Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman seeing Ishita sleeping. He says he won’t trouble her more. He goes to washroom and takes it towel. He takes his clothes and starts leaving. He says even he is worried for yesterday, I m sorry about that. He leaves. She wakes up by the door sound and sees the time. She says Raman did not come till now, did he not sleep here at night. Neelu comes with his clothes, and Ishita asks her. Neelu says Raman got ready in Romi’s room. Ishita says why is he angry on me, whats this. Appa tells Amma that Bala’s mum health got bad and Vandu said he went there. Amma says it means he won’t be there for puja. Simmi and Romi talk about Lohri. Rinki also joins the discussion.

Ishita comes and hears Rinki saying everyone’s mood is bad. Simmi says mum wanted

Adi to come. Mr. Bhalla says I explained your mum that its first Lohri after Raman and Ishita’s marriage, where is she. Simmi says maybe she went to temple. He asks Ishita to come and wishes happy Lohri. Ishita greets him and everyone exchange wishes. Mr. Bhalla asks about Raman. Ishita says he went to office. Romi says maybe he has meeting. Mr. Bhalla says whenever he is in tension, he hides in office. Ishita goes to make tea and thinks. She thinks so he wants to hide in office, mum is also not at home, if my apology can make Adi come back, I will get him back.

Shagun says why did no one come from that house, did Adi did too much, no, I m sure someone will come. She is surprised seeing Mrs. Bhalla. She wishes Lohri, and welcomes her. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Adi. Shagun asks did you come to wish him. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I came to take him. Shagun says he won’t agree, but you try to talk. She calls Adi. Adi comes and Mrs. Bhalla hugs him, wishing Lohri. She asks why did he leave them on festive day. Adi asks why is she saying this. She cries and says she has done arrangements for him, she wants to celebrate Lohri since 6 years and now got a chance. Adi says no, I can’t come.

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Mrs. Bhalla asks how will we celebrate Lohri then, your dad did not sleep all night, even me, all are waiting, come and everyone will be happy. Shagun asks Adi to say yes. Adi says he is not angry on her, but Ishita aunty makes my mum cry and insults her. Mrs. Bhalla says it happens, fight increase love. Adi says no, its intentionally, till se apologizes, I won’t come. Ishita thinks seeing Raman’s pic and says I know Raman, you don’t want me to apologize, but if Ruhi was annoyed, I would have make up to her, I wish all kids and elders to celebrate festival together, what self respect infront of a kid, its ok, I can do this for the house’s happiness, no big deal, I will apologize.

Raman asks Mihir to leave him alone. Mihir justifies his step. Raman says Shagun can never come in between me and Ishita, but Adi and my relation was joining after years. Mihir asks him to go home. Raman says you will get a slap. Mihir says fine, I will feel you have forgiven me, you advised me to face the situation, why are you running now, everyone is waiting for you at home, go home. Amma prepares for Pongal festive and reminds Amma to take gold chains for Ishita and Mihika. He says I m going now. She says I did not sign for breaking FD. He says I have money, no need. She asks how did he get extra money. He asks her not to question.

Vandu says Amma knows everything. Appa says tell her not to talk in my matter. Amma says see how he is talking, he did not get new shirt for himself. Vandu asks her not to spoil her mood. Ishita thinks she should get Adi before Raman comes. Rinki stops her. Ishita says I have some work, I will just come. She opens the door and sees Mrs. Bhalla bringing Shagun and Adi. She greets them. Mrs Bhalla asks where are you going. Ishita says I was going to bring Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, come with me. Shagun thinks now she will make her lovely bahu apologize, perfect. She enters the house with Adi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to apologize to Adi, and she knows he is wrong.

She says I know its not your mistake, but he was not ready, and I got him by much difficulty, you apologize to Shagun. Ishita looks at Adi and Shagun. She walks to them. Mihir and Raman come home. Raman is glad seeing Adi and stops hearing Mrs. Bhalla saying Adi is he happy now, as Ishita is apologizing to Shagun. Shagun sees Raman and thinks to surprise everyone by her goodness.

Shagun stops Ishita from saying sorry and scolds Adi. Adi argues. Shagun says Ishita did a lot for you, if she told something, She hugs Ishita and apologizes. She says no need to apologize, and greets everyone happy Lohri. Ishita says Adi like mum says forget everything to celebrate Lohri. Ishita sees Raman. Raman thinks it was not good, we showed down Ishita for Adi, I wanted Adi to come home, but not this way.

Raman says finally its over. Mihir says we both know its not over, its temporary pause and it can start again, you spent time with Adi, I will have meeting. Rinki stops him. Mihir says I will come in evening. Amma and Appa come and are shocked seeing Shagun back. She says she came to meet Mrs. Bhalla and its Ishita and Raman’s first pongal. Mrs. bhalla says first Lohri too. Shagun says great, it should be celebrated well. Appa talks to Mr. Bhalla. Amma takes Ishita and Raman, and tells them about puja, and gives them new clothes. She invites everyone. Mr. Bhalla asks them to have dinner with them. Amma and Appa leave. Ishita sees Raman and goes. Shagun notices the gap between them and smiles.

Ruhi reminds Ishita that she met her in clinic on last Lohri, and she and Raman did puja together, when they did not know each other, you are my mum and won’t hurt you, won’t make you say sorry, don’t every cry, I love you. Raman looks on, Ishita says I love you too and hugs Ruhi.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • hi

      thts a never ending process.. always tht idiot shagun screws him n get her works done.. fed up with adi’s chapter

  1. Oh. ruhi doll. ……tum ne sahi kaha. ..tumhari maa sirf ishita hai. ………
    aur tum ishita ko kabhi nahin rulao gi na usse mafi mangne k liye kaho gi. ……….
    ……love you Ruh. ….

  2. only precap makes sound good and superb bhi.only a little angel ruhi can bring smile and happiness to her one can take her place.kuch cheeko ruhi se all of them.i hope ki this lohri and pongal celebration makes ishra close and strong.

  3. zee

    This is not ok but worst how much a girl can suffer in laws for that she cannot give birth a child always evil wins tha t too for how many days shgun and adi when will they make a move om here precap is very nice love u ruhi and todays spoiler is very bad how could u come along with raman day by day going worst where is mani he is missing in a very bad time directors dont u read our comments end this bulshit soon

  4. unique Angel

    Hey wt the hell r they showing in spoilers yeh pakka adi aur shagun ka plan hoga yaar patta nahi kab ishra scenes dekhne ko milenga

  5. ishra

    U r such a cute kid ruhi.ishu ke chehre par muskurahat lana keval ruhi hi karsakthihai.yeh tho ruhi ka ek unique talent hai.

  6. ishra

    Yeh shagun aur adi ka drama kab band hoga yaar.getting irritated with their continous drama.wen will the true face of Shagun get exposed???waiting for that moment as after this most of the problems between ishra gets solved.hope it is not so far.

  7. ishra

    Adi tho keval umar mein bade hai lekin ruhi tho ithni choti umar mein sab kitni acchi tharah se samasthi hai.every kid must be as mature as ruhi.

  8. ishra

    Is duniya mein keval raman ko hi beta hai kya?bacchom se pyaar karna chahiye lekin unke pyaar mein andha nahi hona chahiye

  9. 123 & Ruhi…..Raman ne Ishita ko blame nahi kiya tha……Raman ne yeh nahi kaha tha ki tumhari wajah se mera beta mujse dur hua hai…..usne yeh kaha tha ki tumhare over sweet nature ki wajah se mera beta mujse door hua hai………& haa Raman ke behaviour se hume bhi gussa aaya hai…….but aap log itna bhi gussa mat karo ke yeh kaho ke Ishita ko Raman ko chhod kar koi aur life partner dhoondhna chahiye……..yeh to aap bhi mante ho na ki jab Raman gusse me nahi hota tab Loving husband hota hai??????????……..yaar Raman ki ek galti maaf kar do……
    ek aur baat jab Ruhi ka coustody case reopen hua tha tab wo Mihir ke gusse ki wajah se hua tha tab Raman ne saari galti apne uper le li thi … Ruhi ko khone ke dar ki wajah se Ishita gussr me thi & usne Raman ko blame kiya tha ki aap ke gusse ki wajah se meri beti mujse door horahi hai & same situation ab Raman ki hai….& ab Raman ne kaha ki tumhare over sweet nature ki wajah se mera beta mujse door ho raha hai……to dono situation me kya fark hai…… to aap logo ne mahi kaha tha ki Ishita ka gussa galat hai to ab kyo keh rahe ho ki Raman galat hai….

  10. Nice precap……
    Hey 123 & Ruhi…….I am sorry if I hurt you……agar maine kuch jyada bol diya ho to maaf kar dena but yaar Raman & Ishita ke baare me aisi baate suni nahi jati…….I love Raman so much……& I also love IshRa……..

  11. Waise yeh shagun kuch Jada hi smart ban rahi thi par Raman shagun ki baato me nahi aayega….yeh sorry wala drama flop gaya shagun ka….aur yeh adi much Jada hi overacting karta hai..

  12. Oh Divyanka dekho jara dekho …..tumhara to be hubby apne new show me ful too romance kar raha hai to tumhe kya problem hqi….pls yaae humare saath itni badi nainsafi mat karna…..

  13. Are palak. ….
    uss shagun ne lohri main drama kiya hai na. …….Lohri agni main jo popcorn. ..Dale jate hai. ..woh uss ne woh popcorn gayab kar diye. ..ishita usse Lane Jaye gi. ..aur. .shagun raman k sath dance kare gi. ….

  14. ananya

    thank god yeh adi aur sahgun ka drama khatam hua . i wish raman ishita ki feeling ko samjhe aur shagun ke drame ko

  15. the episode was ok.but precap was emotional .all the three will cry tomorrow i am gonna cry seeing this emotional scene.seeing the precap itself i got tears.ruhi you are the best and cutest baby of ishitha .ruhi you rockzzz……..

  16. Maine nahi dekha aajSBS SBB par subah ek video dekha tha ijisme Bhalla family dance kar rahi thi….Ishita & family sab the par yeh Raman nahi tha aur wo dono maa bete bhi nahi the….muje laga hi thake yeh kamini ke saath hi hoga Raman & aaj ke spoiler me wo hi likha hai…
    Wese kya aaya aaj SBS SBB me??

  17. Ab ye shagun lohri festival bhi barbad karde gi. ……..pata nahin kaise aur kyun raman uss shagun k sath dance kare ga. ……….

  18. unique Angel

    Wts wrong wid apshaun yaar duniyaa me lakho crorepati hai ise raman ke hi piche kyu padi hai use bas paise chahie n raman is ceo dats y raman ke piche padi.

  19. Kya yaar sach me aisa dikhaya ki wo dono saath dance karte hai……Ramanko kya jarurat hai uske saath dance karne ki…..abhi Raman khud keh raha tha kiAadi ko juthi hope nahi deni chahiye to ab wo kyo aisa kar raha hai…….

  20. …….Bhalla house main lohri k celebration chal rahi hai sab dance karrahe hai. …….ishita Mihir se gale milti hai k woh iss celebration main aaya. …ishita mihika se bat nahin karti hai. …..ishita pareshan hai..
    divyanka ne kaha ki. ….raman abhi Nahin aaye ge jab aayen ge tab ishita uss k sath nahin hogi. ….yahi toh twist hai. …….
    sbs ne kaha ki. ..shagun woh popcorn chupa degi. …ishita popcorn lane jai gi. …tab shagun raman k sath dance kare gi. ………

  21. raman ishitha aur ruhi ko bhool hi gaya jab se adi aur shagu aaye hai . ab toh buss ruhi aur ishitha hi saath hai. bahut hogaya raman ka.they are really stretching it a lot and we dont even have clue about when will this drama end.really disappipnting.

  22. sakshi

    this is so dumb if she wants adi home then go to court and get him back
    shagun has no house or job so how can she get custody
    go file a report and stop ruining your own house
    this would never happen in real life and it is so dumb in this serial
    everyone is just an idiot- raman ishita mrs.bhalla- everyone

  23. mazak bana di hai veiwers ke feelings ke saath.har hafthe koi na koi aisa ness aatha hai ki veiwers aur pareshaan ho jathe hai. pehle season 2 ka aur ab leap hona hi nahi chahiye. har serial alag hotha hai aur zaroori nahi hai ki ekta serials mein leap ho hi ho.kuch toh alag ho saktha hai na aur har serial ki ek hi story nahi hothi hai.jan first week season 2 ka,second week low trp rates aur bahut saare veiwers yeh show chodna aur ab leap ka. lekin ab sab se badi baath yeh hai ki raman is really hurting ishitha.lohri celebration mein he enters with shagun and dances with her .yaar raman.aur ishitha ka shaadi ke baad pehla lohri hai aur raman shagun ke saath dance kar raha hai .toh obviously ishitha will be hurt.raman apna wada nahi nibha raha hai jo kuch bhi ussne ishitha se kiya. and i am dam sure ki raman aur shagun ki dance saath mein karne ki wajah adi aur shagun ki chaal hai.aur shagun ishitha ki decorations bhi kharab kar dethi hai aur pehla lohri bhi.

  24. Karan Patel assures fans he’s unlike his reel self

    TV actor Karan Patel, who is currently seen as a short-tempered person in “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”, was left surprised when fans visited the set of the show and didn’t want to meet him for an autograph. He wants them to know that in reality, he’s not like his on screen avatar.

    The Star Plus show sees him as Raman Bhalla, a Punjabi man married to a South Indian girl, played by Divyanka Tripathi.

    According to a source, a few fans visited the show’s set to meet the lead pair over the weekend, and they told Divyanka that they were “scared of Karan” and so, they didn’t want an autograph from the actor. The fans then left without interacting with Karan, who was left perplexed.

    “I was not even aware that something like this has happened. I guess people have started taking my character too seriously. I am not Raman Bhalla in real life,” he said in a statement.

    “I have always been very vocal about my fans’ support…I wish they would have asked me (for an autograph),” he added.

    Meanwhile, Karan is quite a prankster on sets. From the senior most directors to actors, everyone has been subjected to his pranks.

    Recently, Karan and co-star Aly Goni reportedly planned a prank and took a spot boy in confidence. The prankster duo made the spot boy wear white clothes and told the crew members that the set was haunted and that there is a ghost on the sets. The fact that it was a night shoot and not many people were around, only added up to the fear factor!

  25. i think so mihika should tell everything to ishitha .agar ishitha ko patha chaltha hai toh atleast woh apni behen ko secure kar sakthi hai aur kya patha uuse ashok ki jaal se door kare kyunki mihika ki wajah se ishra ka life aur bhi miserable ho raha hai.toh atleast ek ki zindagi sawar sakthi hai.

  26. Yeh Ramankolagta hai Ishita mujse naaraj hai & Ishita ko lagta hai Raman mujse naaraj hai… iss liye baat nahi kar rahe……are yaar par jab tak baat nahi karoge problem solve kaise hogi??????

  27. Are yaar YHM ki TRP thodi kam ho gai to kya yeh Starpluswale iss ke repeat telecast kam kar denge….abhi Master shef 10:30 baje aayega & IPKKND2 5:30 baje to kya YHM nahi aayega..yaar hum jaise log jo 7:30 baje nahi dekh sakte unke baare me to socho….

  28. aaj ishitha ko dekh ke aisa laga ki usse dhire dhire samaj aa raha hai shagun ki intentions se.toh atleast ishitha ko shagun ko takkar ki jawaab dethe hue toh dikhau bhai aur kitneee dino tak adi ki wajah se ishitha suffer karegi.its high time.

  29. Pata hai yeh Bala ko pongal poojme kyo nahi dikhaya….kyonki Pnkaj(Bala) ke papa ko shoot ke din hositalised kiya tha iss liye wo script thodi change karni padi aur Bala ke bina shooting ki aur aaj hume bataya ke Bala chennai gaya hai………….

  30. Ishita apni aawaj uthao….tum jab tak chup ho Aadi pichhe sr waar kar raha hai par jab tum kuch bologi to Aadi chup nahi reh payega aur uski sachchai sab dekhenge……..pls do domething Ishita………..& Ruhi baby tum yeh sab baate papa ko batao na ki Aadi tumhari Ishimaa ke baare me kya sochta hai……

  31. After ashok throwd shagun out of his home,Shagun and adi had cum to live in bhalla house.Though nobody liked shagun they all kept quite because of adi.Shagun started to stand as a barrier between ishita and raman which made them still close to each other.But life took a U-turn for shagun since adi learnt about his mother and all the mess that she had created in past.He started hating her and one fine day he himself threw shagun out of bhalla house n accepted ishita as his mum.After shagun went out of their lives raman-ishita-adi-ruhi were living as a happy family.Ishita and raman’s feeling grew stronger towards each other.On their first wedding anniversary raman had book a whole restaurant in name of ishita and took der.He wanted to propose her and even ishita wanted to confess her feelings but they both ended up fighting with each other.While they were getting back to their house,due to lack of petrol in car it had stopped.Ishita starred at raman and said “CEO saab inna bada carrakhe stunt maarte hai,dusron ko taunt karte hai par unko itna akkal nahi ki car unke taunt se nahi petrol se chalta hai”
    Raman:can u jus stop it
    Ishita:Ofcourse i will (n she stepped out of car)
    Raman:where r u goin???
    Ishita:Mai auto se chali jaaungi
    befor he cud say anything she had left the place.

    Raman jus followed her and there was 10 feet distance between them.Suddenly it started raining as she was walking on the road.She spread her arms wide to feel the raindroplets which made her dress stick to her body.All her curves were clearly visible which drove raman very crazy.He just wanted to grab her in his arms n wanted to make her his forever.

    Suddenly a goon started walking towards her,She got tensed…she thot her hubby will cum to her rescue but he didn’t.She got scared,she jus turned back to check whether raman was their or not,he was their.Ravan kumar wont lemme happen anything but if he saves me then zindagi bhar keliye taana maarega.She was quite sure that if something goes wrong for sure raman will beat those goons left and right but she didn’t want to get taunts from raman.She looked around n closed her eyes for a second.Opened it n bent down just to take the sandals in her hand…
    pointing it towards those goons she shouted “ka**** akela ladki kko sataneka koshish kar rahe ho,tumhe nahi pata mai kaun hoon,Mai Ishita Hoon ishita tumhe pata hai mujhe black belt mila hai karate mai…tumlog aage aaoge toh sabka daant thod dungi”.

    That goon saw raman cumin towards ishita,he thot may be he is with ishita and ran away.As raman came near ishita she said “dekha darr ke bhaag gaya” n she patted her shoulders.He replied “jab muj jaise hatta katta insaan hi tumse darta hai toh woh insaan jo sukha papad ki tarah hai woh kaise nahi darega tumse ishita”.She jus gave him a angry look and started moving forward.He started following her.While she was walking she stepped on a stone and was about to fall when a strong pair of hands caught hold of her.She cud feel it was her beloved’s hands.
    Raman pushed her towards him while helping her n both ended up invading each other’s intimate space.They were so close to each other that they cud feel each other’s hot breath on one another.Ishita went numb liking into those s**y eyes of her husband.

    To bring back condition to normal raman said “dekhe nahi chal sakti ho kya???andhi hogayi ho??ya screw deela hogya hai…pehle se hi screw deela tha par tera aaj ka saare harkat dekhe aise lag raha hai ki screw gir ke kho gaya hai”.Afterhe uttered these words there was a moment of silence between both of dem but after few seconds both started laughing out loudly as they remembered what n all happened today.
    He said “tum jhansi ki rani i mean jhansi ki rani jo black belt ko jeeta hai woh banne ka acting kar rahithi na waha “.she said “raman ab woh toppic bhul jayine please waise ye jagah kitna sun-saan hai koi insaana ka naam aur nishaan bhi nahi hai,koi  auto bhi nahi aaraha mai ek kaam karti hoon mai romi ya mihir ko call kardungi woh hume yaha se pick karlenge” n she freed herself from raman n was about to call wen he pushed her towards him…
    she asked “wat r u doing raman??leave me” and she struggled hard to free herself from his embrace.He jus kept his fore finger on her trembling lips that were shivering due to rain and said “shhh”.He started luking at her eyes deeply and after few moments he said “hamesha bak bak karti ho thakti nahi ho kya??”.ishita said “raman aap mujhe chodiye”
    raman replied “shut up…aaj mai tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon please beech mai koi lecturing classes shuru mat kardena…”
    she jus kept quiet.

    he continued…

    “Ishita tumhe pata hai 6 saal pehle aisa laga ki mera zindagi khatam hogya hai.jab shagun chod kar chali gayi mujhe aur ruhi ko toh mujhe pyaar par vishwaas utgaya.mujhe kabhi nahi laga tha ki mere zindagi mai koi rang bharega,aisa kabhi nahi laga ki bina maange mujhe itna saara pyaar milega,kabhi nahi laga ki  meri is bejaan zindagi mai koi jaan aayega,kabhi nahi laga ki iss andheri si meri zindagi mai roshni bankar koi aayega…Ishita bina maange tumne mujhe bahut kuch diya hai aur pata nahi kab kaise aur kaha mujhe tumse pyaar hogya.Shaayad ye sach tha ki shagun se kabhi pyaar nahi kiya,Caring,sacrificing,trusting and loving unconditionally each other is wahat makes life beautiful,but my life was not beautiful then where i was at the giving end and she was at accepting hand but i never did get anything in return from her…yes she was my ex-wife but for sure she was not my soulmate…I finally found one n that lady is very precious to me…i jus want to lead my entire life with her,i want to grow old with her,want to share my joy with her,want to cry on her shoulders wen i am sad,i want to make my life beautiful by showering all my love on her with her acceptance…do you know who is she??jus luk into my eyes ishita u will find an answer”
    A tear drop escaped her eyes which was visible to him even in the heavy pouring rain n he didnt even wait for her to give permission and took her sweet face in his palms and jus took his mouth towards her cheeks and softly sucked those tears n brushed her cheeks.He then went down on his knees took a ring from his pocket n extended his hands n said “I Love You Ishita infact more than my life…will u bcum my wife in all manner,will u allow u me to grow older with you,will you allow me to enter ur heart n will do invade my heart???please do reply ishita i am waiting for your reply”

    She didnt get any words at the moment of how happy she felt but the only word she found to utter was “Raman”…as tears escaped her eyes she jus said “i love u too raman”.He slid that ring in her finger and took her in his strong embrace N ishita reciprocated by hugging him as tightly as possible.They didnt even realize where they were standing,what was the time but they forgot each other feeling warmth of each other.After what felt like eternity they left each other but his phone started beeping…it was mihir and he asked abt their where abouts.As mihir was little near to that place he came to pick dem up and dropped them in bhalla house…

    As soon as they entered bhalla house,Luking at their state toshiji said “sardi lagjaayegi jaakar kapde badal ke aana tum dono” n said to ishita “ishita chal tu mere kamre mai kapde badalo aur raman tumlogon ka kamra use karlega”
    Ishita replied “ji mummyji mai apne kapde le aati hoon”

    They both entered their room.The entire events that happened in their lives from the begining when they met each other for the first time and the moment till which they confessed each other’s feelings flashed infront of their eyes.Ishita’s cheeks had turned red and it was clearly visible on her face.She wanted to just escape from their.She went their cupboard to get her clothes when he blocked her way by keeping his hands against doors of cupboard.He whispered in her ears “kahi aur jaake kapde kyun badalna hai,yahi nahi badalsakti ho kya”.Feeling him and hearing to his soft voice she just closed her eyes n her body blood  rushed towards her cheeks luk more red.He then trailed his one hand thru her bare back n held her more tightly from behind thru his another hand.He pushed her close to him…she had just closed her eyes…due to this proximity she felt as if her legs r going numb and not supporting her.He jus pushed her hair towards one side n placed a soft kiss on her shoulder when toshiji knocked the door and he left her.

    Toshiji came inside.She observed that both were behaving wierd.She even observed ishita’s cheeks.Unable to understand what had happened she asked “ye kya hua ishita???tere gaal itne laal kyun hue hai”.To worsen the situation even raman said “arey haan ishita tere gaal itne laal hogaye kya hua “…She starred at raman and replied to toshiji “kuch nahi mummyji ek jungli billi mujhe kaatne ki koshish ki”…Toshiji was confused  n asked “ye ki bol rahi hai puttar???jungli billi woh bhi yaha??” but toshiji was not able to wait for her reply as mr.bhalla called her.

    Ishita then took her night dress and was about to leave room when raman said “jungli billi kaise kaatega ye zaroor dikhaunga mai dekhlena tum”.She was not able to take it any more as she didn’t wanted to her face which had turned like a beetroot due to blushing and she jus ran away from their room.Luking at his jhansi ki rani who was heavily blushing a smile crept his face n he thanked god for making his life very beautiful…..

    Kaash jald hi show me bhi aisa ho……..we are waiting for that day………

    • happy

      If you want to write fiction there is another site ‘myeduniya’. Already your hindi comments, not single but numerous, we were unable to follow. People who interested in story can read in some other site. Please use it for comments only. If possible in English, so thousands of southerners can understand what you want to share with others.

    • bhagi

      wow its superb story jo kisi ne bhi iss story likha agar vo sach me yhm ki writer ho na tho phir sach me yhm trp chart me rule karega no another serial can reach it any way fantastic story

  32. Reddy

    Aise serial ek Baar Bhi nahi aane chaiye repeat toh bohot dooooooooooooor ki Baat hai . Prayosha just stop writing your immature comments .
    And don’t say ki tum toh roz yhm dekhte ho , mein Aisa chu***a serial nahi dekhta sirf comment karta hoon.
    I mean who would be interested to watch this shit .
    Prayosha *****************************^

  33. Yeh Fan Fiction ki story hai ………maine nahi likhi yeh……….
    & Reddy tumhe nahi pasand to mat dekho par pls hume advise mat do ke hume kya karna hai……maine pehle hi kaha tha…..hum IshRaRuh ke fans hai & sirf unhe dekhane ke liiye show dekhate hai…….matalab story jo bhi ho hum YHM kabhi nahi chodenge……

  34. and guys who dont like the show then dont c it.but by saying wrong ab ishra dont hurt ishra fans.we all our ishra plz it a request by saying anything wrong about ishra.

  35. Prayosha. ..pata nahin dance k kiya. ..kyun k. ….yhm fb par. .likha hai ki. ……..hosakta hai raman tohshiji k kehne par woh shagun Adi k sath lohri phere Le. … bhi Ho sakta………….
    .dekho divyanka ne bhi kaha ki woh popcorn lane jaye gi. .aur kuch siyappa……ho ga. …..
    mujhe toh Inn dono main se kuch bhi nahin chahiye. ………..

  36. Maine to pehle hi kaha tha ki socho ….Raman kiske saath parikrama karega……..Aadi ki selfish maa kesaath yaa phir Ruhi ki Ishimaa ke saath……..

  37. minna

    What a happening family had given up this serial saw it after many days nothing has changed so many problems in bhalla family .imagine a family in real life with so much wrong in their lives they would all happily go jump off tge cliff. What nonsense the producers show villians and vamps and poor kids…. whenn do the kids get time to play and go to school

  38. Hey guys SBS dekho…..finaly wo din aa gaya jab Ruhi Shagun ko expose karegi……wo Lohri pooja me Shagun ke haath se wo popcorn ka thaal le legi aur kqhegi….aap kyo meri Ishimaa ki jagah lena chahti ho….aur sqb family ke log dekhte reh jayege…….ab shayad wo sab ko bata degi ki Aadi kya sochta hai…….

  39. Shital

    Shared by: ‪#‎Gaurav_Nanda‬ aka Mr. Tandon grin emoticon smile emoticon
    Mr.Tandon Back In ‪#‎YHM‬ To Bring Back The Romance Between Ishita And Raman.

  40. bhagi

    wow aaj sbs & sbb dhek kar dhil kush ho gaya super rhu ur awesome love u rhu aab jaldi se papa ko adi ko soach ke baare me bhi batha do dekho adi isse khehthe hai adi ka kamaal aur mr.tondon bi wapaas aa rahe hai ishra ki romance ko badaane ke liye shayad aab tho yeh drama katham ho jaye plz end it nd its already more than 2mnths of this drama any way rhu ur rocking kuch tho positive dhekha ithni dinom se

  41. Prayosha. ……
    sbb & sbs main. …kitna achcha bataya. ..yaar. ..dekh kar dil khush hogaya. My
    Ruhi……tumne apni ishimaa…ke liye. ….jo stand. ..liya …..too good. ………tumne …..bahut achcha kiya uss Adi ..shagun ke sath aaisa hi hona chahiye. ………..

  42. Reddy

    Yaar ab Naraaz mat ho jana , time paas kar raha tha .
    Ab padhne ke baad break mein tum logon ke comments pad kar rona aa jata hai .
    BAS karo yaar Ishra fans rula Diya tum logo ne .
    Kabhi Bombay Gaya na toh tum logon ko Fans of YHM ka award dene ke liye request paka karunga .
    Awesome job guys (especially Mizun and Prayosha ) !

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.