Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajhinder says we can’t disturb mata ji yet. Sujata says you are right, simar says in heart where is mata ji, what is she doubts her. sid says roli don’t worry everything will be fine. Mata ji is our elder she knows the world better. mata ji comes in. inspector comes in as well. Shurti and her parents come in. Everyone is dazed. Fake roli is too shocked.

Vash doolbell rings, its amar and calendar. Vash says who are you? they tell their names, Amar says nirmala bharadwaj sent us. we want to talk about whats happening in bharadwaj house. she invites them in.

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Fake roli wonders why are they here. mata ji says till we solve this problem they will all live here. Shurti’s dad says we know law too. We will complain about you. inspector says go and complain. We will give him report ourselves. Mata ji asks inspector to start investigation. inspector says tell me the names and contacts of all the people where you lived before. Shurti says you can’t talk to my dad like this, inspector says we are elders and talking, now i will do anything to solve this case so better stay quite. Shurti says why should we answer all this. Shurti says to fake roli you told us that this wont happen then what is it? She says roli came to our house and said cops wont interrogate from us. mata ji says roli is she right? Did you go to her house? but why? sujata says tell us why and and when you went to her house? Sid says i have the answers she went to save them from trouble. if she was jhumki she would have come here as roli, i now believe that its just an incident that she looks like roli. inspector says mata ji your son and daughter in law know them and don’t doubt them. roli says mata ji this is all rubbish after mausi ji has been exposed. uma says if mausi ji was green eyed woman that who was behind what happened to sattu? prem says yes he told simar that he saw a woman. Simar says yeah he did. Mata ji says i think she has some connection with out house. pari says mata ji is right, sattu and sanju are not well. who could be next? please interrogate. inspector says we will take two to three days. Mata ji says till then they will live here as guests. inspector asks jatin to tel his name. He says we were not running anywhere. inspector says why were leaving city then? he says we had to go for some work. mata ji says please live here and help us in sorting out, he says okay.

amar says we have to be careful about our plan. vash says what if something wrong happens? amar says trust me we will kick her out and you will start this mission. vash says okay, amar and calendar leave.

sid is in his room, roli says why are you worried? he says i don’t find mata ji’s decision right. Roli says mata ji is doing this for all of us. Sid says we have taken long time to forget that face . its not easy to see that face again, lets go somewhere for 3 days. fake roli says in heart i can’t let those sisters stay together here. Roli says i wont go anywhere i know its difficult but we will face it together, he says i think you are right i became selfish for some time. We will face all this and together. Fake roli says i lost you once, i can’t lose you again. She hugs him. Shurti is standing on the doorway. Sid says what are you doing here? She says I.. Sid says what? Shruti says why are you talking like this? i was just going from here i wanted to talk to roli. mummy papa wants to talk to you. you understood their problem. Fake roli says okay i am coming. Sid says in heart why can’t i ignore that face.

Precap-vash calls fake roli. Vash says i must appreciate you for the game you are playing but i have got it now. Meet me at 11. Fake roli says what if i don’t come? Vash says i will reverse all your magic on you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think fake roli is nalni.. Sid’s assistant, when kushi took out there property he worked in some company.

    1. Why do you feel it’s naina….any hints???

  2. Fake roli was a snake she has supernatural power that she can have human forms .

    1. u r right yasmin i agree with u

  3. I think ishani is correct
    Even i think she is naina

  4. ishani i thought abt it first bt she cant be tht she is nagin nly

  5. Next would be fairy vs witch games… mataji you could do so much in a short span of time..WOW. that simar and roli are together…as always they’ll solve this havoc.
    Feeling pity for that sid…how will he digest the fact that he wz living wid this serpent all the while wen his roli was wandering rit in front of him….

  6. Here the theme music of the current episode you will be clear that she was a snake. Moreover in the vashnavi Ji entry scene in the family if you watch the shawdow of fake roli it’s was clear that she was a snake.

  7. it can be both, naina who has know become nagin

  8. sid please identify ur roli na yaar… can’t u fell ur love

  9. Fake roli is a female snake whose partner bit sid and give his life back. As her husband died bcoz of sid and simar she came to take revenge on them but she fell in love with sid and settled here.she hypnotized sid too.

  10. I too feel tat tis fake roli is naina frm the beginning

  11. sid is so stupid dat he cant make differencd b/w real nd fake roli., im getting a doubt dat does he truely love roli?

  12. Roli please cum back as old roli we miss sid and roli scenes…

  13. sid identify that fake roli soon

  14. Awww I miss roli and Sid’s nok jhok and cute romantic scenes… I was watching their old scenes all over again. And today sid and roli/shruti was so close to having a cute argument <3 I miss them both so much!!

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