Badi Devrani 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sidhi knocking Reeti’s room door and waking her up. Reeti wakes up and opens door. Sidhi asks if she did not set alarm as it is already 3:45 a.m. and if she does not attend pooja at 4 a.m., mom will scold her. Reeti says she felt as if she took sleeping pill. Sidhi asks her to get ready in 15 min and come down.

Reeti wakes up Moksh to get ready for pooja. Moksh insists that he will get ready first and asks her to get him toothpaste and brush. She gets into bathroom with him. He slips on soapy floor. She holds him. He turns shower knob while holding it. Shower gets on and they both get drenched. He looks at her sensuously and she shies. He then wraps towel around her and leaves asking her to change her clothes soon. She changes clothes. He comes and asks her to help him wear kurta. She helps him and asks if he opened door yesterday night. He says no. She thinks she locked door yesterday night, that means someone opened door with keys and entered in, only Kadambari has house’s keys.

Kadambari asks Sidhi to call Reeti for pooja. Sidhi says she informed bhabhi already. Kadambari says if Reeti does not come on time, she will be punished. Reeti comes with Moksh on time. Kadambari gets angry seeing her and says she wants new bahu to perform pooja and asks Reeti if she knows to perform pooja. Reeti performs pooja well and says her family taught her all rituals since childhood. Kadambari gets more angry and jealous.

After pooja, Sidhi tries to forcefeed medicine to Moksh. He hides in cupboard. She asks Reeti to get him out. Reeti asks him to come out. He asks her to promise he will not be forcefed medicine. She promises and he comes out. Kadambari texts Rohan and he comes and holds Moksh. Kadambari forcefeeds him pill. Moksh spits it and pushes them both and warns he will hit them. He then picks knife and slits his wrist. Kadambari asks Rohan to call doc.

Doc nurses Moksh’s wound and says Rohan these patients should be kept in mental hospital, but Kadambari is adamant. Rohan gives him cheque and tells him to shift Moksh to mental hospital and he will get more cheques as reward. Paridhi hears that and asks why is he doing this, mom will get angry. He asks to leave it to him.

Precap: Rohan and Paridhi smirk seeing mental hospital peons entering home to take Moksh to mental hospital. Reeti and Kadambari are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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