Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Raman to take her home. Raman and Shagun see the judge and are speechless. Shagun leaves with Adi. Raman goes to talk to judge. She turns and leaves. Raman says shit and holds his head. Suraj is taken in the ambulance. Raman goes to Mihir and Ruhi and leaves. Ishita waits for Raman and Ruhi. She says is this letter really for Raman, and looks for the blue shirt. She gets his blue shirt and gets upset. She says its here, it means he has wore it, don’t know what type of women stay here who write letters, how to find out, let him come, I will ask him. Bala asks Raina to tell the truth to Mihika and the world, else her life will be spoiled, I have not seen you that way, so I can; agree to your condition, please try to understand.

Raina says sure Sir, I understand, I will do as you say, you are my teacher and I respect and love you, live would have been easy if you understood this, I told you I can’t live without you, you agree once, then I will say what you want. He says stop this old record, I did not come to have coffee here, I have a family, I love them and I can’t betray them. She says you are playing old record, I told you, rest is upto you. She says I have to leave for duty, you go to your wife, remember I will be waiting for you. He leaves. She says you will have to love me, its not easy to ignore me.

Raman asks Ruhi and Shravan to go, and Mihir and he will just come. Mihika looks on and goes to get them. Raman asks Mihir is he mad, what did he do today. Mihir says sorry, I don’t know what happened to me, I get angry. Raman asks why, you are not able to support her, she is going through hell right now. Mihir says I was not like this ever, I feel I got weak, you are strong, and Mihika is strong in our relation, but not now, something has changed, I remember that Ashok, Suraj, Shagun and Mihika. I felt everything will be fine if I marry Mihika, but nothing change, the truth is I m not ok, when I see Mihika’s face, I recall that night, hotel room, Mihika on that bed.

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Those things haunt me. Raman says then become a woman, you have just seen it, you just saw it, Mihika has gone through it, she wants support and you are crying like woman, you kept me away from anger and you are angry now. Mihir says what can I do. Raman asks him to think how will he get out of this matter. Mihika is a girl, its about her respect and its more than her life, you loved her, so take her responsibility, tell her you are with her. Mihir says my love got less. Raman says you are a man, stand for her, show her and world you are with her. Mihir says I will try. Raman asks him to promise him that he will support Mihika and he promises that he will punish Ashok. Mihir nods and holds his hand. Raman says she loves you, you both are made for each other.

He asks him to take car, change clothes. Raman and Mihir come out of the car. Mihika is shocked seeing Mihir’s clothes blood stained. Mihir leaves in the car while Raman goes home. Mihika thinks Mihir went without meeting me. Raman talks to Ruhi and Shravan and asks Ruhi not to tell anything to Ishita, as fighting is bad. She says fine, promise me you will make everything fine. Raman promises. Ruhi too promises. Raman says the matter is getting worse, everyone is worried, and what Mihir did today, if anything happens then….

Mihika comes to her room and cries shutting the door. She recalls her and Mihir’s love. She says whenever I m in any problem, I call you, but this time I don’t have courage as it all happened because of me. Mihir thinks about Mihika and why did she take this step, she would have told him once. The kids have sandwich. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did they come late. Raman says extra classes at school. Ishita comes and greets them. She asks Raman to come to talk and takes him to the room. Ishita asks him why did he wear blue color shirt. He says yes, is it banned color. She asks does anyone else like it. He asks how would I know. She says recall. He asks her to be clear. She asks did anyone compliment him.

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He asks is she fine, he is looking for work file and she is after blue. She gives the rose and letter and says someone sent to you, read. He reads it and asks is she mad, why will anyone write love letter to me. She says don’t know, you look good in blue shirt, handsome, maybe anyone wrote this. He says excuse me, you find Raavan Kumar handsome. He says he has two kids, will he flirt with any aunty in this age. He says he knows who has written this and for whom. She asks really. He says your tension is away, its not for me, you are safe. She smiles.

Raman tells everyone that the letter is for Neelu. They ask Neelu. Neelu says she has worn blue dress and the driver was staring at me. She apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says I decided you will wear just blue suits. Everyone laugh. She asks how did Raman figure this out. Raman says he smelled cigarette by this letter and driver or any servant would have it. Ishita calls him Jagga jasoos. The family laughs. Raman smiles.Its night, Raman tells Ruhi he will make everything fine. Ishita asks what are they planning against her. Ruhi asks her to say any story. Ishita tells a story and Raman turns and listens her. He gets tears in his eyes and thinks about fighting with the mean infront of Ruhi. He thinks should he tell Ishita what happened at school, if judge calls Ishita and tells her, what to do, shall I tell her. He turns and sees Ishita and Ruhi sleeping.

He holds their hands. He says he wants to see them happy and promises he will not let them get hurt because of him. He sits thinking and wipes his tears. He then smiles seeing them. He thinks don’t know what will happen now, what will the judge take action now.

Ishita gets the court orders. Raman asks her to listen to him. She angrily says don’t touch me, whatever happens, my daughter gets away from me. He holds her and says enough, Ruhi is my daughter too, I won’t let her go anywhere, I promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yes u r right

  2. No Bala ‘ s drama, no mihika mihir rona dhona, aur woh do namune ashok n shagun ka natak. ab nahi chalega. sirf aur sirf ishraaaaaaaaaaaa. …..

  3. Only IshRa IshRa & IshRa…….& their cute romntic lovely romance……….

  4. bilkul yahi hona chahiye.

  5. Yeh ladkaa Hay Allah kaisa hai Diwaana….
    Kitna mushkil hai tobba isko samjana…..
    Ke dhire dhire dil bekarar hota hai…
    Hote hote hote… pyar hota hai…….
    Hey Raman……..
    Kaha jaa rahe ho aap badi si bag lekar Dillhi & Ishita ko chhokar?????
    Humari madrasan sherni aapko kahi jaane hi nahi dengi……aapse pyar jo karti hai…..par aapko kaun samjay ke Ishita aap se kitanaa…. pyar karti hai……
    Pls humari Ishita ko chhod kar kahi mat jana & love confess karne ke baad Ishita ko bahut pyar dena & bahut khush rakhana……..

  6. 100 Cross

  7. Yaar humare Gujraay mai to baadal chaye hue to surly Mumbai mai bhi honge…….to Pls Ekta …. love confession ke baad ek barish wala scene to banta hai……..

  8. Hey Ishra new spoiler aaya hai check karo….

  9. Yar ya gunjan kitni beaharm hy….jab ranvi k sath room may bhati thi usnay short si shirt pehni thi aur neechay kuch b ni not even panty…omg she is so shameless

  10. Yes maine dekha spoiler. uuuuu shagun kaise maan ho yaar dikhave k liye apni beti se pyar jatati ho. tum chahati ho k ruh tumhare pas aajai aur sonch bhi rahi ho k usse kaise pure karon gi us ski zaroratien. come on yaar itna bhi mat giro. ashok tum ne pehli bar kuch kam kiya hai. ……….shagun k sath tum ne sa hi kiya …….sab k samne us ski asliyet dikhai. …….now about ……………ISHRUH. ……….ye toh na hi tha k. ………ek maa apni beti aur ek beti pyari si maa kaise joda ho sakti hai………

  11. xcited to see this court scene. bahut emotional hoga. …..ISHRUH. …..ka scene hamesha ki tarha. …….

    1. Haa bahut emotional hoga Ishita ke dilog se to judge ka dil bhi pighal jayega…

  12. Raman tum Blue kya tum to har rang mai handsome lagte ho…….

  13. Last scene was super but Raman Ishita roya mat karo….. tumhe rota hua dekhkar humari aankho mai bhi aansu aa jate hai……

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