes there. Everyone stops in their tracks and keep their turbans on the ground. The lady requests him to help her get justice. They all sit down for a Panchayat meeting. A lady lies that this is her baby but the lady seeking justice calls her a liar. This is my kid. She shouted loudly and people gathered in her support. The baby is crying badly all this while. Virender says this kid is the root cause of the problem. Throw the kid in water. People are boggled by his decision. The mother of the kid begs for her baby’s life. It isn’t my kid. The other lady takes the baby and begins to leave but Virender stops her. What punishment should be given to this liar? She says she should be beaten with stones and her house should be burned. This should be an example to everyone. No one should dare to do this again to anyone! Virender gives the baby to its actual mother. This kid belongs to this Banjaran. The other lady denies. She just said that she is not his mother. Virender says she was shaken badly when she heard that her kid can die. She was willing to part from her kid just to keep the baby alive. She proved that she is the real mother. Be ready to bear the punishment that you had decided for her. People cheer for him as he announces his final decision on the matter.

Priyu asks her sister why she wants to miss her closest friend Sudha’s marriage. What if you find a better guy than Vipul there? Purvi says I want to study and get rid of this poverty. Purvi says this way they can get to eat tasty food items. Their mother tells them against it but their father insists that Purvi must go to the wedding. His wife requests him against it. He stays put. He also notices the knot in Purvi’s dupatta. She is hiding money. He takes the money from her by force and slaps his wife in the process. The kids comfort their mother.

Virender’s kids are running around and making a mess in the house. Virender’s mother asks Anjali to handle the kids. Anjali says I look 38 only in 28. Get a mother for her. She dips her face in the color by mistake. She complains to Yogi but he tells her that this is her job. Virender’s Mama notices the mess and thinks that the kids are out of control now. They realise that Virender is here and clean up everything. Virender greets his Mama. How come you are here today? Virender’s Mama says I have the same request that I had 5 years ago. Virender politely declines and walks away.

Purvi’s mother complains about the condition of the house. Purvi assures her that things will change for good once she completes her exam.

Yogi gives the invite of Sudha’s wedding to Virender. Virender’s mother tells Yogi to go. Virender wont go. He has a lot to do.

Priyu tells her sister that she should go to the wedding. Baba will otherwise hit Ma again. Purvi agrees with her. I wasn’t thinking about myself. I will go to the wedding.

Virender says he has been working for us since 25 years. I must go. Virender’s mother says you have a lot to do. You don’t have time. He reasons that someone who served them for 25 years is like a family. I will go. She smiles. Virender’s Mama asks his sister why she had to do this drama to convince him. You are his mother. She says I know him as I am his mother. I know how and when he will say yes. I would have wasted 5 years if I had to act like you. He tells her that Virender should get married now. Convince him to marry if you can convince him to go to someone’s wedding. Think about the kids. She nods but also knows this is his personal choice. I wont interfere.

Purvi’s father asks his wife (Savita) to serve food. They get into an argument regarding money and how he has been stealing money from Purvi. Purvi is unable to study. Priyu suggests her to go to mill and study there. Be careful though as it is an off. Thieves and loafers might come there as well. Purvi nods. Inform Ma and Baba.

Virender comes to Sakshi Mill. Purvi goes inside from the other side. Virender tells his mother and Mama to go to the wedding. I will join you soon. His mother tells him to come soon. He nods as he steps out of the car. My dream is going to come true after 5 years of long wait!

Purvi finds a quiet corner. She looks at the sign and complains how even her Baba lost job because this mill was closed down. Baba wouldn’t have been hitting Ma today then. Virender is nearby. He moves a part aside. Purvi looks up hearing the noise. She notices the gun near his waist. Priyu was right. It’s a thief with a gun. How will I save myself now? Virender hears some sound as Purvi runs away. He follows the noise. Who is there? Purvi hides but then drops a part. Virender heads in the direction from where the noise was coming. She runs away yet again. He finally finds her and aims the gun at her. Who are you? Why are you here? Did you come here to steal? She hits him on his feet and runs away again. Virender finds Purvi’s books. They might belong to some worker. I will catch that thief!

Precap: A guy pays money to Sudha’s father. Purvi overhears their convo and informs her friend. You are going to be Molkki bride. Virender overhears it. This is Molkki and not some ordinary thing. Do you even know what it is? Virender’s mother’s necklace falls down. Someone keeps in Purvi’s bag and later blames her for stealing it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Lead will do everything, later they both will fall in love against all odds..

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  3. Hmmm….. taken a page out of the Bible….the baby incident is similar to the issue Solomon had to solve where he also tried to find the real mother of the baby.

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