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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok coming to meet Ishita. He gets scared seeing her. She holds him and asks what happened, why is he scared. He says nothing, I m not scared. She says its good you came, we have to complete many incomplete things, come on, don’t you remember Ashok, when we could not finish food, before my death, just you and me know this, don’t you remember. He says yes, just Shagun and I knew this, It means you are Shagun. She says ofcourse I m complete, I have come here to do what you wanted. He keeps the black thread inside his pocket.

He says yes, will you agree to me. She says you know, I always agreed to you. He asks her to be in Ishita and not leave Ishita. He holds her hand and says he is glad that she is back. Everyone wait outside. Ashok comes there. Raman asks

her is Ishita fine. Prateek asks did he tie thread. Ashok lies to them, that he tied thread and asked Shagun to leave Ishita’s body, she will be okay. Raman stops Ashok and thanks him.

Prateek says I hope Ishita won’t get attacks now. Raman thanks and hugs him. Ashok comes home. He says Shagun and I had that work incomplete, this Shagun will complete this and blame will go on Ishita, I could not ruin Raman, but I will use this chance very well, get ready to die Raman.

Its morning, Ishita behaves normal and asks Raman to wear white shirt. He gets hurt and she cares for him. Raman smiles seeing her fine. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………..plays…….. She kisses his hand after doing the aid. He asks for a kiss on his cheek. She smiles and he hugs her. She gets romantic, and she asks him to go for work. She smiles like Shagun…. And goes…..Raman calls Prateek at home. He hugs Prateek and says Ishita got fine, and tells family that Ishita got completely fine. Prateek asks are you sure, can I meet her once. Raman says sure, Simmi call her. Simmi gets Ishita there.

Prateek introduces himself and says Raman said she is good dentist, will she treat him. She says no, you are mistaken, Raman thinks I m not a good dentist. Prateek says no, he said good things about you. Ishita asks him to take appointment at her clinic, she will treat him. She goes to kitchen. Raman says see, she is always like this. Prateek says she looks normal. Mrs. Bhalla wants to tell this to Amma.

Mrs. Bhalla says they will celebrate Diwali together. Raman hugs Prateek and leaves happily. Mrs. Bhalla is glad and thanks Prateek. Prateek looks at Ishita. She smiles and makes faces when he turns.

Amma is glad and meets Mrs. Bhalla. They both argue like old times. Bala and Ishita stop them. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla laugh and say there were not fighting, it was just fun. Ishita laughs. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get coffee. Bala tells Ishita that Vandu for crackers, he divided for the kids, Sarika will get kids now. Ishita thanks him and asks Neelu to keeps crackers. He leaves. Ishita gets thinking and smiles.

Ishita goes and sees the crackers. Sarika thinks whats Ishita doing with crackers and asks her. Ishita says I was just checking, as crackers can be dangerous for kids. She keeps crackers and goes. Sarika checks the crackers box and says why was Ishita checking this, she got fine but I don’t trust her.

Ishita goes to Iyer house and tells Vandu that she came to meet Amma. Vandu says Amma came out, sit with me, I will make coffee. Ishita says we will have coffee in evening, I wanted to ask, I saw you and Suraj together. Vandu says Suraj is my student, he is doing PG, he is not that bad, he is studying seriously, he helped me in getting crackers, I made notes for him. Ishita says interesting and starts coughing. Vandu goes to get water. Ishita writes something on a paper, and keeps the note in the file. Vandu gets water. Vandu says I got late, I will leave. Ishita smiles.

Ashok comes home and asks Suraj to get ready, they have to attend party. Suraj says I m studying, I got my fine with good marks. Ashok sees a paper falling and picks it. Ashok reads the note, that Ishita will do the incomplete work. Ashok says now Raman will surely die by this shock.

Appa hears everyone screaming Raman and goes to see. Raman is hurt and family is around him in the compound. Appa sees Ishita coming downstairs from terrace and asks her to come with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. but ishita raman ko kyu marne ki koshish karne ka natak kar rahi hai…..usse pata hai na ki thodi si bhi gadbaf hui to raman ki such me jaan ja sakti hai….that’s not fair yar…..

  2. & & & agar shagun jinda hai usse kuchh nahi hua hai to iska matalb uske tummy me ishita aur raman ka baby bhi haiiiiiiii……..wo abhibhi uski surrogate mother hai….

  3. Yeahhh yrr
    …..poor ishita…wht wht she has to do due to ekta’s thinking…

  4. omg another disguistng news here again ishu is acting i cant beleive this i know ishu is doing all this to save raman bt guys they can choose some other way tooooo i mean how could ishu harm her own mother nd daughter aur ruhi adi ishu ne e sab kuch karne se pehle unke baare me tho socha hotha i mean how they feel ek baar kehthe hai ki tumhaari maa mar gayi hai aur doosari maa possesed aur phir kehthe hai ki pehli maa jindaa hai aur doosari maa naatak kar rahi hai i mean pehle e show reel hothe bhi real ka feeling karwatha tha just like its happening near us e show practicle tha par aab aab its just koi bakwaas drama……..

  5. cheeeeeeeeee….. Is this a plan….? Then they’ll start shagun surrogacy again…. If this happen again, I’ll stop watching this. I didn’t watch surrogate track before too. But this time, I leave this show. How cheep you are makers…….? Hate you makers…..!!! Disgusting…….!!! Shagun alive is ok, but surrogacy…..??? I can’t agree with it……. I’m so sad, again disappointed…..!

  6. And ishita, how could she behave like this….? She tried to kill her own mother. And she tortured raman too much. Because of her, raman was humiliated like a dog by ashok…… What nonsense……..!!! Ishita has hurt everyone for expose ashok or Sarika…… Oh, god….. Ekta hasn’t a brain……. Haven’t they find another way to expose them….. Cheeee…. I know, ekta and writers have gone mad…… But cheee……. I never expect this kind of madness from her……. So awful…..!

  7. Disgusting n very disappointing ishita u did completely u hurt everyone a lot specially ruhi , Raman n amma

  8. Ekta is your worst thought ever ishita ye kasay kar sakti hai asi acting agar me Raman ,ruhi ya aka ki jaga hoti to is hu ko kabhi maaaf na karti reason kuch Bhi ho but the way is completely wrong

  9. Ekta this is your worst thought ever ishita ye kasay kar sakti hai asi acting agar me Raman ,ruhi ya ama ki jaga hoti to is hu ko kabhi maaaf na karti reason kuch Bhi ho but the way is ishu choose is completely wrong

  10. Guys its not a ghost drama but a trap to find out who is helping ashoke to plot against raman inside bhalla family.
    Ishita said to bala’s mom Herself. Whn she came to knew that bala’s mom saw shagun outside . I really dont know wats gonna happen next . Just hope no ishra seperation . plz.

  11. Oh my God ….. Why should we blame Ishitha ….. What to tell about production team ….. Now for sure Ishra separation too …… Prateek to find out Shaghuns atma in Ishitha , Kilimanjaro turns black , her behavior towards Raman , amma , Ruhi …. Can’t imagine the makers can imagine the twist like this ….taken us all for a foolish ride

  12. please now enough shaguns athma..crazy….what are you doing pagal writters…

  13. agar such me aatma nahi hai to wo pratik jo bata raha hai ki usse aaise kisi stupid se sense se pata chalta hai ki body is possesed ……to iska matlab wo pratik bhi inse mila hua hai….

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