Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok coming to meet Ishita. He gets scared seeing her. She holds him and asks what happened, why is he scared. He says nothing, I m not scared. She says its good you came, we have to complete many incomplete things, come on, don’t you remember Ashok, when we could not finish food, before my death, just you and me know this, don’t you remember. He says yes, just Shagun and I knew this, It means you are Shagun. She says ofcourse I m complete, I have come here to do what you wanted. He keeps the black thread inside his pocket.

He says yes, will you agree to me. She says you know, I always agreed to you. He asks her to be in Ishita and not leave Ishita. He holds her hand and says he is glad that she is back. Everyone wait outside. Ashok comes there. Raman asks her is Ishita fine. Prateek asks did he tie thread. Ashok lies to them, that he tied thread and asked Shagun to leave Ishita’s body, she will be okay. Raman stops Ashok and thanks him.

Prateek says I hope Ishita won’t get attacks now. Raman thanks and hugs him. Ashok comes home. He says Shagun and I had that work incomplete, this Shagun will complete this and blame will go on Ishita, I could not ruin Raman, but I will use this chance very well, get ready to die Raman.

Its morning, Ishita behaves normal and asks Raman to wear white shirt. He gets hurt and she cares for him. Raman smiles seeing her fine. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………..plays…….. She kisses his hand after doing the aid. He asks for a kiss on his cheek. She smiles and he hugs her. She gets romantic, and she asks him to go for work. She smiles like Shagun…. And goes…..Raman calls Prateek at home. He hugs Prateek and says Ishita got fine, and tells family that Ishita got completely fine. Prateek asks are you sure, can I meet her once. Raman says sure, Simmi call her. Simmi gets Ishita there.

Prateek introduces himself and says Raman said she is good dentist, will she treat him. She says no, you are mistaken, Raman thinks I m not a good dentist. Prateek says no, he said good things about you. Ishita asks him to take appointment at her clinic, she will treat him. She goes to kitchen. Raman says see, she is always like this. Prateek says she looks normal. Mrs. Bhalla wants to tell this to Amma.

Mrs. Bhalla says they will celebrate Diwali together. Raman hugs Prateek and leaves happily. Mrs. Bhalla is glad and thanks Prateek. Prateek looks at Ishita. She smiles and makes faces when he turns.

Amma is glad and meets Mrs. Bhalla. They both argue like old times. Bala and Ishita stop them. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla laugh and say there were not fighting, it was just fun. Ishita laughs. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get coffee. Bala tells Ishita that Vandu for crackers, he divided for the kids, Sarika will get kids now. Ishita thanks him and asks Neelu to keeps crackers. He leaves. Ishita gets thinking and smiles.

Ishita goes and sees the crackers. Sarika thinks whats Ishita doing with crackers and asks her. Ishita says I was just checking, as crackers can be dangerous for kids. She keeps crackers and goes. Sarika checks the crackers box and says why was Ishita checking this, she got fine but I don’t trust her.

Ishita goes to Iyer house and tells Vandu that she came to meet Amma. Vandu says Amma came out, sit with me, I will make coffee. Ishita says we will have coffee in evening, I wanted to ask, I saw you and Suraj together. Vandu says Suraj is my student, he is doing PG, he is not that bad, he is studying seriously, he helped me in getting crackers, I made notes for him. Ishita says interesting and starts coughing. Vandu goes to get water. Ishita writes something on a paper, and keeps the note in the file. Vandu gets water. Vandu says I got late, I will leave. Ishita smiles.

Ashok comes home and asks Suraj to get ready, they have to attend party. Suraj says I m studying, I got my fine with good marks. Ashok sees a paper falling and picks it. Ashok reads the note, that Ishita will do the incomplete work. Ashok says now Raman will surely die by this shock.

Appa hears everyone screaming Raman and goes to see. Raman is hurt and family is around him in the compound. Appa sees Ishita coming downstairs from terrace and asks her to come with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wut is this??? i caan’t understand

  2. wt the hell yar aur kithna bakwaas bana dogi serial aab tho hum logom ko mazboor kar rahe ho e bhatha ne ke liye ki aab mujhe nafrath hone lagha hai iss serial ko dhekhne ke liye………. am hating it……….wt the hell this serial is going………..plzzz aab bandh karo e saari bakwaas lagtha hai atma ishu par nahi balki ektha par ghoom raha hai………#gosh ektha is possessed…..

    1. I hope they complete airing this show. Stupid twist after twist. Head is going round in circles. I’ve started suffering from anxiety now. Need to get lawyers and sue Ekta for this good becoming RUBBISH drama. Always torturing viewers.

    2. i completely agree with u yar ektha is the most stupid person jo apni hi pairom par khudh khulaadi maar rahi hai………#gosh ektha is possesed

    3. Right bhagi…… Ekta hi possessed hai isliye hi hame torture kar rahi hai….kash me bhi use torture kar sakti…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Please Ektaji stop this non sense u have made this romantic drama as a mystery nn commedy serial just can’t see ishita in negative role…pls end this role…I think ishita is possesed by shagun’s spirit. Initially they showed Ishita when possesed by shagun’s spirit was afraid of Prathik now she is not what non sense ya…Shagun never loved ramam n Ishita side snatch him from her before she came in raman’s I fe Shagun had already left raman…y is she taking revenge.. She was just after money…please just don’t go out of track…some justice n message for the viewers ….this was the only serial which was not dragged much n was quite meaningful… Not too many celebrations…something practical…serial has lost its beauty n meaning

    1. I think it was better without the confession. Confession has made a good drama into a mystery suspense drama. Naam badalto is drama ka. BAKHWAS SERIAL

  4. is that means…..shagun and ashok were planning to kill raman before shagun’s death….pls can someone explain this…? this is actually nonsence!!!!!

  5. Yes sowmy is right…..

  6. dumbest show in this universe

  7. there r way too many bad things happening in this show…high time to stop watching this show

    1. I agree. Band Karo is drama ko

  8. Why so much confusing??? Very very very much confusing

  9. This is actual nonsence and now it has become very boring

  10. It’s just a copy of Bhool bhulaiya movie starring Akshay n VidyaBalan n nothing more than tht it’s getting really bored ishitha come out of dis possession at the earliest u can’t b so dumb n blindfolded

  11. always the family how can they believe like this easily ashok. also they know shagun
    is always against bhalla and raman she wants create problem in ishra’s life how can
    they believe the soul is easily comeout from ishita’s is they do like this means finally
    ishita may be get free but no one believe her.

  12. Aaaaaahaaannnnha ppplllzzz stop this agar aj k episode me shagun ka har scene me tarka na hota to it was a suuupppprrrbbb episode in the beginning of the track I was really liking it n now i am really fed up I want old ishu back I have a strong feeling that something really shocking will definitely happen in yhm that that will really effect ishra life

  13. Shraddha Sharma

    Toooooooooo much dragging…..

  14. Oh God .. it’s too irritating….nd total nonsense… I can’t understand y they r dragging so much… Whatever is this ishu’s plan, or really shagun’s ghost ,or someone else’s plan , whatever….,,, y this dragging , pls writers don’t make us to feel like this… YHM is my fvrt show…..

    Now it’s going to be more difficult for bhalla family to handle ishu… Now they can’t even Understand that it’s nt ishu….

    Everyday I watch YHM with a hope that may be today I will get my answers….. BT no ……there are only confusions nd questions….. No answer to any if question….

    Now again another question if Shagun met Ashok before her death y she wanted to kill Raman…

    Dfntly I will become mad coz if this drama…!!!!!

  15. BT ya ishu was looking so young in that blue salvar… Actually her new hair style is d main reason ….ishra scene was nice.. BT it was Shagun., nt ishu…

    Don’t when they will end this track….

  16. merrily alias

    If makers or writers dont have run out of good ideas for the story then they should stop the serial rather than showing such trash

  17. High time to stop watching this show

  18. O ho plzzzzz stop this ghost and bakwas.plz kuch real dikhao

  19. What nonsense …… Dragging …. Boring …..irritating ….. Last two weeks In between Ishitha was behaving like Shaghun …. Now the Shaghun ghost learned to act as Ishitha to fool the Bhallas and Iyers along with we fools are watching to know what’s happening . And the TRP goes high …. What’s in this writers mind ? They are stuck up … …. Feel sorry for these wonderful acting team to dance to the tune of makers . Ishitha looks very beautiful but not interested to see Ishitha like this …. We can’t digest this …. At least think of Ruhi …. The story started for her …great writers … The production team to be admired and complimented for bringing this beautiful story to this bad level ….

  20. i missed the episode .horrible episode .really unentertaining now and is more or equal to a big crap .

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  22. Please don’t make ishita character negative I want her in positive character

  23. How could they believe ashok….?
    By the way, yhm is in 3rd place now. So may be we don’t like this track. But some ppl like this track. That’s why trp is high.
    And we all hated surrogacy, at that time yhm was in 8th place.
    But now, trp has increased from 8th to 3rd…… It means they’ll drag this track another one or two week. We can’t do anything.
    But I really want to know the reason of ishita’s behaviour. !
    And today, I liked ishra scene….. But chee……. It’s not ishita……!!!
    Waiting…… But want to see end of this track soon…… But don’t like to see end of the serial.
    From SL

  24. i am just waiting for the day when this horrible tracks ends . this my favourite show and the best show but i dont want our yhm to go in such a horror and supernatural kind of direction. its a modern show with new concept and accordingly are the fans likings and expectations .we want our old yhm.plz makers its high time this track is going with no development in the story and its taking a lot of time than we thought .in a week the story will move just move one step forward and the rest is just the same monotonous one.

  25. i dont understand why these makers wont understand or do not want to understand or though being understood thet wanted to disappoint the veiwers and fans .it is we that we fans or veiwers make a serial hit or flop .they know it very well but still they show like all these kind of nonsense in the show .then in interveiw they speak like it is not like ssk and matsh like serials .but the reality is ssk is showing supernatural and yhm is also in the same case revolving around .the difference yhm is a modern one and ssk is little old one . they just show whatever they likebon television and dragging a lot just to make many number of episodes and to create a lot of suspense.if this is the case of yhm then i think this track may end next year or who knows which year .

  26. Well … this is the first time i am really confused and really dont know how to nd what to say . They are now just not dragging this track but draaaaggggginnnnng it . What is this yaar? I thought they will end it by karwachauth if not karwachauth thn diwali for sure . Ishra will be finally be together nd they will again show smthng good nd positive. thats y i was supporting this track nd telling others to keep patience. But now a days am loosing my ownn . Its sooo damn confusing . Honestly i watch this show for divynka nd karan nd yes adiruhi . espacially divz. I love the way she acts nd she is doing a pretty job . Well todays epi wasnt dat bad . Ishra scene was there but unfortunately shagun was also in it … i think prateek has got some hint or he is still not sure about ishita ‘s state. Nd yez ..i dnt thnk the bhalla’s shud blv ashoke so easily. After all they know what kind of bustard he is . Nd now its confirmed it is not a trap. Agar it wld be a trap thn thngs cud hv got reallly worse in the near future. I just want evrythng to be well and god again.nd we get see some pure happy celebration with only positivity.

  27. stop this crap in yhm
    we want our old yhm
    yhm is the best unique show .dont make it worst makers by your worst tracks.

  28. ekta kapoor knows how to increase the value of her serials in the telly world thats y she indulges into this kind of tracks nd twists . Indians r very fond of ghost nd humsakal drama. so in this case let me take yhm . no doubt ekta incorporated this track just to increase the trp nd make a good place in the trp chart. Many viewers r there who only watches a serial for a short period of tym whn the serial is showing somethng out of the box nd not so related with the main plot . So many vwrs who r may be not a regulat yhm viewr r watching this show nowadays just because of the on going supernatural track which is diff frm the actual plot of the show . And they will leave watching this show as soon as it get backs to normal endng this on going track. So inorder to capture the attention of the new found temporary veiwrs ekta is stretchiiing the track . and in between this she is showing ishra nd ishru scenes in order to attract this temporary audience to the real essence of the show so they become permeanent nd as well as the show mark a permeanent good plce on the trp charts for a long time. not only ekta the makers of sns , ssk nd dabh has also done It . But we recently saw as soon as the mission mahabali ended nd sooraj nd sandhaya reunited the trp had a huge fall Nd fearing this may be ekta is not ending this track but i will say ekta in order to get some new viewers plz dont forget ur old ones. Plzzz give respect to there feelings for ishra nd yhm. Plz end this track asap . Show us some good nd romantic epis . I assure the trp will never fall.

    1. Totally agree with you ….. Diya ..,, I too was thinking the same ….

    2. ya diya .i totally agree with you .apcelutely right.

  29. Guys…plz write ur thought nd opinion if u agree with my previous commnt . Have a look.

  30. Guys u r still watching the show! Hats off to ur patience

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