Laal Ishq4 RiKara,SamAina,BeHir,RoshAn,DriKshit FF Part 1

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 1

The credit for the edits goes to the real editors.

Omkara picked up his daughter Jugnu from the school and drove to Oberoi Mansion.
Prerna came:Hi Jugnu….
Without saying anything Jugnu went to her room.
Prerna:What happened Om?Why Jugnu is so indifferent?
Omkara:Somebody in her school teased her for not having a mother.Through the car journey she was asking me about her mother.
Prerna,Rudra and Parvati became upset.
Om:I did not tell her anything.So she is upset and angry.
Prerna:I will go and console her.
Prerna went to Jugnu’s room.
Rudra:Om..why did’nt you tell Jugnu about her mother?
Om:What are you saying Rudra?She is a small child.Can she keep any secret in her mind?
Parvati:You are right.Jugnu won’t be able to keep any secret.But there is a solution.You can get married and give a mother to Jugnu.
Om:Paro bhabhi..please…you know that I cannot love anyone else other than Gauri.
Parvati:Then marry Gauri.
Om:Gauri and I got separated when Jugnu was small.She must have married someone else.
Rudra:It’s possible.But move on Om.

Om:I can never move on.
Parvati:What if Gauri is still unmarried?
Om:Never!She hates me.

Jugnu hugged Prerna and cried.I don’t have a mother.But papa is not even telling me who my mother is.He is not even showing her photograph.
Prerna felt very upset.
Prerna:Don’t cry Jugnu.
Jugnu:How can I not cry?Am I a statue?I just want to see my mother once.Don’t I have the right to see her?
Prerna felt more upset.
Prerna:Ok.But if you see her photograph will you stop crying?
Prerna:Then I will show you her photograph.
Jugnu was excited:Really?
Jugnu kissed Prerna:You are the best.
Prerna opened the cupboard and showed her a photograph.
Prerna:This is your mother.Gauri.
Jugnu looked at her mother with a sweet smile.
Jugnu caressed the photograph.
Jugnu:My mumma looks so pretty.Why did papa leave her?
Prerna became upset.
Omkara,Rudra and Parvati came inside.They were shocked to see Jugnu looking at Om and Gauri’s photograph.

Omkara lost his control.
Om:Prerna..why did you show her this photograph?
Prerna got nervous seeing his anger.
Prerna:I am sorry Om.When Jugnu cried a lot…

Rudra:Om…Prerna did not do anything wrong.In this situation what else can you expect from Prerna?
Om:Sorry Prerna.I over reacted.
Prerna:It’s ok Om.But why are you hiding her mother from her?
Om:You won’t understand it Prerna.Leave it.

Om tried to take the photograph from Jugnu.
Om:Give me the photograph.
Jugnu:No.This is my mother’s photograph.I won’t give it to you.

Jugnu ran away with the photograph.Prerna followed her.
Omkara became upset.
Rudra-Parvati could understand what Omkara was going through.
Om:I don’t want Jugnu to live with lies.That’s why I kept this photograph away from Jugnu.But she…
Rudra-Parvati did not know how to console Omkara.

Party arrangements were going on.
Sumitra:Andy…are the decorations over?
Andy:Yes Sumi.Is the cake ready?
Sumi:Yes.The cake is ready.It’s time to welcome the star couple.
Raghbir and Pragati came.
Everyone welcomed the couple.
“Happy wedding anniversary”.
Raghbir and Pragati smiled.
Sumi:Raghbir and Pragati are are made for each other.Right Andy?

Raghbir’s eyes fell on the cake.
Raghbir:Wow…yummy cake. are still crazy about cakes like kids.
Raghbir:This cake looks so beautiful.How can I be not tempted to taste this?
Pragati smiled.
Sumi:Cut the cake.
Raghbir:Yes.But where is she?Without her,our celebration is incomplete.
“I am here”.
They looked at that person.
Raghbir-Pragati got excited:Bela!
Bela hugged them:A very happy anniversary guys.
Sumitra’s face became dull.
Raghbir,Pragati and Bela started chatting. Bela is coming between Raghbir and Pragati.
Andy:They are friends Sumi.
Sumi:But I don’t know why …I feel that this friendship is not for anything good.It’s toxic.
Sumitra:Bela…did you forget that it’s Raghbir Pragati’s wedding anniversary and not the friendship day?Give them privacy.Let them at least cut the cake.
Raghbir-Pragati and Bela became dull.

Bela:Right.You guys cut the cake.

Raghbir-Pragati smiled.
They cut the cake together

and fed the cake to each other.
Andy and Sumitra embraced each other side ways in happiness.

Bela thought:God bless them both.What a beautiful relationship they share!But mine….

Raghbir-Pragati in their room…
Pragati:Raghbir,did you notice one thing?There were bruises on Bela’s hand.I did’nt talk to her about it as papaji and mummiji were near us.
Raghbir got irritated:It’s done by Daksh for sure.He is such a jerk.Why can’t she leave him?
Pragati was upset.
Raghbir:Pragati…you know that Bela was our cupid.She has helped us a lot.So we should help her back by saving her from Daksh.
Pragati:Yes Raghbir.We need to do something and save her from that idiot.
Raghbir:Life is suffocating for her.So you take her out tomorrow.Let her be happy for some time.I am busy tomorrow.Otherwise I would have joined you.
Pragati:It’s ok Raghbir.We will manage.But we will miss you.
They embraced each other cutely.

Early morning…

Sameer was jogging.His eyes fell on a girl who was her cycle.There were flowers fixed in the cycle.
Sameer was lost in her.

Seeing Sameer,she stopped her cycle and walked towards him.
She:Hi Sameer!You want flowers today also?
Sameer:Of course yes Sanjana.
Sanjana gave him flowers.Sameer gave her money.
Sanjana:Can I ask you something?Are you buying these flowers for someone?
Sameer blushed.
Sanjana smiled:So you are buying these flowers for someone you love.Right?
Sameer blushed.
Sanjana:I have to deliver flowers to some houses.Bye..
Sanjana started riding the cycle fast.
Sanjana:Oh no..I am already late.

Sameer went to the office.He sat near Aman who is his colleague.
Aman:Good morning.
Sameer:Good morning.
Aman:Seeing your face I feel that you had a nice morning.

Sameer blushed:Yes.Like always today morning also while jogging I saw Sanjana.

Aman:That flower girl.
Aman:As usual you bought flowers from her?
Aman:Cute love story.
Sameer smiled.
Aman:By the way a family has permitted to give their outhouse for rent.We can stay there.
Sameer:Thank God!I am fed up of the hostel life.
Aman:Me too.

Aman-Sameer went to a house with luggage.A couple invited them.
Aman:This is the boy about which I told you.Sameer;my colleague.He will be the one who will be sharing the outhouse with me.
The couple smiled.
“I am Prem Bharadwaj and this is my wife Simar”.

Aman:Sameer….Prem uncle and Simar aunty are the owners of this house.
Sameer:Yes, I understood.
A girl came out of the outhouse.
“The cleaning is over”.
Sameer and the girl were surprised to see each other.
Simar:You both know each other?
Sanjana:Yes.He is the one who buys flowers from me daily.
They were surprised.
Sanjana:Now it will be easier for me to hand over the flowers.
Sameer-Sanjana giggled.
Sameer:I never expected that I will meet you here.
She smiled:Even I did’nt expect you here.

Aman whispered to Sameer:You are lucky.Your flower girl is near you.

Sameer smiled.

After some time…

Aman came out of the outhouse for fresh air.His eyes fell on a pretty girl who was watering the plants in the garden.He went near her:Who are you?
She stared at him.
She:This is my house and you are asking me who I am?
Aman:You are Sanjana’s sister?
She:Yes.I am Roshni Bharadwaj.
Aman:Great.I am Aman.
Roshni:Did I ask your name?
Aman:So rude.
Roshni tried to walk away without minding him.Suddenly she slipped and he caught her.
Unknowingly they shared an eye lock.

Suddenly Roshni pushed him:How dare you touch me?Don’t try to flirt with me.Stay away from me.
Aman was shocked by her reaction.
Aman:What kind of a girl are you?I just helped you.I prevented you from falling down.
Roshni:Oh please…I don’t need any favour from you.
She just walked to her house.
Aman:Prem uncle,Simar aunty and Sanjana are so nice.Why this girl is so rude?

ACP Ajitabh was yelling at a girl.
Aji:Are you not ashamed to steal like this?You look like a rich girl.But your deeds…

She:With stolen money I buy stylish clothes.That’s why I look stylish.
Ajitabh:I did’nt ask you how you buy stylish clothes Vishaka.
Vish:Sorry Sir.I promise you that now onwards I will not tell you how I am able to wear stylish clothes.

Ajitabh:Stop it.You can’t promise that you will stop stealing.But you can promise that you will not talk about your stylish dresses.
Vish:ACP sir..are you stopping your work?No.Right?Then why should I stop my work?
Ajitabh got irritated:Your work is stealing.You are talking as if you are doing a great job.Shame on you.Constable put her in the cell.Such arrogant thieves should be in the jail itself.
The lady constable caught her and locked her in the cell.
Vish:I think you are putting me in the jail as you want to see me through out the day.
Ajitabh stared at her:Why should I even look at you?What do you mean?
Vish:I think by seeing me frequently you got attracted towards me.
Ajitabh got angry:Stop it..stupid girl!
Vishaka laughed seeing his anger.

Omkara-Jugnu went to a supermarket for shopping.Jugnu was roaming about the shop.Suddenly she bumped into a woman.She was stunned to see her.It was Gauri.

Omkara was searching for Jugnu.He could not find her anywhere and got tensed.
He got a phone call.
“Is this Jugnu’s father?”
Om:Yes.Who are you?Did you kidnap Jugnu?
“What nonsense!I am calling on behalf of Jugnu.Jugnu only gave me this number”.
Omkara was relieved.
Om:Jugnu is with you?

“Yes.She is with me in my house”.
Omkara was shocked:With you in your house?But how?
“Because my house is near by the super market”.
Omkara came out of the supermarket and looked at the houses there.
Om:Please tell me where exactly your house is.
That person told him the address.Omkara reached that house and rang the bell.
The door got opened.Omkara was shocked to see that person.

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    Nice episode…. Shocking that Omkara and Gauri were not in good terms and the result of their love is Jugnu…. Prerna is Mansi…. Will Leenesh come for her? Prerna showing Gauraksha pic and Jugnu bumping into Gauri and Gauri taking Jugnu to her house was nice… Is that really Gauri speak to Om? Because he didn’t even identify her voice….. So, let us see whom had Om seen…
    Sanjana Sameer part was nice. Sanjana as a flower girl was lovely. Prem-Simar are now parents… πŸ˜… Surprisingly Roshni showing attitude to Aman and it was funny… Raghbir and Pragati’s wedding anniversary was nice… Poor Bela got taunts from Andy and Sumitra… Shocking that Bela is manhandled by Daksh… Enjoyed the Drikshit scene and it was really πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.You will see in future who will come for Prerna.Premar were parents in ssk also.there are many ffs where preeran are parents to adults.Actually here they are not drikshit but vishtab

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    Nice episode. All stories are nice. I loved it. Vishaka and Ajitab’s scene was so funny. Roshni and Aman’s nok jhok is lovely.

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