Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Raman to take her home. Raman and Shagun see the judge and are speechless. Shagun leaves with Adi. Raman goes to talk to judge. She turns and leaves. Raman says shit and holds his head. Suraj is taken in the ambulance. Raman goes to Mihir and Ruhi and leaves. Ishita waits for Raman and Ruhi. She says is this letter really for Raman, and looks for the blue shirt. She gets his blue shirt and gets upset. She says its here, it means he has wore it, don’t know what type of women stay here who write letters, how to find out, let him come, I will ask him. Bala asks Raina to tell the truth to Mihika and the world, else her life will be spoiled, I have not seen you that way, so I can; agree to your condition, please try to understand.

Raina says sure Sir,

I understand, I will do as you say, you are my teacher and I respect and love you, live would have been easy if you understood this, I told you I can’t live without you, you agree once, then I will say what you want. He says stop this old record, I did not come to have coffee here, I have a family, I love them and I can’t betray them. She says you are playing old record, I told you, rest is upto you. She says I have to leave for duty, you go to your wife, remember I will be waiting for you. He leaves. She says you will have to love me, its not easy to ignore me.

Raman asks Ruhi and Shravan to go, and Mihir and he will just come. Mihika looks on and goes to get them. Raman asks Mihir is he mad, what did he do today. Mihir says sorry, I don’t know what happened to me, I get angry. Raman asks why, you are not able to support her, she is going through hell right now. Mihir says I was not like this ever, I feel I got weak, you are strong, and Mihika is strong in our relation, but not now, something has changed, I remember that Ashok, Suraj, Shagun and Mihika. I felt everything will be fine if I marry Mihika, but nothing change, the truth is I m not ok, when I see Mihika’s face, I recall that night, hotel room, Mihika on that bed.

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Those things haunt me. Raman says then become a woman, you have just seen it, you just saw it, Mihika has gone through it, she wants support and you are crying like woman, you kept me away from anger and you are angry now. Mihir says what can I do. Raman asks him to think how will he get out of this matter. Mihika is a girl, its about her respect and its more than her life, you loved her, so take her responsibility, tell her you are with her. Mihir says my love got less. Raman says you are a man, stand for her, show her and world you are with her. Mihir says I will try. Raman asks him to promise him that he will support Mihika and he promises that he will punish Ashok. Mihir nods and holds his hand. Raman says she loves you, you both are made for each other.

He asks him to take car, change clothes. Raman and Mihir come out of the car. Mihika is shocked seeing Mihir’s clothes blood stained. Mihir leaves in the car while Raman goes home. Mihika thinks Mihir went without meeting me. Raman talks to Ruhi and Shravan and asks Ruhi not to tell anything to Ishita, as fighting is bad. She says fine, promise me you will make everything fine. Raman promises. Ruhi too promises. Raman says the matter is getting worse, everyone is worried, and what Mihir did today, if anything happens then….

Mihika comes to her room and cries shutting the door. She recalls her and Mihir’s love. She says whenever I m in any problem, I call you, but this time I don’t have courage as it all happened because of me. Mihir thinks about Mihika and why did she take this step, she would have told him once. The kids have sandwich. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did they come late. Raman says extra classes at school. Ishita comes and greets them. She asks Raman to come to talk and takes him to the room. Ishita asks him why did he wear blue color shirt. He says yes, is it banned color. She asks does anyone else like it. He asks how would I know. She says recall. He asks her to be clear. She asks did anyone compliment him.

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He asks is she fine, he is looking for work file and she is after blue. She gives the rose and letter and says someone sent to you, read. He reads it and asks is she mad, why will anyone write love letter to me. She says don’t know, you look good in blue shirt, handsome, maybe anyone wrote this. He says excuse me, you find Raavan Kumar handsome. He says he has two kids, will he flirt with any aunty in this age. He says he knows who has written this and for whom. She asks really. He says your tension is away, its not for me, you are safe. She smiles.

Raman tells everyone that the letter is for Neelu. They ask Neelu. Neelu says she has worn blue dress and the driver was staring at me. She apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says I decided you will wear just blue suits. Everyone laugh. She asks how did Raman figure this out. Raman says he smelled cigarette by this letter and driver or any servant would have it. Ishita calls him Jagga jasoos. The family laughs. Raman smiles.Its night, Raman tells Ruhi he will make everything fine. Ishita asks what are they planning against her. Ruhi asks her to say any story. Ishita tells a story and Raman turns and listens her. He gets tears in his eyes and thinks about fighting with the mean infront of Ruhi. He thinks should he tell Ishita what happened at school, if judge calls Ishita and tells her, what to do, shall I tell her. He turns and sees Ishita and Ruhi sleeping.

He holds their hands. He says he wants to see them happy and promises he will not let them get hurt because of him. He sits thinking and wipes his tears. He then smiles seeing them. He thinks don’t know what will happen now, what will the judge take action now.

Ishita gets the court orders. Raman asks her to listen to him. She angrily says don’t touch me, whatever happens, my daughter gets away from me. He holds her and says enough, Ruhi is my daughter too, I won’t let her go anywhere, I promise.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. how cute maa aur beti.they looking amazing together.arey yaar raman whatever happens make sure that ruhi always together with his papa and ishimaa.

  2. and waiting eagarly to watch the love confess that too in airport.waise bein raman wt do u think that u will send divorce paper to ishu then she will cry.then ur wrong mr.raven kumar.cue ki hamara ishu tho tamil tiger.she will not leave u at all till end of her life.whatever finally the day is coming which we were all waiting for.then there may be many twist will come but we can c a perfect family of ishra and ruhi.waiting for that.

  3. nufra

    Wow!so cute they(ishra and ruhi) are the perfect family in the world .they are amazing in dis show. Becoz of ishra and ruhi the show have high trp .hope they ill continue dis n egrly waiting for ishras confess.luv u ishraaa.the scene wen ishita suspect n ruhi scenes were amazing

  4. ishra

    Nice episode. wow ishita ne ravan kumar ko handsome bola.nok jok to mast the. ……… love letter to neelo k liye aaya hai.kya bat raman bhi jasos bangaya.

  5. i.m waiting for the love how long i have waited for this day yarrr.finally raman ishu and ruhi will form a perfect family. I am so exicted

  6. ishra

    ishimaa aur ruhi toh world best mother and daughter hai. kya connection hai dono k beech main. I hope ””ishruh ”'” kabhi aalag na ho.

  7. afr...

    Nyccc episode. Waiting eagerly for the love confession scene. They look very cute 2gether. I wish ishra to be together in their real lyf too. Guys did you notice that this is one of the serial wich gets more comments. Mihir you did a right thing by hurting that idiot suraj. Ishra and ruhi together are looking awesome. I dont want this show to get end soon.

  8. 123

    guys I’m very happy for Ishra. Finally, the day is coming when they will express their love for each other but wat next. Will raman still decide to leave Ishita? I’m not happy with Raman. He knows that Ishita loves him and she cannot live without him, then y this divorce drama man. I thought that day will be very extra ordinary but this way via divorce papers, not happy at all. They shld marry once again and this time it shld be for themselves as the previous marriage was for Ruhi. Jab saath pheron ke liye uthenge to raman shld lift ishita in her arms and say na main tumse pehle, na tum mujhse pehle hamesha ek saath.

    • Yaar 123 kya kal aap aab se confession ke baare me pucha rahe the kya aapne love confession wala vedio nahi dekha?? And dont worry kal ke spoiler mai tha na ki Raman Ishita ko divorce nahi dega….yeh papers to love confess karna ka ek bahana hai & jaisa maine kal kaha tha muje bhi dobara IshRa ki shadi dekhni hai..aur iss baar to suhaagraat aur Honeymoon bhi hona chahiye jo pehli shaadi mai bahi hua tha….

  9. ishra

    Last scene is nice. promo main ishita ne jo saree pahni hai. wahi saree love confession scene mai bhi pahni hai. toh is ka matlab. …..kal nahin toh Thursday bataye ga . ……oooh my god

  10. ishra

    so excited to see loveeee confession. ab tak jitne bhi serials aaye itnaa wait kabhi nahin …….kiya jitna ishra ka love confession…………………..oh god jald se jald special episode bata dene …………..*

  11. Nahi Ishra kal ya thurseday ko love cinfession nahi ho sakta kyonki Ishita ki saari same thi Par Rqman ka sut alag tha dono scene mai…….to jaise P ne kaha shayad monday tak wait karna padega…

  12. Divya

    I’m waiting fr d love confession scene……..
    I’m so excited….
    I Love them a lot……………

  13. Yaar kai serials mai December mai bin mausam baarish hui hai yaar Ekta YHM mai bhi love confession ke baad koi achcha barish wala scene dikhao like IshRa fir se barish me romantic scene dikhao kuch bhi dikhao par rimantic dikhao….

  14. ishra

    Nice .love confession k bad barish good combination. …………..aaisa hi hona chahiye. fingers crossed. ..

  15. Yaar yeh 14 th Feb. Kab aayegi… There is two reason for waiting ….
    1) Its valentines day
    2) Its my birthday
    Chalo Birthday to har saal ata hai par IshRa ke love confession ke baad to yeh pehla valentines day hoga dono ek dusre ke liye kuch special karenge….kitna maja aayega dekhne mai…
    Ab to love confession ke baad to 14 th Feb . Ka hi intzaar rahega….

  16. bua

    no violin in the bg,no badal garajna or baarish barasna…….no chupna chupana,candle light moon light or sunlight,no stupidity….straight frm d heart 😛 the most realistic love profession on tv 🙂 hayeee my ishra rock 🙂

  17. Today episode ** IshRa ** part superb *
    coming episode in Ishita angry to ****…….
    Ishita angrily say don’t touch me, whatever happens, my daughter ** ruhi** away from me…..
    Raman is worng ya true in coming episode…..
    ans- Raman is not a worng person…..raman decision is totally wrong………

  18. ishra

    love confession k bad toh special hi special hoga……about valentine day raman ko kuch aaisa kare jo kisine nahin kiya…….ishita ko holiday or honey moon pe leke Jana chahiye. yhm main ab tak abroad ka ek bhi scene nahin bataya. yeh toh hona hi chahiye. …….

  19. ishra

    yaar acha hoana divorce papers bhej a tabhi toh ishita ne love confess kiya.pata nai kab hota pyaar ka izhaar. its gooood.

  20. mona

    the aage ki k’hani

    isra fight fr ruhi
    raman feels he is the reason fr all d dukh in ishu ki life
    divorce paper bhejega
    tries to leave dilli
    tamil tigress ishu reaches airport,starts hitting him divorce papers ko roll karke 🙂
    she says i luv youuuu
    he says ilu too
    they hug
    its a luv story <3
    cant intezaaring 😛

  21. p

    guys maine bhi karan and divyanka ka official fb join kar liya hai.Anandraaz and prayosha ke baad aur kaun kaun hai karan and divyanka ke fb page par

  22. Yaar aap sabne Ram Priya ka love confession dekga tha wo bhi ladaai ke saath hi hua tha bilkul wese hi jaisa IshRa ka honewala hai Priya ghar chod kar jane wali thi par baad mai love confess kiya and fir jordar romance…wo dono to kafi aged the but IshRa to abhi young hai..iss liye jyada romantic hoga unke love cinfession ke baad ka romance…. same aise hi jodha akbar mai hua tha ladai je baad love confassion yeh to Ektq ka style hai so dont worry about divorce… soiler mai likha hai naa ki Raman apna divorce wala idea cancel kar dega….to guys divorce ke baare mai nahi sirf love confassion ke baare me socho…..

  23. p

    prayosha SBS me love confession scene bahut mast tarike se dikhaya hai and background me song “iss dewane ladke ko koi samajhe pyaar mohabbat se na jane
    kyon ” play kiya tha scene bahut awesome lage raha tha.

  24. ishra

    mujhe bhi lagta hai ki aYes a hi hoga kyun ki shagun ne jo dream dekha tha woh toh kya romantic tha.woh toh dream tha toh itna achcha bataya. soncho real mai kya bataye ga…..ekta toh is mai mahir hai. …

  25. Yaar i missed it mai roj sbs dekhti hoo par tuseday thursday ko time adjust naji hota …. and my bad luck yeh hi do din YHM ki news aati hai….

  26. khatam kari yaar ye mihika ashok ka drama sequence. bhej do us shagun ko wapas us ashok ke saath. lekin in sab ke beech ek cheeze accha hua ki ishra ke beech confession.kuch bhi ho jaye mihika innocent proove ho jaye aur tab toh shagun case wapas le le. all the ishra fans will be extremely happy but dont seperate ruhi from ishra as we are also fans of ruhi. otherwise awesome episode.yhm rocking…………..

  27. p

    koi baat nahi prayosha me roz SBS and SBB dehketi hu jo bhi yhm ke bara me dekhate hai woh me yaha likhe deti ho .

  28. Yaar yeh Ekta ko kaun samjaye ke yeh serial mummies and aunties wala nahi hai.. hum teen agers and youngsters ka fav show hai hume iss me drama nahi IshRa ki love story & romance dekhana hai……. plw stop this drama & just focous on IshRa’s lovelife……
    We want to see IshRa ‘s complete family…. Ishta Raman Ruhi & Ruhi’s little brother/sister……..
    Is any one agree with me????

  29. p

    their should be a romantic dance number of ishra on songs like sajde(kill dil),hangover(kick),tu hi haqeeqat khawab to(tum mile),saawan aaya hai etc.Agar in songs pe ishra dance karege toh ishra fans aur bhi happy ho jayege and serial ki trp aur bhad jayegi.

  30. p

    yhm ka set shuru se hi mumbai me hi tha phele yhm killick Nixon studio me shoot karte par fire lage ne baad se yhm ab SJ studio me shoot hota hai. Kal anandraaz puche raha tha yhm ke set ke bare me.

  31. ishra

    prayosha aap ne sbs mai yhm ka bataya so dekhe tohbolo. I also want to see main ne try kiya par nahin aaya.

  32. ishra

    raman ne mihir itni acchi tarha samjhaya.lekin khud kya sonch raha hai ki uski wajhe se ishita k life main problem hai. aaisa mat soncho raman.

  33. Yaar jab Ishita jelous hoti hai to Raman kya superb smile deta hai…. Ruhi Raman Ishita tino ko saath dekhkar kitna achcha laga bhagwan kare in tino saath hamesha yunhi bana rahe…..Ruhi ka coustody case to IshRa ke favour mai hi hona chahiye aur love confession ke pehle hona chahiye kyonki case khatm hone se pehle love confassion ho gaya to IshRa love confession ke baad bhi tension me honge jo hum dekhna nahi chahte iss liye pls Case ka faisla hone ke baad hi IshRa ka love confession karvaana pls tabhi to Romance dekhneko milega agr case ke pehle confession ho gya to hume jyada romance dekhne ko nahi milega jo hum nahi chahte iss liye pls ye case jaldi solve karo aur phir se Ruhi ki coustody IshRa ko de do…..
    Aaj ka ep mai agar Shagun ko nikal de to Excelent tha…..

  34. a

    What a episode is mein pyaar bhi tha nokjhok bhi thi. Pyaar ho to aisa ho. Love ishu and raman. They both are made for each other couple.

  35. eagerly waiting for confession episode.after the confession ishra all ishra and yhm fans plz bring this serial at the topmost because this is the bestest serial.dam sure trp will surely raise. ekta maam its a humble request plz dont seperate ishra and ruhi from ishra.otherwise ekta maam and yhm is rocking……

  36. ishra

    divyanka tripathi ki fb video dekha. .ishita gusse mai tamil mai gussa karrahi hai k aap himmath kaisi hoi k aap mujhe ddivorce papers bheje mere siva aap ko kon jhail sakta I love u raman.raman says mujhe pata hai madrasan I love you and hugs her.oooooh so cute. ishra selfi is lovely.

  37. dabirah

    case custody will n won by ruhi ke ishi maa aur love confession will follow.dekhna logo ko kitna suprise hai kyunki nobody expects their luv could go dat far in such short period.

  38. ishra

    yaar sbs mai love confession k background main yeh song dena chahiye tha………ishq bulawa jane kab aaye …maita khol tere raina. …maita khol tere raina. …maita baita khol tere. …tainu tak da rawan bataun pe Teri has…da rawan pagal main khodnu banada rawan. ….tainu tak da rawan. ….

  39. Maine SBS ka video dekha kal ke video se jyada achcha tha .. kal ke video mai Raman ka pagal madrasan wala dialoge to tha hi nahi……yeh to sirf ek scene hai jo cut kar ke hume dikhya gya hai jab pura ep aayega tab dekhne mai jyada maja aayega…..

  40. ishra

    yaar jitni bar ye video dek rahi hoon.itni hi excitement badti jarahi hai. …Saturday se pehle ye episode aajai. …… confession k bad thodi nok jok …..aakhao se ishare …..ishra wale scen . ….ek dusre ko tease karna…….aur sadness bilkul bhi nahin honi chaiye. least thode din tak toh nai honi chaiye. …nahin toh love confession mode sad mode chala jai ga ……kyun ab tak jitne bhi romantic scene hoe hai us k bad ishita raman roen hai. ……like. ..kabhi jo badal barse. ….manwa lage. …..ishita jab party mai jane wali hoti hai usse pehle ishra ka cute scene. ……ab aur nahin. ….ab toh bas dono k cute ,moment hi chalenge. .no more bakwas no more drama. ..only ishra ishra ishra and ishra scene. ……..

  41. ishra

    raman jab bhi tum ishita ki leg pulling karte aur tum hari jo iismile hoti hai. Hay dil ki dhadkan badjati hai. ……….

  42. Even I agree Ishra jaise ki maine pehle bhi kaha tha is show mai har baar aisa hota hai… jqb bhi IshRa ka koi achha scene dikhate hai dusre hi ep mwi us se bhi bada dhamaka hota hai….. kahin iss baar aisa na ho ki IshRa ke love confession ke baad Ruhi ki coustody Shagun ko mil jay…. nahi aisa nahi hona chahiye kyonki hum sirf IshRa ke nahi par IshRaRu ke fans hai… agr aisa hua to YHM lost its TRP……pls in tino ko humesha saath rehne do…… be happy family… always togather….
    Raman Ruhi & Ishita….pls always be togathere…….

  43. ishra

    I agree with you prayosha, ishRaruh se toh yhm hai. ye base hai agar ye teeno alag hua toh yhm will colaps. yhm dekhe ne ka matlab hi nahin. I wish k Ruh costody case ishRaruh hi jeete. …..come on ekta mam dosre serial s ki tarha ise mat bigadu. ….pls

  44. ishita

    Who is this raman??
    I read spoiler… usme ishita is gng to beat raman when he will come wid divorce papers…cute scene

  45. mano

    nice episode. i read spoiler… so nice
    finally they r confessing their love
    we r eagerly waiting for those episode.
    ishita raman very cute couple.

  46. Jab Ishita jelous hoti hai Raman kya smile deta hai
    And Ruhi Raman Ishita pehli baar saath soye.. haa pehle bhi soye hai par tab IshRa jijk te the par iss baar koi jijak nahi thi.

  47. 123

    Prayosha – I did not see the trailer of love confession. Does Ishita slap Raman when he gives divorce papers to her. She shld slap only thn the effect will be high. After confession, if they r still behaving uncomfortable without touching each other, that will be bad. Now, physical love shld take over.

    • No 123 aisa nahi hai.. aap video dekgiyen apne aap samaj jayenge….. Ishita dose not slap usne paper se Ramqn ko mara… and I ♡ u kehne ke baad dono ne hug bhi kiya……

  48. Yes yes yes…. IshRa won Ruhi’s coustody casr maine abhi SBS mai dekha……..
    Yes jaisa humne chaha wisa hi hoga case jitne ke baad hi IshRa ka love confession hoga…. matlb confession ke baad to khusiyaa hi khushiyaa hai…..

  49. Shital

    Hi guys,
    i m new here.Fan of ishra specially raman….maine bhi SBS me dekha ruhi ki custody permantaly ishita ko mil gai.

  50. ishra

    prayosha main sbs nahin dekhi. ishra ruhi ka costody case jeete gai. kya bataya. aaisa hai toh .ishra k cute cute scenes k liye be ready. …

  51. ishra

    No Bala ‘ s drama, no mihika mihir rona dhona, aur woh do namune ashok n shagun ka natak. ab nahi chalega. sirf aur sirf ishraaaaaaaaaaaa. …..

  52. Yeh ladkaa Hay Allah kaisa hai Diwaana….
    Kitna mushkil hai tobba isko samjana…..
    Ke dhire dhire dil bekarar hota hai…
    Hote hote hote… pyar hota hai…….
    Hey Raman……..
    Kaha jaa rahe ho aap badi si bag lekar Dillhi & Ishita ko chhokar?????
    Humari madrasan sherni aapko kahi jaane hi nahi dengi……aapse pyar jo karti hai…..par aapko kaun samjay ke Ishita aap se kitanaa…. pyar karti hai……
    Pls humari Ishita ko chhod kar kahi mat jana & love confess karne ke baad Ishita ko bahut pyar dena & bahut khush rakhana……..

  53. Yaar humare Gujraay mai to baadal chaye hue to surly Mumbai mai bhi honge…….to Pls Ekta …. love confession ke baad ek barish wala scene to banta hai……..

  54. aahsta

    Yar ya gunjan kitni beaharm hy….jab ranvi k sath room may bhati thi usnay short si shirt pehni thi aur neechay kuch b ni not even panty…omg she is so shameless

  55. ishra

    Yes maine dekha spoiler. uuuuu shagun kaise maan ho yaar dikhave k liye apni beti se pyar jatati ho. tum chahati ho k ruh tumhare pas aajai aur sonch bhi rahi ho k usse kaise pure karon gi us ski zaroratien. come on yaar itna bhi mat giro. ashok tum ne pehli bar kuch kam kiya hai. ……….shagun k sath tum ne sa hi kiya …….sab k samne us ski asliyet dikhai. …….now about ……………ISHRUH. ……….ye toh na hi tha k. ………ek maa apni beti aur ek beti pyari si maa kaise joda ho sakti hai………

  56. ishra

    xcited to see this court scene. bahut emotional hoga. …..ISHRUH. …..ka scene hamesha ki tarha. …….

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