Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug coming to Peter. Peter asks if he stays in Palekar Mansion. Yug says did Sophia tell you. Peter says Sophia told him unintentionally, and asks him to leave from there as it is a dangerous place. Yug tells him that he heard about it since childhood and says those ghosts were kind. He says those people might be kind family. Peter thinks of Suraj and his family. Yug says I am sure that they are good. Peter asks did you see them. Yug says I felt them and used to talk to them about my heart talk. Peter asks how many ghosts are there. Yug says he didn’t know. Peter asks him not to stay there and gets angry. Yug says I will accept your words and will leave Palekar Mansion. He says he will get a rented house, and buy boat once he gets salary. Peter offers to give him money, but Yug don’t want to take any favors. Peter asks him to stay in his outhouse, but Yug refuses and leaves. Peter is tensed.

Amy looks at Sophia’s room. Sophia asks Meena to warn Amy not to peep in her room else. Amy is tensed. Meena asks her to go. Sophia asks Meena to inform Amy. Amy is seen hiding behind Meena. Amy tries to take clothes from the cupboard. Sophia asks her to return her dress. Yug brings dress for Ria and says she will be very happy seeing this dress. Ria appears and feels bad as she couldn’t be seen by him. Yug calls her name and says he will make dinner for her. He gets Ria’s letter and reads it. He reads her letter and is surprised to know that she has left for her home. He gets emotional reading that Ria will never forget him. Yug says I was happy to spend time with you, and felt my young sister is with me. He says I am happy that she is with her loved ones. He cries and says she is not alone like me. He talks to ghosts and says when you were staying here, this house might be full of happiness. He says bad thing is when you have nobody at your side and says may be somebody is there for me like Ria.

Suraj says we have to keep Ria away from Yug. Radha apologizes. Ishaan says I never liked you, but you brought happiness in the house. Suraj thinks Yug has something which is strengthening his belief. He says you might be the one who can help us out. Yug hears someone knocking on the door and thinks may be they have not heard about this place. Yug sees Guru Maa indisguise of an old lady, and she asks him to give him some food. Yug thinks ghosts might not like any stranger, but then goes to bring food. Guru Maa runs inside and keeps magical kada on the table. Yug gives her food and she leaves. The magical kada attracts them with its smell. Guru Maa comes back to her place and sees them in mirror. She thinks my magic will be spell by them. She says they will fight with each other to drink it, and then they will suffer like insects. Some of them drink it. Ishaan tells them that Yug is coming and asks to keep the bottle down. They keep the bottle on table. Yug comes and collides with table. The bottle falls down on the floor.

Guru Maa gets angry with Yug for trying to spoil her plan. Tantrik says two of them have drank kada. Guru Maa says she will rule on them and will make them dance on her tune. Yadav tries to go outside of the Palekar Mansion and feels electric current. Ria sees him going and getting electric current. Yadav talks to her and says he came to get bill and is going home, but couldn’t. Ria thinks why he is talking strangely. Amy is talking to her friend. Peter asks who is going to Palekar Mansion. Amy tells Sophia is going in the night. Peter is shocked?

Peter worries about the ghosts reaction if they come to know that Sophia is his daughter. Sophia comes to the Palekar Mansion. Suraj tells Dadi that he will kill Peter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Why ghosts didn’t recougnized that witch’s plan?.Who were drinked that?

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