What do you think about Karishma’s entry in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Karishma Sharma of Pavitra Rishta fame has been roped in to play a negative role in the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. She has entered as Raina Singh, who is obsessed by Bala, who was is professor and wants him at any cost. Raina got lucky as Ashok has hired her to change Mihika’s clothes and involved her in the big scandal. Raina knows the truth about Mihika being innocent and does not reveal it to Raman and Ishita. Bala requests Raina to tell the truth to Mihika and the media to clean her name and get her respect back. He asks her to understand Mihika’s state being a girl herself. Raina refuses to help Mihika and asks Bala to accept her as love in his life, only then she will think to help his family.

Bala is not happy seeing Mihika upset and fighting with the world to save her respect. He thinks he can’t even give up to Raina’s demands, as he is happily married with Vandu and can’t cheat her. Bala is in two minds and worried about Mihika. Raina pressurizes him to accept her, as she is madly in love with him. The news earlier was Karishma’s entry will add spice in Raman’s life, but it turned out to be Bala, and she is the mystery woman in his life. Her entry has added some vigor in the show, and the viewers have to wait to see what Bala decides. As of now, Karishma looks elite in her role of Raina, and carries the act right. What do you think about Karishma’s entry in the show? Let us know in this poll.

  1. Yeh Karishma ne Pavvitra Rishta me do jodiyon ko milvaya tha.
    1) Arjun & Purvi.
    2) Naren & Pari.
    Par ab yeh hi Karishma YHM me do jodiyan todegi aisa lag raha hai.
    1) Bala & Vandu
    2) Mihir & Mihika
    But hope YHM me Karishma apna maksad pura naa kar paye & yeh dono jodi sahi salamat rahe……

  2. She looks beautiful but she is a jodi braker ….!!

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  4. I hate her for breaking up marriages. Vandu doesn’t deserve woman like her to control her husband, Bala. Bad bad girl

  5. She looks good…acting is awesome…but just dont include her for dragging show in negative moods and then take weeks to clear misunderstanding

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  7. There are already too many damn villains in this show already. we really did not need another one.

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