Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita scolding Shagun. She says she knows she came here to get Raman back. She asks Shagun to shut up and just listen. She says you came to get this house, money and same place, it means my place by using Adi, what sort of woman are you, you want to stay here by using Adi’s pain, I hate you, how can woman be such, Raman can’t even bear you, Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi don’t want to come close to your shadow, you are here because of me, I went against Raman to get you, if they can accept you on my saying, they can throw you on my one word, and you raised hand on my daughter. Shagun says just listen to me, you are mistaken. Ishita stops.

She starts laughing, and says this is your problem, someone begged and you stopped. Shagun says sorry, I won’t be, I know

you, you don’t know me, you can’t kick me out, what will you of your goodness, do you have courage to break Raman’s heart, can you make him away from his son, as you also love him, he did not say you I love you, but you love him. She says its sad that you are showing attitude on his love which he never said, you feel I will be scared by your threatening, after coming in this house, will I leave so easily, how stupid of you. I won’t go anywhere, Adi’s state is such, that Raman won’t make him leave and not me, Adi wants his mum and dad, not Ishita aunty.

Shagun says Raman knows this well, Raman can do anything to keep Adi with him. If you try to make Raman against me, I will take Adi and leave, Adi was feeling safe in his family, and he can get unwell again if I take him away, and I m sure Raman won’t like it, and you can’t see your husband sad, am I right? I m sure you will think about it, it needs courage to be bad which you don’t have. She leaves. Ishita gets angry and teary eyed.

Raman gets mail from Adi’s school and shows Ishita. He says its from his sports teacher, Adi is selected for football camp, Adi will be excited, I will reply Adi will surely come, he will be very happy. Ishita recalls Shagun’s words and cries. She recalls Raman’s love for Adi. Raman says I will tell Adi to prepare. She says Raman won’t be able to bear, how can I hide it from him, I know Shagun’s plan, she will use Adi, no I can’t let this happen, I have to stop Shagun anyway, I can’t let Raman get hurt.

Suraj and Mihika are on the way and talk about new bank manager Manisha Kochar. Suraj says I fixed meeting with her. Ashok asks why should I go. Suraj says make a good impression on her, don’t think anything wrong with her. Ashok says ladies can’t say no to Ashok Khanna. Suraj says you are single and you like women with kids. Ashok says don’t taunt me, I will meet her. Raman asks Mihir to meet the girl, she is nice and she read your profile. Mihir asks which profile. Raman says she did not see your face so did not reject you till now. Mihir asks why did he make his profile on matrimonial site. Raman asks him to move on, just meet her, then we will decide.

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Mihir says I don’t want to meet. Raman insists and says I have seen her. Bala and Pathak come and ask whats going on. Mihir says I see you called them to convince me. Raman asks them to say marriage is good. Bala gives a look that he disagrees and even Pathak is not able to say good things. They ask Mihir to marry. Mihir says I won’t, their face shows their state after marriage. Raman asks him to get married, its not a sin, and tells the same venue and time where Ashok is going.

Shagun asks Ishita did she not get Raman to throw her out. Ishita says I m enough for throwing you, I don’t need my husband for this, I did not tell him as he is everything for me, and Adi is everything for him, I m not insensitive like you. Ishita scolds her and says I will ruin your plans. Shagun challenges her and says you will lose in your goodness. Ishita taunts her for not studying in school, and says goodness wins over evil at the end. She says I forgot for what I came here. She gives money and says take this money, and from next time, don’t shop for my daughter, as we don’t take anything from guests, and we give them and send, save this money for your old age, as there will be no one to support you. She leaves. Shagun gets raged and shut the door.

The matrimony site girl with same surname Kochar comes to meet Mihir and wishes the guy says yes to marriage meeting her. Ashok comes to meet bank manager Kochar there as Suraj fixed the meeting. Mihir comes there too. Ashok meets the wrong one and says his company’s turnover. She smiles seeing him and is mistaken that he is the one who came for marriage matter. She finds him hot and thinks to marry him soon. Ashok thinks she looks convinced and talks ahead about his business. She says she has much time for him. Mihir sits on another table and waits. He hears the name Kochar and meets her, who is the bank manager.

She asks him about their meeting. He thinks she looks elder to me, did Raman see her and like. She talks to Mihir. He goes to freshen up. Mihika comes there with Vandu and sees Ashok with the girl.

Mihika asks Ashok what is he doing here. Ashok says meet Miss Kochar, banker. The lady says oh, you don’t want to tell her. Ashok asks what. Mihika says he is her husband and scolds Ashok. Ashok says its business meeting. The lady asks is he not ashamed to put ad on matrimonial site being marriage. She leaves. Mihika scolds Ashok and says I can’t believe this, are you so desperate. She goes out. Mihir messages Raman for choosing Kochar for him. He hears Mihika and Ashok talking. She says I will tell everyone that I m pregnant. Mihir is shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to allow Shagun taking part with Ruhi in run, as Adi will get family feeling. Ishita gets upset.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Toshiji aap bhi hadh karti ho. …….aap ki zindagi main sirf Adi hi hai aur koi nahin. ………
    jab dekho jab. ..Adi Adi karti rehte ho. ………toshiji aap ko ishita se ye kahna nahin chahiye tha. …………..not good. ……..

  2. Ash

    what the hell? what is Mrs. Bhalla saying?? c’mon Ruhi, tell them you want only ishitha and not that stupid Shagun.

  3. Ishita ne jis tarha uss shagun ko uss ki. ….jage dikhai hai. …maza aagaya. …………
    …….badi aayi ishita ki jaga lene. ………
    …ishita ki parchayi tak bhi nahin pahunch sakti. …………..ishita rockssss

  4. st

    You guys are really streaching this topic too much. B4 this I use to watch this serial without fail no matter if it was repeat telicast of night 1
    bt now u guys are doing too much of shagun topic.

  5. i dont get it y always ishu should sacfrice y not my point of view toshiji ko mara naa can she do it.she totally disappointed us.and ishu plz dont hear her becoz of other u should not hurt ur daughter ruhi.agar this bar u said ok than oneday they may ask u to leave house also.they all selfish.dont hear any stupid talk.

  6. waise bein everything was going well bt toshiji made it miserable now.jab dekho adi adi adi.and its long now bt this drama is not stoping at all.

  7. Ishu ne kya jawaab diya hai uss useless shagun ko…..and toshiji hamesha app kehti hai ishu yashoda hai par aaj kya hua aapne pothe ko dekhar apni bahu ko hi bhul gayi…..

  8. Kya. feeling family feeling. .laga rakha hai. …………
    ……kisi bachche ki har khuahish….puri karne se. …….usse family feeling nahin aaye gi. …..woh toh aur bighad jaye ga. ……………..aur zid kare ga. ..kyun ki usse pata hota hai ki. …..ghar wala uss ki har baat mane ge. ……
    ……usse toh good values dena chahiye. ..achcha bure main farq karna sikha na chahiye. ………….
    naki. ..uss ki najayaz demands puri karke. ……

  9. shreyan

    shagun is such a characterless woman.i feel like like slapping her everyday.but aaj mujhe laagta hain that stupid toshi ko bhi ….. in this serial, shagun is called beautiful!!how funny.ishita is ten times more beautiful than her.

  10. Kiran

    What the hell? has Mrs Bhalla gone insane?

    Next time she will tell Ishita that please for the sake of Adi leave Raman and get him married to Shagun – you can move on with some one else.

  11. Kiran

    I am tired of Mrs bhallah’s nonsense. What is this?

    She is in directly allowing Shagun in her family and Ischia you are so stupid you are not going to participate because of this – stupidity has just hot its top.

    Enough of this nonsense. Wake up – perhaps Shagun was right that you don’t have courage. Very sad today

  12. waise bein ruhi being so small has maturity bt being elder also toshiji goan mad.and ab shagun as always i said shagun will get slap form ishu woh bhi jaldi se.i wish it becomes true soon.and shagun deserve 1000 slap.

  13. Kiran

    From today, I will hate Shagun & Mrs Bhalla. I cannot believe you have a daughter and you are talking so cheap.

    Ishita – speak up now. Say NO to your Monster-in-law.

  14. Aliya kal tumne pocha tha. ..
    ..par maine reply nahin kiya. …..
    main sirf yhm. .dekhti hoon. …uss ke alawa dusre serials nahin dekhti hoon. ….par mujhe pata hota hai ki konse serial main kya horaha hai. …..

  15. Aaj mai bahut dhuki hu .. Maine mere best friend ko hurt kiya hai .. .. Plz mujhe maaf kar do ….plz ..mujhe pata hai. Tum yeh jarur padoge. ..plz. .aap log bhi usse bolo ki mujhe maaf kar de….woh iss page par hai…mai usska naam nahi lugi. Woh bhi yhm ka bahut bada fan hai….plZ. Mujhe maaf kar do. .

  16. Yahan jo bhi hai palak. …k. .friend. ….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    palak ko maaf kar do. ……….
    ……..tum ne palak ki baat ko galat samjha hoga. …………….
    maaf bhi kar do

  17. aliya i also watch serial like nisha aur uski cousin,dabh,suhani se ek ladki,shasri sisters,sasural simar ka,ajeeb dastan hai,humsafers,itna karo naa mujshe pyar and most important my fav mahakumb for gautum rode.and u aliya u.

  18. Kiran

    I guess I won’t be watching the episode tomorrow – good one YHM team you have just lost one 1 potential viewer …

    I cannot see Ishita crying … Please Ishita when would you turn into Kali Maa – I am waiting for that episode.

  19. Oh my God………Shagun take part with Ruhi for Aadi’s sake……what the hell……….inn logo ke liye kya sirf Aadi ki happiness important hai………Ruhi ki nahi…….agar Rhuhi participet kar rahi hai to wo decide karegi ki uss ke saath kaun part lega……….pls yaar Ramankuch karo……….hum tumhari tarah tumhari beti & wife ko sad nahi dekh sakte……pls yaaar uss Shagun ko jeetne mat do…….

  20. IshRaa Fan

    How can they show Toshi talking to Ishitha like this? If they keep on doing this, they will loose viewers and go down in TRP rating for sure.

  21. dont wry and dont get tension and stress.just be relax con in subject and prepare well aliya.and i trusth u all u guys will sure get good of luck for all who r all writing exams.and even my bro has exam.he doing his 12th.i will pray for my bro and all u.relax guys.just chill.and do it well.

  22. Hey prayosha
    ……..nahin bataya. …sirf toshiji aur ishita baat karte so bataya. …………precap main. ….
    agar woh sunle toh achcha hoga. …..

  23. Thanks priyaroli. …….
    ……..sab k exams achche jayen ge. …….
    …aur aap k Bro ke liye pray karon gi ki. .woh achche achche achche marks se pass ho jayen. …..

  24. Mizun wo dono sun kya le ….jab part lenge tab to pata chalega hi naa….& wo car wala scene aaya?? Same scene MATH me bhi aaya………copy cat Ekta…….har scene copy karte hai uss ke makers…….

  25. Kiran

    Raman Bhalla

    When would you come into the pic to support Ishu Bhalla. She needs you now, please put some sense into your mom’s brain.

  26. This one only for Toshiji……..

    अपनी शादी के पहले दिन पति और
    पत्नी के बीच
    शर्त रखी जाती है
    कि किसी के लिए
    भी दरवाजा नहीं खोला जायेगा !

    उसी दिन उस लड़के के माता पिता आये और
    अन्दर जाने के
    लिए दरवाजा खट खटाया !

    पति पत्नी एक दुसरे की तरफ देखते है।

    पति अपने माता पिता के लिए
    दरवजा खोलना चाहता है लेकिन उसे शर्त
    याद आ जाती है। वह
    दरवाज़ा नहीं खोलता है ओर उसके
    माता पिता चले जाते है ।

    कुछ समय के बाद उसी दिन लड़की के
    माता पिता आते है और अन्दर जाने के लिए
    दरवाजा ख़त खटाते है ।

    पति पत्नी फिर एक दुसरे की तरफ देखते है
    और उस समय भी वो शर्त याद करते है ।

    पत्नी की आँखों में आंसू आ जाते हे वो अपने
    आंसू पूछते हुए कहती हे : मै अपने माता पिता के
    ऐसा नहीं कर सकती और दरवाजा खोल
    देती है ।
    पति कुछ नहीं कहता है ।।

    कुछ समय के बाद उनके दो पुत्र जन्म लेते है ।

    इसके बाद उनको तीसरा बच्चा होता है जो एक
    लड़की (बेटी) होती है ।।

    वह पति अपनी पुत्री के जन्म लेने के
    अवसर पर एक बहुत बड़ी और शानदार
    पार्टी का आयोजन करता है और अपने
    सभी दोस्तों और रिश्तेदारों को बुलाता है ।

    फिर उसकी पत्नी उससे
    पूछती है कि क्या कारण था जो उसने बेटी के
    जन्म पर
    इतनी बड़ी पार्टी का आयोजन
    किया जबकि इससे पहले दोनों दोनों भाइयो के
    जन्म पर ऐसा कुछ
    नहीं किया ।।

    पति अपने साधारण से शब्दों में बड़े प्यार से
    उत्तर देता है :
    क्योकि यही वो है जो एक दिन मेरे लिए
    दरवाजा खोलेगी ।।

    “बेटिया बहुत स्पेशल होती है,
    आपकी छोटी सी बेटी भले
    ही आपके साथ कुछ समय के लिए
    ही रहे …. लेकिन उसका दिल और प्यार
    जीवनभर अपने माता पिता के लिए रहता है ।।”
    पोस्ट पसंद आई हो तो शेयर करके आगे

  27. Haan prayosha jo bhi scenes yhm main batata hai. ….

    same scenes MATH. .main dikhata hai. ……MATH ke paas achche scenes nahin hai kya. ………………

  28. Kuch samjo Toshiji………Aadi ke liye Ruhi ko ignor mat karo……hu yeh nahi kehte hai ki Aadi se pyar mat karo…….jitna jeee chaahe utana pyar karo par dusro ki khushi specialy Ruhi ki khushi ko kurbaan karke uski khushi ke baareme mat socho…..

  29. Wow…..what a promo yaar……….bas ab yeh hi treck hona chahiye show me………..bas Ishita ab aur nahi………ab uss Shagun ke saamne bilkul mat zukana……..yeh ab tumhata gghar hai….tumhara adhikar hai…..tumhara pati hai…..tumhari beti hai………..yeh sab Shagun ka thaa ….par ab tumhara hai……

  30. Wow kal Jan ka last ep & iss week ka bhi……& I am so happy ke kal ka ep muje 7:30 ko dekhane ko milega………bas ab kal kuch achcha dikhana yeh Tishiji ke drame ke baad……

  31. Mizun usss promo me Ishita ne whitw & purpal saari pehni thi jo aaj ep me pehni thi….& ka 1 baje YHM aaye uss se pehle starplus on kar dena …….12:45 pm baad dikhayega promo…….mainw bhi aisehi kiya…10:45 se starplus on kiya tha & YHM start hone se pehle promo dekha……

  32. good episode. precap is unpleasant.but shagun ishitha part was nice and i liked the part where ishitha tells barbaad karungi mein tumhara shagun was awesome and the whole ishitha shagun conversation but ishitha should show her kaali roop or furious side to that shagun.toh kya zabardastt competition hoga.

  33. Vini

    seriously yhm startd bugging. TRP would definitely go dwn, r ppl living are blind fr adi then fr ruhi.. Hw bad

  34. bhagi

    hi guys mizun angel nd prayosha…….nice episode bt e log phir se vahi track ko repeat karne ki koshish kar rahe hai……plz aab phir yeh adi naam ka jaap math lo sab log…..i dont believe this how can toshiji ask like this vo harbaar us adi ko jyaada importance deti hai ruhi se…nd i dont know anyone can come into shaguns trap or not but toshiji tho jaroor aayegi…

  35. adi ko sarpe chadaake rakha hai.adi ko acchi aadath aur acchi parvarish dene ke bhajaye usse laad pyar karke sab kuch usii ki marzi kartha hai.come on aaj kal ke zamaane mein 7years ke bacche ko sab patha chaltha hai jaise ruhi jo bahut samajdaar aur understanding ,not like adi jo 12years ho kar bhi nasamaj jaise behave kar raha hai.everyone knows ishitha is ruhi’s mother then how can mrs.bhalla tell ishitha like that she should not participate in race. kabhi bhi apni marzi kisi pe nahi thop na nahi chahiye . adi ko good morals ki jaroorath hai and he should understand that ishitha is ruhi ‘s mother and raman’s wife.

  36. ishitha ko sacrifice karne ke liye toshiji hi majboor kar rahi hai .yeh sab luch ek mental torture ki tarah hai ishitha ko.aise situation mein agar ishitha na kethi toh toshiji ishitha pe naaraaz hoti aur uska ishitha pe opinion change ho jatha .most of all shagun ko mauka miltha toshiji ka dil jeetne ke liye aur aise dhire dhire bhalla house mein apna jagah banana .phir baad mein ek badaa sa tag dethe sacrifice ki moorthi.aakhir ishitha kare tohnkya kare.aur yeh mental torture nahi hai toh kya hai.

  37. ishitha ko sacrifice karne ke liye toshiji hi majboor kar rahi hai .yeh sab kuch ek mental torture ki tarah hai ishitha ko.aise situation mein agar ishitha na kethi toh toshiji ishitha pe naaraaz hoti aur uska ishitha pe opinion change ho jatha .most of all shagun ko mauka miltha toshiji ka dil jeetne ke liye aur aise dhire dhire bhalla house mein apna jagah banana .phir baad mein ek badaa sa tag dethe sacrifice ki moorthi.aakhir ishitha kare tohnkya kare.aur yeh mental torture nahi hai toh kya hai.

  38. Yes rithushree ur right. ……
    …..sab log ishita se expect karte hai ki. …..woh sacrifice kare. …………………….
    par. …raman aaisa hone nahin dega. ……..

  39. Hey Amar chaudhari….mai 2 din se dekh raahi hoo. tum roj 3-4 am comment karte ho…aur baad me muje & Mizun ko friendship karne ke liye kehte ho…..are bhai 4 baje to hum so jate hai…..hum sebaat karni ho to 1 am se pehle comment karo…….

  40. sharmi

    That Ms. Bhalla lives in the 21st century when it suits her to dress up and party but want’s Ishita to live in the dark ages when she feels like it…please grow a brain people.

  41. amar chaudhary

    Hey prayosha
    Actually I am in america that’s why time doesn’t match…I am big fan of yhm…I will try tomorrow to come here on 12 am

  42. Good Morning…Guys…….Enjoy 1st 31st of 2015………aaj hoga Jan ka end…….I hope ke humari wishes ki tarah Jan ke end ke saath yeh Shagun ka drama bhi end ho jaye….

  43. Oh God Toshiji ko yeh Samaj me nahi aata ki…..Aadi ko complete family feeling dilwane chakkar me wo Ruhi ki family incomplete kar rahi hai…….ajr naa sirf Ruhi ki Raman & Ishita ki bhi……

  44. Only 6 day sgo go for IshRa’s anyversry……..& inn logo ke drame hai ki khatm hi nahi hote………last year bhi IshRa ko wedding date 6th Feb thi….par hume 13th Feb ko weedding dikhai thi……..shayad iss baar bhi late hi dikhayenge…….

  45. Oh Shagun tum to pyar ke baate me lecture dene ka rehne hi do…….Raman ne bale hi I♡U naa bola ho par wo Ishita ko jaan se bhi jyada pyar karta hai…..& wo tumhara 6 foot 2 inch ne 6 years me kitni baar I♡U bola hoga……kyaa fayada hua……..kya ukhad liya usne……

  46. Prachi

    Bikul sahi bol rhi ho prayosha
    Raman ishu se bahut pyar karta h aur ishu ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai

  47. ruhi ki fan

    is mrs. bhalla mad? why she goes agnst ishita everytime? kitni moti hai lekin dimaag kitna chota hai..i hope ruhi rejects shagun bcoz she is the only light of hope in the whole serial

  48. Hey aaj SBS me Shagun Ishita ki race dikhayenge……Ishita ne saari pehni hai…& Shagun ne track sute……….lagta to hai Shagun part legi …….par yeh to humari Ruh baby decide karegi ….kaun part lega…..last moment par kuch bhi ho sakta hai……

  49. bhagi

    yah prayosha kuch bhi ho par ishu ruhi hi race me participate karna chahiye…..plz raman kuch karna yar hamesha side actors ki tarah silently math raha karo yar ya phir aapne aap ko kamzor bola kar rona math……plz makers gave some importance to ramans character akir vo iss show ka hero hai yar……aur acting bhi kamal ka kartha hi yar……use bhi thoda importance do……

  50. Thats the spirite Ruhi ….well done……….
    Jab school me Shagun & Ishita se pucha aap kiske saath hai tab dono bole …Ruhi Bhalla’s mother……….tab Ruhi ne kaha Ishimaa meri mamma hai……maja aa gaya…….

  51. Hey Bhagi….Ab jobhi karna hai Ishita karegi……& Raman ke cheractor ko normal mat bolo yaar…..tum ne dekha tha wo video jis me Raman Shagun ko shaadi ke liye shopping karne ke liye & uss ke ghar me rehne ke liye taunt marega………uss ka cheractor side role me nahi hai….pls aisa mat bolo…….

  52. I had told on the first day itself…. She will use romi as her pawn. As she was listening to them when they romi was expressing his interest to go abroad.

  53. Hey maine aaj sbs & sbb nahin dekhi par. ………tum log k comments padhi. …….
    ..yaar ruhi. …iss week chayi hoyi hai. …….ek mauqa nahin chodrahi hai. ..shagun ki insult karne ka………..
    …….very good Ruh. ….

  54. @nc

    yaar show ka name hain ” yeh hain mohobbatein” par idhar monobbat kaha pe. Ishra scene bhi fake lagta hai.
    jab raman and shagun ek sath the tab to raman ek useless log tha . jab shagun chod ke chala gaya tab uska dimag chali. woh shagun ko itha bhokte kiyun hai ? ab jo help woh ishita ko karta hain uss time shagun karte toh yeh saab nahi hote.
    jisne khudi jindegi main galat faisla liye to dusro ko kya jatayega.
    usi time ka raman ke sath agar ishita hote toh aaj shagun ke jayga ishita nehi hota toh uska garrantey kaha pad hai ?

  55. Are. .@nc
    ….mohabbatein toh kuot kout ke bhari hai na. …..ishita ruhi se …ruhi ishita se. Ruhi raman se. ..raman ruhi se. ….raman ishita se ..ishita raman se
    ….kitni mohabbat karte hai. …………..
    yahan toh mohabbatein hi mohabbatein hai. ….
    aaisa mat bolo ki. …serial main mohabbatein nshin hai. .plzzz

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.